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The To Do List App

The Trivaeo Task Manager is not just a standalone to do list app. It is a task management tool that enables your business and its users to interact seamlessly with other application components and assign tasks to themselves or others that are then tracked using alerts and notifications to ensure that they are completed. Each user may see the resulting things to be completed as a simple todo list. A manager or team leader would see this application as a tool for team task management. Individuals may see it as a task organizer or even a task management system. Tasks are created from individual application components anywhere in the Trivaeo Suite of applications or may be created on their own by any user at any time. The best task management software is one which makes it easy for users to see their tasks, those that remain open and to know that if a task is assigned to someone else that it will not be forgotten or mislaid. Assigning tasks to other users on your shared online task manager means that it acts just like a task assignment app. It links seamlessly to each users calendar, causing the due dates for tasks to appear as activities in their calendar by default. This application permeates the entire suite of business applications as the concept of assigning tasks to yourself or to others with subsequent alerts and notifications is at the core of any business process and workflow.
  • Works as a to do list app
  • Performs well as a task list and task management software
  • Online task manager and task management tool
  • Task Tracker
  • Task Organizer
  • Task Management System
  • Task assignment app
  • Set Due Date and Due Time on any assigned task
  • Set the Task Category as well as the Task Priority with each task
  • Select the starting Status of any assigned task
  • Set the preferred reminder schedule for minutes, hours, days or weeks in advance of the task deadline
  • Create a task and assign it to another user
  • Add attachments to a Task like a document template, photograph or other file type
  • Link a Task to any Contact, Company, Opportunity or Lead in the CRM system
  • Alerts and Notifications enabled by default so users are alerted on assignment, due dates or change in task status
  • Can be used by individuals, groups of employees, teams, departments or the entire business
  • Automatic embedding of tasks and due dates in the users calendar saves time and reduces dual-entry of tasks
  • Web based task management makes the solution available 24 hours a day x 7 days a week to any user
  • Feature Rich yet flexible and easy to use encourages your personnel to use it regularly
  • Ability to use activity templates and status templates to assign tasks to others makes it quick to distribute tasks that are prepopulated quickly
  • Alerts and Notifications ensure in platform and external notifications are clearly received in eMail and in 'My World'
  • Nagging and Reminders can be set on any task - with a fallback return the task to the task initiator in the event the task is not accepted by the recipient
  • Users are able to accept assigned tasks then reassign them to another colleague. The task owner always knows who has got the task and how complete it is
  • Activity and Statuses for any Tasks can be done for Leads, Opportunities, Roles, Proposals, Quotes, Work Orders, Invoicing, Contacts, Companies and Supplier Due Diligence
The Task Manager App is one of the rare applications in the entire business applications suite that has relevance in almost every CRM and ERP Genre available. It may be used standalone as a simple to do list app, task list or as a more robust task management software framework for an entire business. It is immediately 'bonded' to all other application areas that you have purchased and enabled as almost all applications have the ability to create tasks in one form or another. In any case any user that has access to the task manager app can create new tasks for any user (including themselves) and set deadlines, reminder dates and add attachments or link it to other things without actually doing so from the confines of any individual application. It is in some ways a powerhouse task manager that relies heavily on notifications and alerts to keep your processes flowing smoothly. It features powerful filters so your users can filter their own tasks, or those they have created and assigned to others plus a view of all tasks assigned across the solution as a whole. A very powerful feature in Trivaeo is the ability to prepare in advance a detailed set of tasks that make up your workflows for handling Leads in CRM, Opportunities in CRM, Roles, Proposal Management, Quotation preparation and handling, Work Order Management, Invoice handling, Contact Management in CRM, Companies Management in CRM as well as Contract Manager Supplier Due Diligence. What does this mean? It means your business can set up entire stacks of tasks in advance that reflect the way your business works so that when, for example, a new lead is created in CRM, you can copy all the tasks typical for lead handling from your task and activity template and then use a drag and drop 'trello' like status monitor to complete the tasks yourself; or assign them quickly to a colleage. At all times all users have a real-time view on what is happening, who is handling it and how complete it is.
Introduction to the Task Manager

What is the main purpose of the Task Manager App?

The best task management software acts as an easy to do list app for any user

Every business relies on its employees handling the jobs they are given as the bedrock of commercial success. Where a business has very simple processes it may be the volume of things that have to be done which becomes the challenge. In businesses with much more complex workflows the handling and managing of tasks is all about orchestration and doing the right things in the right order and at the right time. The Trivaeo Task Manager app is one of the applications that crosses this chasm between simple and effective yet robust and capable. It can be used as a very simple user defined to do list app with a task list or it can be used with activity and status templates to pre-prepare very complex listings of tasks that are then used 'on-demand' across many of the 79 applications in the suite. Some users think of it as an online task manager, others as a task list app, for others its a task manager, a task planner, a task management tool or an entire online task management system. It's really up to your business how you setup and use the Task Manager. It is simple to use but powerfully integrated to the other apps you may use in the combined ERP/CRM suite. It can be used standalone too! It's capabilities include;

  • Assign Tasks manually to yourself or to any other user enabled on your business applications suite including self-service users like your clients, contractors, suppliers etc
  • Set a clear task title and description to avoid ambiguity or confusion
  • Define unlimited task types to suit your own business needs, for example, call, email, meeting, activity, build, draw...
  • Define your own business task categories so they are easy to filter and sort by business category
  • Set priorities on each task as they are created
  • Set your own business statuses for each task based on their percentage completedness or other Status types you chose
  • Set the location where the task in being handled so you can filter tasks by offices, depots, warehouses or teams
  • Set auto-reminders if not accepted or completed within X minutes, hours, days or weeks of the deadline date on each task
  • When creating a task, if you do not select yourself as the task owner then you may freely assign it to any other staff member or self-service user. Yes, they will be notified when you assign it to someone else
  • Add unlimited attachments using the integral document manager to each task. You could, for example, add document templates, schematics, drawings, photographs or anything else like instructions for Computer Controlled Lathes/Mills straight to the task and assign it to the cutting shop boss. Job done!
  • If a task is created standalone, in other words, not as a function of workflow in any other application area then it may be linked to a contact, company, opportunity or lead in the solution
  • If a task is created based on the activity templates manager application available to administrators then task manager can be used whilst bonded to the business process areas of lead handling, managing opportunities, roles, handling and creating proposals, generating quotations for customers, preparing work orders, handling invoices, managing contacts, managing companies or even in handling tasks associated with Supplier Due Diligence activities. No 'integration' is required. It just works!
  • Any assignment of a task creates an alert and a notification to all affected parties. Any subsequent change in status of a task also triggers a notification. This means you don't have to spend time alerting staff you have assigned tasks to them yourself; the software takes care of it for you
  • If tasks remain unaccepted by target recipients then they 'time-out' and are returned to the task originator
  • An accpeted task can be reassigned to another user at any time; this gives your business flexiblity to move as conditions change without simply deleting tasks that cannot be completed
  • Completed tasks are not deleted. They are archived and remain visible to your business for ever. Nothing is lost. It's just moved out of your operational view to avoid clutter

Basic users in your company will see the task management app as a simple todo list. Advanced users will see it as a complete framework for managing tasks of any complexity across and througout your business; even on multiple sites. If your business users our optional Project Management tools then of course that ships with its own task management framework that takes task management one step further; it assigns dependencies and precursor activities to each task. With our activity status dashboard a small or even medium sized business could use our task management app as a basic project management app too. We do recommend that companies wishing to use more elaborate task management capabilities alongside Project Management do so with the project management tools themselves.

Using sets of activities to define a set of tasks to be handled by task manager
In the example 'Handling a Lead in CRM' picture above our admin setup 5 tasks for the routine handling of a new lead. Dave Tidwell took on 3 of the tasks himself and assigned the Newsletter Sign Up confirmation to Rupert who has finished that task so it's in the completed column. Harley is currently moving his task with drag n' drop to 'confirm the requirments' to 60% complete so everyone knows the exact status across all 5 assigned tasks in real time. This is the best task management software as a simple todo list can only be viewed 'vertically'. The Trivaeo Task Management App used alongside the handling of activities and status' takes it even further, allowing to tasks to be seen as 'living things' each with an individual status and percentage completion that is updated in real-time.
Task Manager App - Main areas of focus

Task Manager App - Highlights

  • Online 24x7
    Provides permanent and easy access for your employees to their tasks, task tracker, todo list and online task manager
  • Real Time
    All submitted tasks are recorded and exposed in real time which maximises business efficiency and transparency versus traditional fire and forget options such as sending a task to another user as an email request. They may see it, they may not!
  • Great Flexibility
    Use it standalone or as an intrinsic and deeply bonded element of your other business applications across the CRM ERP Suite
  • Automation
    Set up your own activities and statuses and use them, even if they are complex, as templates to hand out large groups of tasks to lots of people automatically. You can even automate a production process across 10 remote offices with this task tool if you are careful in setting it up correctly!
Creating a new set of automated tasks with the task management software to make a cup of tea
Example - creating a new set of prepared tasks for the work orders team on how to make a cup of tea!
  • Modularity
    Use stand alone or use it as part of the broader CRM ERP Business Applications Suite. Bonded intelligently with your other business applications by default or create your own tasks as you need them and assign them freely to any enabled users on your solution
  • Anywhere, any time Access
    Access, submit, approve or review your tasks or those you have assigned to others on your desktop PC, Tablet or smart device
  • Notifications
    Employees and users are notified in their My World and by eMail if the status on an task has been changed. They can also see the status of their tasks in real time when ever they like by visiting their 'Tasks' view in their Main Menu.
  • Self Service / Contractor Logins
    Assign self service logins to your contractors and other temporary or external staff so that they can receive tasks assigned by your business and complete them

Project Management Tools

Task Management Software

For more details task management you may give consideration to using our Project Management Tools. The Project Management Apps include a granular task managment solution which allows tasks to be elements of a project workflow, so with each task set you can establish its timelines, durations, cost, resources, predecessor and parent tasks. It effectively builds out a project Gantt chart simply by using advanced task management and resource management together!
Task Manager App - Highlights

Typical Task Manager App Workflow

To do list app task management software

Step One

Users Create new tasks
Instead of using post-it notes or making requests in eMails users create a new task in the task manager app. In creating a new task they can set its due date/time, the type of task, the category, priority, initial status, the affected location (office) and reminder periods. With a complete description, add any necessary attachments and link to contacts/companies/leads or opportunities they can then set who the task is for. Users can also use the task templates from the activity status app described earlier on this page. Once saved the task moves to step two
to do list app receiving a notification of a new task by email

Step Two

Affected parties are notified about their assigned tasks
Once a task is assigned to any other user than the originator they are automatically notified by email of the new task. Users may review all their assigned tasks, or filter by others in the Task Manager app available to them in their 'Main Menu' of the business applications suite. As users work their way through the tasks they change its status from 'not started' to completed as defined by your company admin so that affected parties may review progress through to task completion more or less in real time.
to do list app reviewing a list of open and assigned tasks and to do with the online to do list app

Step Three

Working your tasks
Each affected user that has access to Task Manager can review their list of open or archived (completed) assigned tasks at any time. They have an at a glance view of their todo list and task list and they can update the status on each task as they handle them. Remember that these tasks may form part of the workflow of another application in the suite or it may just be a standalone task set by themselves or by another colleague. The task management software doesn't care. All tasks as managed the same way irrespective of their origin our source.
Task Manager App - How To

Task Manager App Summary

The Trivaeo Task Management app is the best task management software for any small or medium sized business. Well, that's our view because we know our clients love it. It exposes a wonderful blend of functionality and reliablity mixed with ease of use that makes it perfect in everything from acting as a basic to do list app for a single company user all the way through to an elaborate task management system for a larger company

In simple use cases it can be used by a member of your team to jot down tasks for themselves set to deadlines in the future so that they don't forget to do important things. It will even nag or remind them in the future that the deadine is rapidly approaching. Users love the fact that tasks automatically appear in their calendar with no onther intervention or inputs required by the user themselves.

In more elaborate scenarios a project manager can use the activity and templates status system in admin to define any number of tasks that always happen in a particular piece of workflow. Then, in future, when a user creates a new lead, or a new opportunity, work order and so on they can select a prepared company template. Hey presto! All the tasks are immediately assigned and the dates, notifications and setup is already done. Now it's just a matter of getting on with it and working your way through the assigned tasks from the template.

The task manager app can be used as an integral yet simple project management tool in its own right. That said, the Trivaeo Project Management suite can take Task Management even further as it can use the concept of tasks with even more granularity and definition to create Gantt charts, set prerequisite actions and steps and define the typical durations of tasks. If your company needs an elaborate task management app as a complement to a project management app then you can do no worse than look at our project management apps for this purpose.

In most cases all that a small or medium sized business needs for day to day task management is the ability to reliably create tasks that are assigned to users who then login to our web based task management app and treat the resulting tasks as a to do list. The ability to take the software even further with automated activities and status dashboards provides business leaders with exact overviews of where a complex set of tasks actually are. The drag and drop change in status of an assigned task is a blessing to users who don't want to open up the whole task just to move it forwards in the process; all they want to do is move it on 20% of the way. Drag and drop is perfect for this scenario so that's why we enable the software to work this way

Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer
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Task Manager App Summary
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