How To Buy – Cloud Business Applications


Cloud Business Solutions for every company

Line of Business Solutions

  • Choose your Line of Business Solution
  • Select number of users
  • Pay Monthly or Annually
  • Discounted annual payment
Add additional applications

  • You can add additional applications to any one of these solutions
  • Just go to your Admin page in your purchased solution and buy additional licenses as you need
  • Pay Monthly or Annually
  • Get started quickly and easily with little or no training required.

  • Contact Trivaeo to create your own bundle
  • Let us know what you need and how you want to work
  • Our consultants will design a bespoke solution for you

Optimise Your Existing Connected Applications

It’s painful for anyone to have to go to multiple locations to login into each of the connected applications that you use, especially when you have to do it everyday. You can optimise them into the Crossroads portal for the convenience which means you will have a single point of access for all of them.

Bonded +

Bonded + gives you the convenience of Bonded plus the advantage of Single Sign On. Instead of having user name and passwords for all of your connected applications you can log into them all through Crossroads via a single login saving you time and convenience every day.

Super Bonded

BIG Super Bonded is Bonded, Bonded + and the incredibly useful benefit of Common Data Updates across all connected applications within the Crossroads Portal. When data is changed in one application it will update related data in your other applications so no more manual processes or out of data information.


For the most advanced requirements we can offer to fully embed an application into the Crossroads core platform. This would be more of a solution for a partner application rather than for a customer and would enable the combined solutions to appear as one. This type of BIG integration would be carried out in close cooperation with the partner application vendor.