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Staff holiday and absence planning has never been easier to manage
The ideal staff/employee holiday management and absence management software for any small or medium sized business


The Trivaeo Holiday Manager application is an easy to use holiday planning and management tool suitable for any small or medium sized business.  Working closely alongside the main Human Resources application suite it enables your employees to easily manage their own holiday or absence requests online.  Your employees can book staff time off and log absence in just a few clicks.  The application comes with a prebuilt approvals process or you can adapt it and pick your own. The default approvals process selects the 'line manager' of each employee as the approval point.  Each employee can see a real-time overview of their entitlement to holiday based on statutory or personal entitlements including national holidays, bank holidays and more. 

Holiday Manager makes is very easy and straightforward for your staff to manage their own holiday requests. It provides an instant line managers view of his or her terms planned holidays. Online holiday requests and approvals are done in real-time.  Permission based rules define what each employee can see about their 'teams' holiday information of they can plan and request their leave sensibly.

  • Online holiday requests
  • Real time totals of allowed holidays and balance remaining
  • Automated approvals process enabled
  • eMail alerts for new holiday or absence bookings
  • eMail alerts on approvals process status change
  • Employees can cancel or edit their own bookings as needed
  • Use our default or your own customised approvals process and workflow
  • Management functions to view booked holidays for Me, My Team, My Department or My Company to ease planning and forecasting
  • Enhanced Reports for Number of holiday days in total versus the number booked and taken
  • Instant Top Down Holiday Report for an entire company
  • Fast overview of all days booked versus approved for all employees in a company
  • Online means real-time. No batch processing, no delays, no confusion. All employees, teams, departments and managers see exactly the same 'view of the truth'
  • Approvals process includes automated updates to the stakeholders in each case where the status changes
  • Flexible editing or even deletion of planned holidays by each employee is supported so that they can work amongst themselves to ensure cover is available to your business
  • Tight integration to eHuman Resources Management means that entitlements by position held, department or team for each year is largely automated
  • Setting default entitlements whilst having the ability to define individual or departmental entitlements provides greatest flexibility to accurately represent your business holiday planning needs

Set your own Booking Types and colour codes for the company holiday calendar. Extend it further by recording your own Public Holidays or add your own customised Public Holiday days for each year.  For each departement in your business you can define your own working days and the default 'weekend' days to easily reflect different working patterns for days taken off that do not count against the employees entitlement.  Your business may also set the 'default' number of working statutory holidays each employee is entitled to by default or override at a departmental or employee level.  You may also set the number of Bank Holidays that are added to each years holiday entitlement.  The result is a beautifully flexible holiday and planned absence management software solution, available online 24x7 for your business so that it can intelligently and efficiently manage holidays and absense.  Managers and Line Managers can even enter holiday bookings on behalf of their team members or department if you prefer to keep things more centralised rather than self-service based!

Introduction to the Holiday Manager

What is the main purpose of the Holiday Manager?

The Holiday Manager application makes it incredibly easy for your business to manage staff planned holidays and absence

The Holiday Manager application forms part of the eHuman Resources Management Suite. It makes the online employee holiday approvals process quick and seamless. This means your business will no longer struggle with spreadsheet based planning, complex leftover leave or other complex calculations.  Everything is automated and each employee can quickly see their own entitlements, balances and taken holiday information. You can even set it up so that each employee can see the holiday calendar of their team so that they can intelligently slot in their planned absence or holiday requests themselves.  They can change their mind and cancel or edit their bookings which causes them to go back into the defined approvals process.  Seamless, easy, quick and effective.  It's capabilities include;

  • Easily set up your own planned absence or holiday booking types with individual colour codes to ease planning and oversight of the holiday calendar
  • Set up recurring or standalone Public Holiday Dates to cater for variations in each calendar year
  • Set Weekend 'Days' for each Department in your business to accurately reflect different working patterns by department
  • Set default holiday limits that apply company wide for personal as well as statutory entitlements with flexiblity to override departmentally or even individually
  • Define your own holiday or planned absence approvals workflow our use our simple 'line manager' based approvals process
  • Set up your own preferred notifications process so that stakeholders are emailed when a bookings status is changed or is otherwise altered
  • Real Time employee dashboard of their overall entitlement, days available etc
  • Real Time summaries of Holidays across the company for taken, booked and available entitlements as whole

Holiday Manager is a component of eHuman Resources. Your company has the option to purchase eHuman Resources Management for each employee which will give them all access to Holiday Manager alongside many other core elements such as 360 degree reviews, absence management, automated organisation chart, Objectives, Expense Manager and Timesheets or you may elect to purchase the Holiday Manager as a standalone application for each employee if you are sure they will never need access to the wider eHuman Resources features at the same time.  For many companies buying eHuman Resources is the most cost effective option available as it covers all possible business needs per employee in one go.

Holiday Manager - Main areas of focus

Holiday Manager - Vacation Tracker - Highlights

  • Online 24x7
    Provides permanent and easy access for your employees to their holiday entitlements, bookings and balances outstanding
  • Real Time
    All bookings and approvals are recorded and exposed in real time which maximises business inefficiency versus traditional form based or verbal requests and submissions
  • Great Flexibility
    Set up your own colour coding and holiday types, holiday days, weekends and entitlements with ease
  • Automation
    The approvals process is workflow driven to automatically notify and seek approvals and denials of requested holidays with real time updates on status
Holiday Manager Workflow and Process Flow
  • Modularity
    Use either a eHuman Resources application license per employee or this standalone employee facing Holiday Manager. We recommend using eHuman Resources per employee if you plan on needing Expense Management or Timesheets Management alongside Holiday Management for each employee
  • Reporting
    Comes with prebuilt reports to provide enhanced data views on holiday bookings and entitlements and real-time dashboards for each employee too
  • Notifications
    Employees are notified in their My World and by eMail if the status on a holiday booking request has been updated.  They can also see the status of their approvals in real time when ever they like
  • Simple
    Booking a new Holiday? Great! Click on the calendar on the start date, then select your end date.  Job done!
Holiday Manager - Highlights

Typical Holiday Manager Solution Workflow

Holiday Approvals Step One submit a holiday request

Step One

Review options and submit a new request

Employees will routintely review their own (or their teams or departments calendar of holiday bookings).  Having identified a suitable date to start their holiday they click on that date and the form to submit a new request opens. They set the start and end dates and reasons for the holiday (or other supporting information). On saving it moves on to step 2.

Step Two the holiday request approvals process

Step Two

Approvals and line management notifications process

According to the details of the selected workflow the holiday request is submitted into an approvals process.  You may setup your own preferred notifications and alerts so that the relevant stakeholders in your business are informed of the newly submitted holiday request.  It may either be declined or approved in accordance with your policies at the time

Notifications by eMail Alerts process

Step Three

Notifications and Alerts

Once a holiday request has been reviewed by the line manager or other stakeholder as defined by your own process the employee is notified of the outcome (approved or declined with any supporting notes).  They are notified both in an eMail and to their My World dashboard inside the solution.  Any necessary manipulation of running totals of remaining entitlements are automatically adjusted

As an administrator you can use the simple process workfow builder application to define your own approvals and notifications process.  You can select named employees or 'positions' as approvers so that your approvals process does not become bogged down if a single approver is themselves unavailable to approve a valid holiday booking request from one of your employees.  You can also set up your preferred notifications distribution for all status changes on any holiday booking that is in the approvals process.
Use our Process Builder application to define your own business processes and workflows
Holiday Manager - How To

Trivaeo Holiday Manager Summary

The Holiday Manager application is actually a foundation building block of the larger eHuman Resources Suite.  Breaking it out on its own makes it available as a stand alone application for use by companies that don't need the much broader eHuman Resources capabilities for their employees. If your company uses or plans to use the objectives, 360 degree reviews, absence management, timesheets, expenses or holiday management as a routine function of your employees activities then we strongly recommend purchasing the eHuman Resources application for each employee as it will work out to be much more cost effective over time.

Whilst a very simple application from an employees perspective the employees do love it because it gives them complete control over their holiday bookings.  The ability to review the other bookings from their team-mates or department if you set up the permission groups to enable them to do this) results in your employees being able to self-service their own holiday bookings needs without constantly pressuring their line management for approvals.

The tight integration into the calendar, eHuman Resources, alerts, notifications and My World bring it alive, especially as an online application that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for each employee that has a login to your business applications suite.  The at a glance views of how departments are resourced at your tigthter seasons like Christmas and Summer Breaks really helps the line manager to do a better job of making sure your business can maintain its promise to its customers. Better oversight results in better business decisions, better planning and better operational flexiblity.

Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer
Holiday Manager Summary
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