Business Applications Solutions

We provide a range of prepackaged as well as customised or specialist solutions suitable for businesses of any size and complexity.

Our solutions align to you

We understand that businesses come in various sizes, shapes and complexity. Our platform is offered in 3 off-the-shelf base configurations. Each offers an increase in complexity and further applications capabilities that align directly with the typical business applications needs of our clients as their business matures. Our clients may easily expand the modules and applications they use as their business needs and complexities grow.
"Whilst our most popular Solution Pack is definitely Automate some of our clients start with Organise or Growth then change their plan to add the necessary functions as their business grows. As their business matures they use Trivaeo in a highly customised and tailored form for specialised business needs. it gives them a powerful competitive advantage and edge. We love helping our clients to grow and win!"
David Claxton, CEO

Trivaeo Crossroads Applications Suite

Crossroads is the name of the Trivaeo Business Applications Suite and its associated management framework. Each solution pack is made up of a collection of applications, integrated and unified under a single enterprise dashboard featuring role based permissions and single user sign on. Users may be internal or external to the enterprise itself.

Useful Introductory Videos

Signing Up

How to sign up for a Trivaeo or CloudWorksIT Application Pack

Initial Configuration

As an admin, setting up your new Company and user roles

Graphical User Interface

An introduction to the user Interface

Users, Roles, Permissions and Self-Service Users

A detailed look at how to set up your Users and their permissions

Adding the first user

Adding a user to our instance and see them log in for the first time

Team Room and Products Catalogue

Adding our new user to Team Room - then configure Products & Services

Solution Packs

Trivaeo solutions align naturally to the development and increasing maturity of your business needs over time. Here's how!
"Our solutions allow our clients to start small and evolve their use of Trivaeo as their business matures. Our solutions follow the typical enterprise maturity lifecycle of Get Organised >> Grow the business >> Speed up Growth >> Become more efficient, effective and finally differentiate by delivering more quality at the most competitive cost"
Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer


Going way beyond traditional CRM and basic ERP the Organise Solution Pack enables all the typical information you and your business needs day-to-day. You and your team will save hours every week looking for and then acting upon your own information!.



Further organise your information and contacts. Start to develop new business by automating sales & marketing processes and integrating your accounts. Includes connectors to Social Media, accounts and invoice management, campaigns and first steps into workflow.



Extend your business and touch clients, staff, suppliers and partners. Speed up growth and automate the management of contracts. Lots of additional features including team rooms, self-service user access, Document Collaboration and Contracts & Supplier Management



The automate solution pack extends your solution to the ultimate level and adds a lot of new functionality including asset management, stock management, e-forms and applications builder created by you against your own business rules, complete eHuman Resources Management, Resource Management, Job Management and associated workflows and templates. . Trivaeo clients define their own automation workflow and business processes so you can do as much or as little as you like as your business develops. The no coding based applications and workflow tools allow you to hone your business to a sharp, well oiled machine internally and externally across all departments and functions of business.


  • Users
    With each pack you may define as many users and their associated roles as you need to within the confines of the number you purchased with your pack. These users may be internal, for example, your own sales team, administrators, project managers or they could be external in the form of contractors, clients, customers or your suppliers. You can even provide logins for your own clients so they can see how their order is progressing, or what the status of their helpdesk request is. The options to you are infinite in scope.
  • Roles
    When adding users to the solution you define the role and the privileges that each user has. This defines what they can see and what they can edit. This leads to innovative and flexible workflow scenarios. An exellent example is Change Management. If you regularly handle projects or deliverables that suffer change you can add your customer as a user so that they can be notified instantly of changes requiring their approval within the project lifecycle. This ensures your team know that the approval for change has been provided, yet your customer see's only the details in the change request, but not your internal discussions or activities necessary to price up that change!

Business Applications Backgrounder

Trivaeo Crossroads is a valuable tool in the information systems strategy of any enterprise. But, why?

Traditionally, as organisations develop they start small. They collect information in simple spreadsheets or use basic contact management features available with their email solution. Then they buy an external marketing solution, then an external project management solution, then an external human resources management solution, then another external asset management platform, then they migrate to an external email service, then they buy and customise a higher end CRM solution, then they realise they need an Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Then as they grow they invest in unified communications, collaboration tools and tooling to support Project Management

Before long the company ends up with a complex suite of independant applications, each with their own unique logins, dependencies and complexities. Data migration is difficult and they quickly end up with multiple copies of the same underlying data being input multiple times by users in disparate systems, or even worse, data that is batch updated across systems each night. Over time the validity of the data is never trusted. Users can never be sure which is the most accurate 'snapshot'. This means they operate day-to-day cross-referencing and checking the same data across multiple systems to achieve a 'current status'.

By now they have also built an impressively sized internal Information Technology team, and also run an internal helpdesk team and multiple support and maintenance contracts; each with a different service level and time to fix from a range of vendors. Unifying the software is complex and a change in any one of the solution silo's is enough to break the data chain.

When any one of the vendors decides to update their software the entire enterprise suite needs to be analysed against an impact assessment and this can lead to months of regression and additional integration testing. It can take weeks to even decide if an upgrade or migration is possible at all. This leads to an unwillingness to change or migrate and the enterprise is locked in to a visious cycle of dependencies and risk management. What happens? The enterprise stays on the path of dated software and finds itself locked into expensive support contracts and an inability to proceed effectively.

The Trivaeo Software as a Service solution built on its underlying core called 'Crossroads' prevents this spaghetti junction of systemic software dependencies and breaks the viscious cycle. It is simple enough to use that business owners with limited IT skills can step right in and maximise the value of their enterprise data, yet at the same time it is deep enough and modular allowing it to satisfy the needs even of large and complex industries in any vertical sector.

Trivaeo supplies 4 levels of maturity into the Crossroads Applications Suite so our clients can step into Unified Information Management and enjoy "Business Applications" with the level of granularity and capabilities that their business requires at that stage. As their business develops they can migrate instantly, which adds the new features they need for the next stage of their business growth and expansion. As the needs of clients mature and their businesses grow their Trivaeo solution grows and expands with them, automatically. The solution 'packs' from Trivaeo follow the typical maturity cycle of enterprises; Organise >> Grow >> Accelerate - Mature, offering the ability to use what you need when you need it. It is easy to pick up so you aren't learning a complex suite of applications instead of running your business!

Once established with a working and scalable business applications capacity enterprises extend the reach to their clients, partners and suppliers with our IOS and Android applications or self-service log ins to the solution, even unifying their online assets and website with intelligent integrations so that customer enquiries automatically populate their CRM system and initiate alerts to a member of the sales team (or other helpdesk) that a new enquiry has been posted. The use-cases are infinite, as are the clever and innovative ways that Trivaeo clients use the solution!

David Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer

The Ascending Transaction Model for Business

On start-up businesses need to...

To capture opportunities, communicate and manage their interactions with the world around them. A focus on their customer experience is the key, plus not missing opportunities and prioritise what they are doing on a routine basis. Capturing everything is the key to doing something intelligent or valuable with it later on

Once established they need to...

To manage their client accounts effectively over financial concerns, accounts and interact with their community externally, socially and internally and be able to support their clients in after sales functions, maintenance, renewals etc. Marketing and Business Development becomes a large driver of sustained and planned growth

Once growing they look to...

Now businesses want to do it better, faster and more efficiently. They want to get the best out of their resources; collaborate more effectively and take much more care about managing their supply chain, their contracts and their service levels. Businesses become more concerned with competitive differentiation, increasing quality and reducing costs

Once established they look to...

Maximising efficiency. Now businesses begin to focus on doing more with less, getting the best out of their resources, assets and their employees. Business processes and workflow can be orchestrated under the control of the businesses own rules. Subjects like 'Just in Time' stock management, inventory management and Jobs harmonise into a well oiled machine

The Trivaeo Solutions Packs at a glance

The Organise Pack

  • CRM Kickstart
  • Leads Management
  • Document Management with Attachments
  • Contacts Management
  • Companies Management
  • Quotes Management
  • Invoices Management
  • Holidays Management
  • Expenses Management & Workflow
  • Timesheets Management & Workflow
  • Task Management
  • Widget Reports
  • IOS Application
  • Android Application
  • e-Mail Collector
  • Easy Mail System
  • Video Conferencing (1 host)
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Google Contacts Integration
  • Google Mail Integration

The Growth Pack

  • Everything in Organise, plus
  • Enhanced CRM
  • Opportunities Management
  • Branded Subdomain
  • Client Accounts Management
  • Outstanding Invoices Management
  • Paid Customers Management
  • Project Management
  • Room Booking Management
  • Service Desks Management
  • Products Catalogue
  • Services Catalogue
  • Enhanced Reports with Drilldown
  • Enhanced Real-Time Dashboards
  • Xero Accounting Integration
  • Mailchimp Marketing Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • LinkedIn Integration
  • Contact From Web Integration
  • Events from Web Integration
  • Sales Process Workflow
  • Holidays Process Workflow
  • Project Tasks Workflow
  • Service Requests Workflow
  • Orders & Invoicing Workflow
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Unlimited Permission Groups

The Accelerate Pack

  • Everything in Growth, plus
  • Supplier Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Team Rooms
  • Online Real-Time Document Collaboration
  • Unlimited Self-Service Users

The Automate Pack

  • Everything in Accelerate, plus
  • Asset Management
  • Resources Management
  • Job Management
  • Stock Management
  • Templates Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • 360 Degree Employee Reviews
  • Supplier Management Processes
  • Chat Service
  • Assets Status Mobile Application
  • e-Forms Application & Process Builder
The Solution Packs from Trivaeo absolutely align with how businesses start, grow, mature and develop. Simply step in at the level that reflects where you are for the most seamless, logical and intuitive experience availabe in any business applications suite in the market. These tools are designed to help you be succesfull quickly!
Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer

On Premise or Cloud?


Our solutions are available from certified data-centres so you can enjoy a zero-footprint solution instantly


A completely private instance of our solution that may or may not share datacentre/equipment/databases with your infrastructure

On Premise

Our solutions may also be deployed in your data-centres at your business too on your equipment catering to even the most stringest compliance needs

Bespoke is possible too

We are the first to recognise that some clients absolutely need a completely customised information management solution from the outset.
"Trivaeo has developed completely customised solutions for many clients in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, public services, financial services, currency exchange and even microbreweries!"
Pat Graham, Chief Technology Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Trivaeo or CloudWorksIT?

Clients needing complete, bespoke or tailored solutions should engage directly with Trivaeo. This is also true if you need hybrid private cloud or on premise based solutions. Clients needing different mixes of bundled applications on public cloud should engage with their local or preferred CloudWorksIT Partner. These are all listed in our Partners area.

Is there a light or starter version I can use for free?

Yes, our affiliates can create their own free gift or starter packs and are quite innovative in the options they make available to you. The affiliates are listed in our Partners section. Please engage with them directly.

Is a detailed demonstration available?

Yes, we would be happy to demonstrate the business applications suite to you. Please complete the request a demonstration form below and we'll contact you to arrange the details at your convenience.

What if my industry is very niche or specialist?

Trivaeo and CloudWorksIT applications are extremely adaptable and we have yet to find any industry sector that we couldn't adapt the solution or applications to fit perfectly. Beer Barrel tracking to Currency Exchange to arranging a Yoga class to project managing a complex build in the construction industry. It all works!

Can I expose the solution to my own clients?

Yes, our solution is designed absolutely to meet these needs. You and your staff use your solution or applications with full role and permissions based access. You can then provide logins to your own clients, suppliers and partners so they can also log in and see only the bits they need to see that affect them and their activities with you.

What if I'm on the road or offsite most of the time?

Trivaeo solutions and some of the applications have associated IOS and Android applications (that even work offline) so that you are connected to your business where ever your business takes you

Trivaeo webinars and live online events

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Trivaeo regularly holds online seminars or conducts live introductions and webinars that show our technology is use. They are really useful to watch as they can provide you with much more information and 'context' about the technology and how its used by businesses today. These are not 'salesy' in nature, but informative and educational only.

If you would like to receive invites to these events by email so you attend them at your leisure then please complete the form on the right.

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