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The best CRM for small business, enabling easy and intuitive improvements in efficiency

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If you are just starting out with your business or if your business is already on its way and is well established then Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can make all the difference. Trivaeo CRM solutions come in a variety of preconfigured packages to suit business of all sizes and shapes and is not limited to simple CRM. They go well beyond CRM into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), projects management, human resources management, collaboration and much more.

All solutions available from Trivaeo are based on the same core platform, so finding the best CRM software for small business is not critical to start with. It is more important that you use the CRM system you choose to deliver the best returns in efficiency and effectivenes. You can always 'upgrade' your solution specifications later on with zero loss in time, data and effort.

CRM Solution

Example CRM Solution from Trivaeo (Growth Solution Pack)
An example CRM system - The Trivaeo Growth Solution Pack

Best small business CRM software?

Pick the CRM solution that is best for your business! Trivaeo believes that whilst simple CRM to keep up-to-date with leads, prospects and contacts is a key task of any business it really is the beginning of a journey. Even the best CRM software will only take you so far. It is critical that you plan early for business success.

Our CRM system approach at Trivaeo absolutely assumes that our clients will run successful businesses and that they will want to manage Human Resources, Documents, Projects, Suppliers, Communications, Collaboration, Expenses, Timesheets and so much more later on; but without the massive price points of high end Business Applications.

Trivaeo is great for a 1 person strong start-up but just as great when you are a fully established large business. One CRM system, one CRM Solution, but a lot more! Businesses are future proofed by committing their CRM software selection to Trivaeo because we go well beyond the limits of traditional CRM and ERP systems.

Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer

Top CRM Tip

The average small business owner spends 4 hours a week looking for their own information. You will instantly win back 2 full working days a month by using a CRM solution effectively. Over a year that adds up to 24 extra working days. What's the cost of not doing this? Take control and use our easy crm for small business solution and immediately save time and money.
"A recent study found that the average professional in any business spends more than 4 hours a week looking for their own information!"
Pat Graham, CTO
  • Feature Rich
    Contains everything a small business needs
  • Contacts
    Manage your contacts better
  • Leads
    Don't miss the follow up to a critical lead again
  • Communicate
    Engage with your leads, accounts and customers easily
  • Productivity
    Improve the accuracy of what you do and the time it takes to do it
  • Cloud
    Cloud-based so its easy to use right away with no installation required
  • Insights
    Instant access to rich 'Widget' prebuilt reports
  • Mobile
    Choice of IOS or Android Mobile Application
  • Tasks
    Stay on top of things you need to do
  • eMail
    Instant access to built-in Easy Mail
  • Future Proof
    Grows with your business as it grows and succeeds

Small Business CRM Software

Do you really need a monstrously complex and cumbersome CRM solution to get the job done?

Our CRM solutions for small business include what you need, without additional complexity and are easy to use straight away. When you are ready to embrace more focused activities with your leads, prospects and contacts you can move on to add sales and marketing functions without having them clutter up your dashboard when you first start up. No downloads, no installation, no hassle!

Available for immediate use online from our Cloud and on IOS or Android for when you are on the road.

Two CRM for small Business Solution options


Easy CRM

The best CRM for a small business that is starting up

Easy to use, quick to set up. This CRM solution focuses your business on capturing client, contact and lead data as your business first starts. It allows you to manage your staff, their holidays and the time they take on jobs, plus they can manage and submit their expenses to you here too. You can manage a catalogue of your products and services including their pricing and the automatic calculation of your taxes due and profit margins.

You can also capture leads and requests from customers off your website and have them autopublish straight into your CRM. You can create basic workflow that is easy to use to describe and intelligently automate the routine parts of your business.

Organise Features

  • Manage your Contacts with CRM
  • Manage Companies with CRM
  • Manage Clients with CRM
  • Manage Leads with CRM
  • Automated lead retrieval from your Website
  • Manage eMails with CRM
  • Manage Communications history with CRM
  • Manage Documents
  • e-HR Manage Employees
  • e-HR Manage Holidays and Entitlements
  • e-HR Manage Company Organisation Chart (Org Chart)
  • e-HR Manage Timesheets
  • e-HR Manage Expenses
  • Manage Calendars and Bookings
  • Automated Bookings retrieval from your Website
  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Meeting Rooms and Facilities
  • Manage Directories
  • Full Administrative Dashboard
  • Reports and Management Information Dashboards throughout
  • Build your own Products Catalogue
  • Build your own Services Catalogue
  • Out-the-box Integration to Xero
  • Lytespark Video Conferencing
  • Mobile Application too for on the road


Full CRM

The best CRM for small and medium sized business that are established
If you have started out using our Organise Solution Pack first and you've been running for a few weeks your business will be established and you will have been inputting your client and customer data. All the while your website has been pumping leads straight into your CRM database and its now time to begin selling and marketing to those leads you have captured.

You extend your solution to include far more! You add Project Management, Full Document Management, Service Desks that are internal and external in nature. You add Opportunities Management, Campaign Management and start tracking quotes, orders, invoices and the Accounts you manage too.

Growth Features

  • Everything in Organise plus...
  • Full CRM Opportunities Management
  • Full CRM Campaign Management
  • Out-the-box Integration and Sync to Mailchimp
  • Full CRM Quotes Management
  • Full CRM Order Management
  • Full CRM Invoice Management
  • Full CRM Accounts Financial Oversight
  • Full CRM Enhanced Dashboards and Reporting
  • Full Service Desk Solution
  • Full internal and external Service Request Management
  • Full Internal Knowledge Base Solution
  • Full Dictionary and Phrase Management
  • Full Business Process Flow Builder Application
  • Full Business Workflow Process Manager
  • Full Projects Management Solution
  • Full Asset Management Solution
  • Full Contracts Management Solution
  • Full Resource Management and Scheduling Solution (REMAS)
  • Full Stock Management Solution

Both solutions feature a full administrative dashboard, with the ability to assign additional users whilst controlling their roles and their permissions. Moving from Organise to Growth is as simple as selecting the new package in your admin dashboard and the capabilities are immediately available. No loss of data or migration is necessary.

Both solutions offer 'Wizards' that guide you through your initial population of your company data and the steps necessary to begin automating your workflow, setting reporting dashboards and widgets, setting financial goals and integrating with Xero and Mailchimp.

Get Organised now

The best CRM for small business (starting up)

Begin Growing now

The best CRM for small business (established)
Initial sign-up for either solution pack gives you access to the solution free of charge for 24 hours. To continue using the solution you will be prompted to provide the relevant payment details to continue enjoying the use of your new CRM solution
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