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Why buying individual applications doesn't work

  • There are hundreds of "applications" available for you to buy. Generally they are just data forms where you store your information.
  • Typically they won't do anything that you can't get from spreadsheets. You won't be more efficient, and you will spend a lot of time entering data.
  • A better way to get true business benefit from managing your information functions in the cloud is by adding Automated Business Intelligence. (ABI)
Why do I need ABI?

Automated Business Intelligence is the difference between wasting time putting your data into individual applications or saving time by making processes happen automatically, without extra effort.  For a small to medium company ** - This level of business efficiency will help reduce effort, risk, costs and complexity, as well as satisfy your customers.

** Note** Trivaeo has re-created big company and big budget functionality in a more simplified way, making it accessible and cost effective for smaller businesses.

Three things that ABI adds to your business

1. "If this is true then do this"

Most information you own is specific to your business. ABI allows you to apply "Business Rules" to allow you to use your information to make decisions about your business, such as, making an automated and informed choice to offer better invoice terms based on past payment history or resource planning and job allocation based on employees skills, availability and future workload projections. Just think of all the things you know and think again about how you could use that information properly.

2. "Who did what?"

Businesses rely on the skills, honesty and hard work of staff, but sometimes things don't go as planned, customers complain or cancel and decisions have to be made with limited facts. ABI gives an indelible record of events to ensure your employees are operating to your rules and provides the audit and tracking necessary in any compliance based business wanting to meet industry standards.

3. "What should I do next?"

ABI drives the adoption of common processes for every task which reduces time to market for your products and services. This is achieved through the use of activities performed without human intervention, decisions that are made much faster, anytime, anywhere and every employee in your business knowing what they have to do and when, thus reducing the ability to "cherry pick" tasks to suit themselves.

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A Demo like you have never seen

Launch Demo

Simple Sign In

Just click the link opposite.  Then choose what sort of job profile you want to see and click on that person for immediate log in. This "interactive demo" is far more powerful than a trial, as there is already workable data for you to see and use so no wasted time. All the company profile is already populated for you to use so you can see live reports, change screen views and even make sales and invoices in real-time.

Multiple Profiles

Like any normal business, different people have different permissions to view, edit and use information. See how Crossroads can be used for each user type in your business, whether it is just a simple holiday booking workflow, to a full Business Process Automation suite.  You will see from the "SeatCo" demonstration that a company can use Crossroads to make significant cost reductions and savings by streamlining any business process.

Design Your Own Workflow

If you log in as a Manager and get one of your colleagues to also log in as their staff member at the same time,  (Check who's who in the e-HR org chart), you can see what sort of workflow you can design within any of the applications and  make changes within administration permissions . Feel free to make as many changes as you wish.  The demonstration will revert back to a "normal" state as soon as you log out again, or after 15 minutes, whichever is soonest!