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Unify your Customer Relationship Management activities with the existing eMail services used by your business


The Trivaeo eMail collector unifies your companys' or your employees own existing email services completely with the Trivaeo Customer Relationship Management Suite.  Unlike typical CRM solutions, our eMail collector allows your company and employees to continue using your native eMail services without any impact.  No integration is necessary.  Think of the Trivaeo eMail Collector service as an eMail 'concierge' that listens constantly for communications that it is included in.  When the 'collector' is included in any email correspondence between your business and any contact or company in your customer relationship management database then the communication is automatically added to that entities history.  

It also monitors all 'outbound' communications from the Trivaeo Business Applications Suite and automatically appends the eMail communications in any form directly to the adressed contact or company.  It's true innovation comes in the fact that no changes of routing, MTA, postmasters or transport on your company email system is required for the eMail collector to function.

  • Choose your own eMail collector alias so its easy to remember for your staff
  • Monitors all communications to and from contacts and companies 24 x 7 x 365
  • Automatically appends correspondence to the correct underlying contact or company
  • Adds all outbound communications (automated or manually induced ones) directly to the relevant contact or company in CRM
  • Mail received by the collector that cannot be attributed to a company or contact is not ignored, it goes into a common Message List for review by your team
  • Provides your business with a virtual 24 hour concierge that takes no breaks, holidays or time off at Christmas
  • Requires no changes to your existing business or private eMail services in any form
  • Enterprise Grade SPAM and Anti-Virus protection, Domain Keys, Sender Protection Framework etc with no setup from you required
  • Choosing your own email collector name makes it easy for your staff to remember and to use routinely as they communicate with your market
  • Guarantees that all outbound communications are correctly mapped to the contact and customer concerned
  • It keeps your business and private email private, as it should be, yet allows you to record email transactions with clients easily on demand
  • Zero integration overhead means you have one less thing to worry about when adding employees or when setting up their business email services
  • Creates a company wide shared email experience where its necessary but doesn't require shared mailboxes or other concerns
  • Your employees can even use their Hotmail, gmail, Outlook 365 or any other eMail client/service they prefer and still cause their communications to be added to your company wide CRM when they need it to
  • Set it and forget it - other than including your eMail Collector on any email via BCC or CC no other manipulation is required

The email collector is a value added service from the Trivaeo Cloud Services Team. Put simply, when your company purchases an eMail collector license we create an email address with the name (alias) that you choose.  From then on it will automatically monitor all activities on your cloud solution and add emails to contacts and companies as they occur so they are recorded for all staff members with the necessary application access and privileges to see.  This creates a complete picture of all correspondence sent by the platform to your market.  In the other direction your company may have its own email system and you may have a mobile workforce that uses both company email as well as their own personal email on smart devices to communicate with your suppliers, customers, contacts, leads, opportunities, contractors and so on.  All your staff have to do to add any correspondence they send from any device to be added to your cloud CRM is to BCC or CC (blind carbon copy or carbon copy) the address of your company email collector and we will receive the email and append it automatically to the contact concerned.  This gives your company the best of all possible options; you continue to use your existing company wide email as usual and your employees can use their corporate or personal emails as necessary to communicate with your clients and contacts.  You don't run the risk of virus infiltration or SPAM clogging up your company CRM because your employees have added their SMTP/IMAP based email services to the common CRM framework natively.  This method is very typical with most other CRM systems. Trivaeo has worked hard, technically and operationally, to create a safe and guaranteed method of incorporating email correspondence into the solution without it being able to add risk or potential for abuse to your mission critical business communications.

Introduction to the eMail Collector

What is the main purpose of the eMail Collector?

The eMail Collector unifies your inbound and outbound email correspondence from any device/service to your CRM solution.

The eMail collector is an automated eMail based 'concierge' that is tightly integrated into the Trivaeo CRM solution. When purchased by your business it enables our technology to assign a virtual email based user to your CRM that then monitors all communications it receives from your users and then it distributes those communications to the CRM system, adding the details to the relevant affected record automatically. It also monitors, tracks and records all outbound communications induced by your users or the processes and workflows in the Trivaeo Solution and adds those communications to your CRM contacts and companies too.  It's capabilities include;

  • Monitors all 'outbound' communications transported via email to any entity recorded in your CRM system
  • Automatically appends the communication to the correct record
  • Monitors all inbound received email that it has been BCC or CC'd on and adds that email (and its attachments) directly to the affected CRM record
  • It provides your business with a 360 degree view of all email sent to your contacts and companies irrespective of which device, email service or user sent the mail!  All your users must do if they wish an email they are sending out to be attached to the CRM is to BCC or CC your own collector. It's that simple!
  • You don't need any IMAP/SMTP/POP3 knowledge - you only need to know how to send and receive email - you can even keep all your existing email accounts and service providers.  Just BCC or CC your 'collector' and the email will be in the CRM solution with no further intervention
Many CRM solutions available around the world use shared IMAP based inboxes for each user on the CRM platform.  If they have received or sent an email to a contact in the CRM system they have to hit a button or otherwise directly cause the email to be recorded in the CRM system.  What happens if they forget?  

What would happen if your business wanted to send a 5MB attachment to all your employees?  In many simple CRM solutions the email has the 5MB attachment added to each email.  If you send 1000 emails that 5000MB (5 Terrabytes) of storage wasted!  The Trivaeo eMail integration is bonded with Documents Management so that a single 5MB attachment is stored centrally and a link to it is shared with each receipient!  That is both elegant, efficient and extremely effective!  No more clogged email servers splitting at the seams because the solution design is inefficient.
eMail Collector - Main areas of focus

Trivaeo eMail Collector - Highlights

  • Enhanced Security
    Your business will never be exposing the details of corporate email servers or accounts to your cloud solution
  • Enhanced Safety
    The Trivaeo eMail collector is guarded, monitored and protected by enterprise grade firewall, anti-spam and anti-virus appliances that keep your email safe, secure and relevant to your business
  • Great Flexibility
    Your company users may continue to use their corporate and private email addresses to communicate where necessary with your customers. They simply BCC or CC their 'email collector' address to add the email to the CRM record.
  • Super Easy Setup
    No SMTP/IMAP/POP3 integration required.  No changes necessary to your existing Corporate eMail services.  Use Gmail, Outlook365, Hotmail or any other email transport services your business needs or prefers
Trivaeo eMail Collector Highlights
  • Choose your own Alias
    Choose your own eMail alias for your eMail Collector account. You could use your company name or even give your 'concierge' its own personality
  • Unified
    Whilst often used as an early adjunct application to CRM the application works across the entire suite of 79 applications from Trivaeo; recording all outbound and inbound correspondence initiated or received by the system automatically
  • Intuitive
    Training your employees to use it is as simple as asking them to BCC or CC their 'eMail Collector' on ANY email they wish to have added to the CRM as they send it. From any device or account, anytime. It's that simple! 
  • Cost Effective
    The combined price of CRM plus the 'eMail Collector' add on for any user is still roughly 50% of the cost of even the most rudimentary competing solution in the market. What's the cost of not doing this?
eMail Collector - Highlights

How to setup and use the eMail Collector

Step One

Purchase an eMail Collector Package

As admin of your Company on the platform go to Administration, License Dashboard (in Global Settings) and subscribe to the eMail Collector application package. You'll need one license for each employee enabled on your system.

Step Two

Name your eMail Collector (Optional)

Immediately after subscribing please send an email to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. asking the eMail Collector to be named in accordance with your preferences.  Please indicate your company name too so that our technical staff can find you quickly and make the technical changes to activate and setup your company eMail Collector.

Step Three

Use your collector routinely

As soon as your eMail Collector has been setup it will immediately begin processing all outbound mail on your solution.  To collect all communications from your employees to your CRM contacts they only need to Forward, BCC or CC the eMail Collector on each mail they create (or receive) that they wish to have added to the CRM. They naturally continue to use their normal business and personal email accounts as usual; just forward, BCC or CC as desired.

If you do not contact Trivaeo Support with the preferred name of your eMail Collector we will assign one to your Company instance by default.  In many cases this is fine as we try to make it as close to your actual company name as possible.  Your users can always confirm the email collector 'address' by reviewing the bottom of the Emails tab in CRM. They will see something similar to;
Validating your company email collector settings in the email tab of CRM
eMail Collector - How To

Trivaeo eMail Collector and eMail Tracker - Summary

The eMail Collector is a wonderful and innovative blend of functionality and efficiency to any business.  It exposes a 360 degree view of all critical business communications to and from your CRM contacts and companies without having any integration or technical overheads at all on your users or technology.  Your employees may continue to use their work provided corporate email account or even their personal emails on their own 'devices' and still communicate with your companies contacts without fear of their personal email communications or non-business related communications becoming blended with your business ones.  

You prevent any technical interoperability and simply need to forward, copy or blind carbon copy where ever you want a piece of correspondence to be added to your business systems and customer journeys.  This keeps your business safe yet accurate and prevents that scenario that always happens where customers email an individual in your business but the recipient is on holiday, sick or simply didn't see the mail.  By using the eMail Collector all correspondence that includes the collector address are automatically added to the clients record; not just the private email inbox of a single employee in your company; hiding it from everybody else who may need that information too. Using a different analogy - Your business right hand knows what the left hand is doing!
Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer
eMail Collector Summary
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