Create Your Own Smart Business

Create more income and increase your service levels by automating the most important parts of your small business.  Automate sales or purchase orders, make your service department so easy to use your clients will eulogize about you. Never lose another sale due to slow response.  Never again spend an afternoon searching for a lost document.

Information your company owns will then have a single point of truth and will appear at the right places at the right times to complete tasks.  Trivaeo overlays YOUR business processes onto your chosen applications to create a personalised solution.

For any Business not willing to be disabled by badly fitting off-the-shelf software, Trivaeo allows you to automate your business your way.

Don't consider buying a CRM. Create your own SmartOffice. Get ahead of the competition. Make your business a Smart Business.  Use Trivaeo SmartOffice.

 If your business:

  • Doesn’t maintain a full IT and Software Development Team
  • Needs to improve employee satisfaction or customer loyalty
  • Can’t risk re-building every feature from scratch
  • Needs fast time to market for customised software solutions

Trivaeo is:

 A pre-defined Business Management Portal with integrated services that support the business applications.  Because the key elements of an ERP are all included, it means that you can start creating your own workflow and processes much quicker than with any other software and will shorten the time to market for your new solutions by at least half.

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Benefits of the Trivaeo Solution:

Quick start with simple usable services at day one means you solve simple problems immediately.

  • allows you to build using trusted components, which helps to ensure reliability, scalability and responsiveness of applications
  • Agile delivery of customised  “building blocks” allows you to concentrate on business priorities
  • Unique Trivaeo delivery methodology reduces business risk and required budgets
  • As soon as your own joined up roadmap and chosen solution is delivered, it becomes a fully supported cloud service, reducing your future risks of support and obsolescence, extending the life of your investment.

Build Accelerated Solutions using pre-integrated blocks for:

  • Security, service log-ins and access restrictions
  • User profiles and authorisation levels
  • Messaging, acknowledgements and alerts platforms
  • Listing and directories of staff, customers, partners and 3rd party users
  • Client portals for self-service access
  • Business Development, Sales and Account Management forms and processes
  • Document storage and document access
  • Business rules dictionaries
  • Products and Services dictionaries, lists and descriptions
  • Workflow and process organisers
  • Email integrations

A Business just like yours uses our solutions

Thousands of companies around the world use Trivaeo business applications technology daily as an instrumental part of their business

Putting you in control of your business


The perfect alternative to expensive or cumbersome traditional ERP systems. We give you tools to take control of your business, improve time to value and your ability to execute.


Tailored to suit the needs of modern business across all critical business functions and roles. Without trying hard, you will improve your own customer experience, increase sales and improve your overall business performance. Your employees will be happier too!


Start with a fully functional business portal, similar to your own “Intranet”. Then, pick the solution that best fits where you are now and add modules and capabilities as your business matures. We then provide bespoke solutions to handle more proprietary business scenarios.


Role based permissions for you and your staff provide instant insights to performance across all functions of the business. Improve communications, reduce frustration and deliver on your promise to your customers.
One of the biggest complaints about mainstream ERP platforms is users say: "I only use about 12% of it, the rest is useless to me" Trivaeo recognised many years ago that flexibility to pick and mix the applications that were needed by any business is the key to allowing our clients to use all of it, fully and comprehensively. Our solutions feature the ability for our clients to apply only the modules they want for as many users as they want with the ability to assign those application entitlements to their users as they see fit.
Crossroads is a "Unified Business Solutions Software Suite" Trivaeo uses elements from the suite to create a Solution Accelerator that completely unites elements of your business such as (but not limited to) : Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Service / Help Desk Management, Asset Management, Document Management (with real-time collaboration), Contract Management, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Project Management, Resource / Facilities Management, Stock Management, Task Management, Timesheet Management and Human Resources Management. At the same time, it handles business process management, workflow management and business process automation. "Business Solutions built by a business, for business"
"Business Applications built by a business, for business" Pat Graham, CTO

Single Sign On

Users log in once and see only what they need to see whether they are internal or external users to your organisation

Completely Relational Data

All activities conducted by all your users (and their departments) maintain data integrity throughout. This provides seamless dashboards and insights creating an instant view across the performance of your entire enteprise activities

Business Apps Highlights

Broad Scope

Applicable to a massive range of industries in all industry verticals yet customisable and flexible for businesses of any size

Smart Integration

Best in class end-to-end business management covering 11 major business applications in one

Time to Value

Quickly delivers instant value to ensure your business reaps the benefits of increased efficiency and effectiveness

Mobile Ready

Including applications for Android and IOS devices that keep you and your users connected to the heart of your business on the go

Role Based

Easily assign roles and privileges to provide access to the elements that each role in your business should see

Cloud or on Premise

Our solution may be consumed immediately from our cloud instances or can be deployed in your own data centres


Publish only the components and applications that your business needs and add more as your business needs mature


Intelligent automation driven by your business rules ensures high service level assurance across processes


The solution is readily extended to suit the needs of niche or specialist businesses
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