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For many businesses the best time tracking app is the one which is both easy to use and effective in helping employees to keep accurate records. Timesheet management is something that line managers traditionally dislike because it eats up so much administrative time. The Trivaeo Timesheet app has been designed so that it naturally functions as an employee time tracking app as well as an online time tracker and works either stand alone or as an intrinsic element of Project Management and Resource Management. If a project task is assigned by a project manager to an employee then its only natural to expect that the same business application should be able to automatically record the amount of time that the employee spends doing that assigned task. The same thing for 'Jobs' that are assigned from a Resource Management perspective. The timesheet app also acts as a time tracker, timekeeper and timesheet calculator, able to automate the measurement of timekeeping with its own built in online time tracker. The business can review daily time sheets, weekly timesheet or monthly timesheet by employee, team or department. The resulting data is easily used as an overall employee time card or as a payroll time calculator or payroll hours calculator.
  • Complete Timesheet Management App
  • Record your employees or contractors working time
  • Timesheet submissions and approvals process
  • Automated tracking of Project Management assigned tasks - project time tracker
  • Automated Tracking of Resource Management assigned jobs - job time tracker
  • Allows contractors and external users to submit timesheets worked on your companys' behalf as self-service users
  • Work Time Calculator and Timer that calculates worked hours automatically
  • Work time tracker for both billable and non-billable working hours
  • Easily used as a payroll hours calculator or just as a time log
  • Can be used as a daily time sheet, weekly timesheet or monthly timesheet as desired
  • Timesheet for employees, teams or departments providing electronic timesheets with net sum totals both billable and non-billable hours time tracking
  • Contains all key timesheet elements needed by any small or medium sized business
  • Flexible as a result of being available as a stand alone timesheet app or comes with any eHuman Resources enabled company user
  • Accurate because it can directly attribute the time log for a TASK or a JOB or simply through its own online real time online time tracker and timer on demand
  • Integrated without company intervention into Project Management, Resource Management and eHuman Resources - it works straight away!
  • Time and Materials based commercial work is a breeze as your users set whether their time recorded on a job or task is billable or not
  • User can freely manipulate their timesheets until submitted, once submitted they are locked for any further editing or changes
  • 3rd party user access to timesheets is brilliant for allowing self-service users, for example, external contractors, to submit timesheets to your company so you only pay them for recorded working time that was 'approved' by your line management as it happened
The Timesheet App suite from Trivaeo is actually a component of the broader eHuman Resources App. It is made available as a standalone component for companys' that don't want to use timesheets alongside holiday management, expenses management, absence tracker, setting objectives, 360 degree staff reviews and so on. It is excellent as both a time tracker, a time card, a worked hours calculator, a time log and supports your resource management and project management teams (if you have those other apps enabled) as it directly associates recorded timesheet submissions against the jobs and tasks they have assigned to your employees. The ability of the time tracker to use its own online timer that employees start at stop can provide time tracker accuracy relevant down to the minute. It is often used by professional services organisations that bill their time by the minute or by the hour, for example, accountants who bill by the hour for preparing tax returns for their clients. It is of course instantly mobile ready. Users may ease their burden a little too if they have consistent working patterns by copying preceding timesheets over to their new day, week or month to reduce their efforts in submitting new timesheets too. They can use the employee time tracking software to provide a weekly timesheet template or a monthly timesheet template that suits them perfectly. Users see at a glance their 'calculate my hours' or 'how many hours am I working?' totals, both billable and non-billable to customers. The resulting figures produced by the timesheet app are readily used as a payroll hours calculator. In simple use cases it is used as an employee time tracking app, as a time clock, an employee attendance tracker or a timekeeper.
Introduction to the Timesheet Manager

What is the main purpose of the Timesheets App?

The timesheet app is the best time tracking app for any small or medium sized business

The most valuable resource to any company is its employees. It is therefore critical to have a viable and proven method to keep timesheet accuracy. The Timesheet app acts as a time tracker and timekeeper and can even automate the 'actual' time your resources spend on jobs and tasks. It is fully featured yet flexible enough to be used as a basic time tracker allowing manual submission of timesheets to occur at the end of each day, week or month from each user or it can completely automate your timekeeper activities through its built in online timer. The resulting data is viewable by employee, by team or by department. It's ability to support your self-service users means you can invite your contractors or other hired in external resources to join you on your timesheet solution and submit their timesheets to you as well. Timesheets for each period are owned and edited through manual entries or through automated entries by each assigned user. When they are happy that their timesheet accurately reflects their billable and non billable activities in that 'period' they then submit them into your defined timesheet approvals process. This means your line managers or departmental heads can see timesheet submissions as they are made and reject or approve them before they are eventually accepted by your business. From there the data is available to help you with payroll as it naturally acts as a payroll hours calculator. Of course, each time the status of a timesheet is changed we send out immediate email notifications of the changes to the affected users. Your business may use our process automation builder to simply define your own notifications and approvals process. It is drag and drop and very easy to use! The Timesheet application is simple to use, but powerful as a whole. It's capabilities include;

  • It can automatically capture 'actual working time' on any assigned Project Management project task
  • It can automatically capture 'actual working time' on any assigned Resource Management assigned 'job'
  • It can automatically capture 'actual working time' on any arbitrary working activity of any employee and when they stop the timer it asks if the user wants to add the recorded time to their 'timesheet'
  • It is available on PC's, Tablets and Smart Devices 24 hours a day x 7 days a week through Trivaeos' global cloud services platform - just sign in and go!
  • For each user on the system their POSITION in your company and the structure of their TEAM MEMBERSHIP defines what they can and can't see as it relates to worked time recorded across your business
  • Your business can review timesheets by employee, by team or by an entire department
  • Timesheets can be completed daily, weekly, monthly or for whatever period your company chooses, although weekly timesheets are the norm across most industries and business types. They only become locked from further user input after they have been formally submitted and their status goes from OPEN to LOCKED. Once locked they go straight into a timesheet approval process for sign off/approval or rejection. If they are rejected they are returned to the user for editing / updating before being resubmitted for review again
  • Users can run multiple online timers at a time and can pause, start and stop the timer for each activity as they need - allowing them the flexibility to work on multiple tasks at a time; yet still automatically record their working time on billable hours and minutes with incredible granularity
  • For businesses that don't want to use automation to assist time tracking then its absolutely okay to simply use the timesheet app as a manual timesheet app where each user submits a manually completed timesheet at the end of each period too
  • If using the online time tracker 'timer' the user is asked to define the period for which the time recorded is valid for
  • It can be for an entire day or part thereof
  • The system records or accepts manual recording and inputting of both worked hours and billable worked hours and the user has the option to select the COMPANY or CONTACT against which the time is being recorded
  • Users may also select the PROJECT or the JOB that they were assigned that the activity is being recorded against
  • Users may also add a detailed description of the activities conducted and the outcomes in each submission
  • Timesheets can be added manually from a START DATE to an END DATE
  • If timesheets are submitted through the online timer mechanism then they default to TODAYS date by default for the period of submission for THIS WEEK (but may be overridden for flexibility)

Trivaeo has engineered and designed the Timesheet App to work effectively as an easy to use Time Tracker for users and employees but also to be robust and granular enough to provide a business all the data it needs to be accurate and efficient. The immediate integration to other elements of the solution suite like eHuman Resources, Project Management and Resource Management means no matter how your business consumes Trivaeo Cloud Services business applications that the app is still absolutely relevant and usable. You business may start without Project Management or Resource Management and the Timesheet App still works beautifully. As you add additional functionality with eHuman Resources, Projects or Resources then additional functionality and time saving measures are instantly available to your users. Your business doesn't have to integrate or link anything at all. It just works, straight away, no fuss, no hassle.

Example Timesheet App view of 'Works Team' Time Tracker and payroll hours calculator
Example Timesheet App view of 'Works Team' Time Tracker and payroll hours calculator
Timesheets App - Main areas of focus

Timesheet App - Highlights

  • Online 24x7
    Provides permanent and easy access for your employees to their timesheet, time tracker and timecard
  • Real Time
    All submitted timesheet records and approvals are recorded and exposed in real time which maximises business efficiency and transparency versus traditional time cards or spreadsheet based timesheet calculator options. Use the online work 'timer' to absolutely automate recording employee time tracking down to the minute
  • Great Flexibility
    Use the auto time tracker and timer or complete a timesheet at the end of each day, week or month. It's totally up to your business policy to set submission deadlines
  • Automation
    The approvals process is workflow driven to automatically notify and seek approvals and denials of submitted timesheet claims with real time updates on status for all parties concerned
Automated tracking of time on a project task with an automated timesheet tracker timing app
Example - submitting an automated timer for 36 minutes worth of client billable work for a timesheet update against a Project Management assigned Task
  • Modularity
    Use stand alone or use it as part of the broader eHuman Resources Management Suite. Couple it with the optional Project Management and/or Resource Management for even greater process automation across jobs and tasks too
  • Anywhere, any time Access
    Access, submit, approve or review timesheet activity on your desktop PC, Tablet or smart device
  • Notifications
    Employees are notified in their My World and by eMail if the status on an timesheet submission has been changed. They can also see the status of their approvals in real time when ever they like by visiting their 'My Timesheets' view in 'My World'. Managers and approvers see the new submissions in eMail and in their 'My Workflow' area of 'My World'
  • Self Service / Contractor Logins
    Assign self service logins to your contractors and other temporary or external staff so that they can submit a timesheet to your business for the work they do on your behalf - pay them right for what they have done and you already approved
Timesheet App - Highlights

Typical Timesheet App Workflow

Timesheet App submit a new timesheet

Step One

Users update their timesheets, using the timer app or manually
Your users and employees edit and update their timesheet by using automation or manual entries of the time they spend each day, week, month or other period. The timesheet remains private to each user until they deem it correct and accurate. They can map their work time to any activity they like and describe their activities with enough detail to secure an approval. They can also directly link their timesheet to projects they have been assigned tasks against or even against jobs they've been given via the resource manager app. Once the employee or user is happy with their timesheet they SUBMIT it
Step Two - the timesheet approvals process starts

Step Two

Approvals and line management notifications process
Once a timesheet has been submitted it goes into your preferred timesheet authorisations process. This may be as simple as sending the timesheet in a locked state to a line manager for their review. The line manager then reviews the timesheet and either accepts it, or rejects it. If accepted it may move on to the next step (which your business can freely define, for example, transmission to the payroll team). If declined it goes back into an opened state, with comments from line management as to suggested changes and is return to the employee for editing and resubmission. A full audit trail is kept of course!
Timesheets - Status change notifications by eMail Alerts process

Step Three

Notifications and Alerts
When the timesheet submission has been reviewed by the line manager or other stakeholder as defined by your own process the employee/user is notified of the outcome (approved or declined with any supporting notes). They are notified both in an eMail and to their My World/My Timesheets dashboard inside the solution. You may wish to notify your payroll team of the approved status so that they can process the payroll at week or month end or if this is a timesheet from a contractor you may notify the accounts payable team to pay the contractor for the hours worked and the sales team to bill the affected customer the work was done for. It can all be automated!

As an administrator you can use the simple process workfow builder application to define your own approvals and notifications process for the timesheet app. You can select named employees or 'positions' as approvers so that your approvals process does not become bogged down if a single named approver is themselves unavailable to approve a valid timesheet from one of your employees or external contractors. You can also set up your preferred notifications distribution for all status changes on any timesheet that is in the approvals process.
Timesheet Automation Process Flow Builder - Use our Process Builder application to define your own business processes and workflows
Using the application process workflow builder to add the current Finance Director (by POSITION in the company) to the approvals process of new timesheet submissions. This way, if the position holder changes the process doesn't break!
Timesheet App - How To

Timesheet Summary

The Timesheet App is robust, feature rich, easy to use and intuitive in day to day use. It is designed to be fun to use, encouraging your employee time tracking validity over time. Your employees readily use it as a time tracker, timekeeper, timer and enjoy their own visibility and oversight of the figures your business will use as their payroll hours calculator.

It's ability to automatically log the time card even down to the minute level saves them a lot of time and guesswork and gives your business opportunities to leverage time and materials based contracts with your customers as you will have demonstrable tools that showcase how a modern business uses a time tracker to be genuine and honest with the billable hours worked.

Opening up the timesheet app to 3rd party external users like contractors means that your business can treat external or casual resources as employees from a timekeeper perspective.

Most of all it provides your business with a complete framework for managing an accurate payroll, providing evidence with full audit trails of time worked and recorded on each time card. The ability to link timesheet submissions directly to assigned jobs from the optional Resource Manager app or project tasks from the optional Project Management App saves time, reduces errors and maps the work time of your staff to your revenue generating activities.

Your business can use this timesheet app as aggressively or as passively as you like. You define your own working 'best-practices' and can allow your employees to submit timesheets for each week, day, month or other period. If using automation like the 'timer' to record working time for your employees then they are able to run multiple timers at the same time, spreading their working day over multiple clients at a time; with their timekeeping perfectly accurate throughout.

We have teams of accountants that use this timesheet app to record their billable hours completing tax returns. We have building and construction companies that accept timesheets from casual labourers who submit a timesheet at the end of each working day with details of their work done during the day fully described. The approvals and notifications process means everyone knows the status of each timesheet all the time.

Employees actually enjoy using their time log and being able to see their working hours and history completely.

Timesheet Manager is a fundamental component of the wider eHuman Resources application suite. It may be purchased and activated stand alone or comes anyway with a full eHuman Resources user license. You should strongly consider purchasing eHuman Resources if you will use any of the other sub-applications or capabilities like setting objectives, 360 degree reviews, holiday management, expense claim management and so on.

Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer
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Timesheet App Summary
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