Traditional CRM & ERP

Business Applications

A completely unified suite of Business Applications Software
It will help you to make your business more effective, more productive and more profitable

A rich and completely unified suite of 65+ applications including CRM & ERP
Featuring the "Intelligent Automation" of your Business in the Cloud

A feature rich alternative to typical CRM and ERP platforms

Modular, Extensive, Flexible and Fully Integrated
Our solutions deliver a fully integrated capability to address a broad range of needs, including customer relationship management, procurement, project management, contract management, service desk and support, workflow, human resource management, supply chain management and much more.

Our modular software is available in a completely flexible model allowing you to pick the relevant components to support your business. Our Cloud based delivery model can have you and your team up and running in minutes!

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Our CRM and ERP Solutions at a glance


Best CRM for small business
Trivaeo CRM Organise Solution Pack
Great for businesses just starting up that want effective and efficient features that help the business establish itself

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Best CRM for established small and medium sized business
Trivaeo CRM Growth Solution Pack
Perfect for businesses that are established that wish to fully embrace projects, sales and marketing automation

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Best CRM for speeding up business growth
Trivaeo Accelerate CRM Solution Pack
Ideal for businesses with strong internal service levels who need to manage 3rd parties through contracts or suppliers

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Best CRM for a fully engaged business
Trivaeo CRM Automate Solution Pack
The right choice for businesses looking for the serious intelligent automation of workflow, tasks, jobs, projects, sales, suppliers and much more

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Putting you in control of your business


The perfect alternative to expensive or cumbersome traditional CRM / ERP. We give you tools to take control of your business, improve time to value and your ability to execute


Tailored to suit the needs of modern business across all critical business functions and roles. Without trying hard, you will improve your own customer experience, increase sales and improve your overall business performance. Your employees will be happier too!


Available in a variety of 'packs' for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Pick the solution that best fits where you are now and add modules and capabilities as your business matures. We can also provide bespoke solutions to handle more proprietary business scenarios.


Role based permissions for your and your staff provide instant insights to performance across all functions of the business. Improve communications, reduce frustration and deliver on your promise to your customers.
Trivaeo is a "Unified Business Applications Suite" that completely unites Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Service / Help Desk Management, Asset Management, Document Management (with real-time collaboration), Contract Management, Project Management, Resource / Facilities Management, Stock Management, Task Management, Timesheet Management and Human Resources Management. At the same time it handles business process management, workflow management and business process automation.
"Business Applications built by a business, for business" Pat Graham, CTO

Single Sign On

Users log in once and see only what they need to see whether they are internal or external users to your organisation

Completely Relational Data

All activities conducted by all your users (and their departments) maintain data integrity throughout. This provides seamless dashboards and insights creating an instant view across the performance of your entire enteprise activities

Solution Highlights

Broad Scope

Applicable to a massive range of industries in all industry verticals yet customisable and flexible for businesses of any size

Smart Integration

Best in class end-to-end business management covering 11 major business applications in one

Time to Value

Quickly delivers instant value to ensure your business reaps the benefits of increased efficiency and effectiveness

Mobile Ready

Including applications for Android and IOS devices that keep you and your users connected to the heart of your business on the go

Role Based

Easily assign roles and privileges to provide access to the elements that each role in your business should see

Cloud or on Premise

Our solution may be consumed immediately from our cloud instances or can be deployed in your own data centres


Publish only the components and applications that your business needs and add more as your business needs mature


Intelligent automation driven by your business rules ensures high service level assurance across processes


The solution is readily extended to suit the needs of niche or specialist businesses

Advanced Capabilities

Enhanced Solution Services

Process driven automation for change and variation management, data-mining and precision practice management

I-VO Change and Variation Management

Has one of your employees hit a snag on site? Will this cost you money or more time? Send an immediate alert to your client documenting the snag and seeking their approval and sign-off. The alert and approvals process arrives right on their mobile device for instant authorisation!

Automated Forms and Fact Finding

Match tasks and workflow to your resources and employees, targetting work items to them based on skills and availability

Office Automation

Precision Practice Management, perfect for Professional Service Firms including accountants or General Practitioners - holistic automation of routine office tasks driven by your business rules and intelligent automation

Specialist Instances

Trivaeo has even delivered complete end-to-end solutions for specialist businesses including Microbreweries, Foreign Exchange and many more.

On Premise or Cloud?

One shoe size doesn't fit all! Software as a Service is key, not the manner by which it is consumed.
Pat Graham, CTO


Our solutions are available from certified data-centres so you can enjoy a zero-footprint solution instantly


A completely private instance of our solution that may or may not share datacentre/equipment/databases with your infrastructure

On Premise

Our solutions may also be deployed in your data-centres at your business too on your equipment catering to even the most stringest compliance needs
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