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My World

A complete user centric workflows view of the 'global' business applications suite
My World
Trivaeos' Cloud Business Applications technology suite is broad, covering well over 70 sub-applications spread over 20 application genres through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enteprise Resource Planning (ERP). As an end user, especially if you are using the entire suite of products, you need an area that takes a view through all the applications enabled for you, as a user, showing you what 'you' care about the most. My World is a user centered view across all the enabled applications that any individual user has access to. It focuses that users eye on the things that require their attention. Yes, users receive eMail based alerts and notifications when something requires their attention, but that may not be enough. To ensure that no deliverables from assigned workflows are forgotten, the Trivaeo technology looks at the entire dataset of the company the user is a member of and slices through it with the intent of showing that user what they need to work on. It removes all the other chatter, updates and comments; focusing the user absolutely on the jobs and actions they need to action. Each time a new application entitlement is enabled for a user their My World view of associated worklow items that affect them is updated. The next time they log in the My World application takes the new entitlements into account and includes that new application area in its views. Then, it's a simple matter for the user to click their way through their 'My World' view dealing with any actions assigned to them or requiring work from them. Sometimes it may just be an approval of some workflow, sometimes it may require a task to be completed. Users typically find that using My World helps them to deal with their actions quickly and efficiently. They then refer to the individual application elements to filter and sort based on the wider objectives that don't necessarily affect them directly. MY World brings a user to their responsibilities and actions; quickly!
My World Features
  • An automated user centric view of all actions from workflows induced throughout the entire suite of enabled business applications
  • Shows items of outstanding Workflow, for example, approving timesheets, holiday requests, expense payments and much more
  • Shows user Help Desk and Service Desk tickets and their current status
  • Shows a user details of their Company (if they are an employee; not for self-service users!)
  • Shows a top down view of all Documents owned by that user across all sub-applications in the Suite
  • Allows the user to review their remaining holiday entitlements, status of open holiday requests and to book new holiday requests quickly
  • Provides the user with a mini-org chart of the Team/Department that they are a member of
  • If the user is a member of a Sales team they can see their membership status and the annual quotas for their team
  • The user can review their set eHuman Resources Objectives, or with the roles necessary those of the business, department or team
  • Users can review their current weekly timesheet, add new hours worked or submit current timesheet for approval
  • Users can review their submitted expenses (all or for specific projects) or add new expense claims
  • Users can quickly syncronise their business apps account with contacts/calendars on Microsoft Office365 and Google
  • Use can quicly access the Team Room Projects that they are being resourced against
My World Benefits
  • My World focuses the user around items and activites that affect them. They do not become bogged down by the weight of other 'things' affecting other users or processes
  • For many users the ability to see just their own stuff makes even the most complex workflows easier to manage and operate within
  • Provides a portal for sub-applications used by self-service users with zero clutter or confusion
  • It provides users with the ability to interact with assigned tasks and workflows in other applications that they don't have native access rights to, for example, users may find themselves authorising timesheets or expenses whilst their supervising colleague is on holiday
  • Simple, yet effective and powerful. It condenses the user centric views of what is happening so that lag and delays are reduced
  • It provides ready access to self-service users to their own help desk tickets and service requests
  • It provides an ability for contractors to log in and submit expenses and timesheets even though they don't have primary 'employee' based access to eHuman Resources
  • It allows employees or self-service users to edit their own master record details, changing or updating addresses and even uploading their preferred profile picture, emergency contact details, CV (Resume) and much more
  • The ability to quickly add/filter and sort records in each area adds additional flexibility and convenience for users
  • Having all workflow activities grouped under a single navigation structure makes it easy to navigate quickly across mulitple business areas with single clicks
My World, as its name suggests is the centre of a users view of all the workflows and processes that they are part of, or those of which they have an entitlement to initiate new workflows. It hones a users actions to focusing on the areas that they have open or pending items in across the entire suite of applications enabled for any company user. As application areas are enabled they populate automatically in the 'My World' view. No customisation, preparation or installation work is required by any individual user. If a workflow or process is enabled for them then the application shows them the workflow in its relevant container application area. Users, with the relevant permissions are able in some cases to create new workflow items, for example, submitting new business expenses into the 'approvals process' or a new timesheet or a holiday booking request and so on.
Introduction to My World

What is the main purpose of My World?

Rapid access to workflows and actions requiring the logged in users attention

The Trivaeo Business Applications Suite is big. There's no denying it. There are some 79 applications spread over 20 major business areas. As Trivaeo has a mission to bring intelligent automation to your business its reasonable to assume that many of the application areas are driven by workflows and processes to keep your business ticking along. This is all true, but without a single handy place to go to where a user can see all the workflow and process items that require their attention it would be very easy indeed for critical things to be missed even with the best efforts to warn, notify and alert users of things needing their attention via eMail. My World is a common application area that brings all the things spread out throughout the areas of the business that a user has a part to play in so that they can all be seen in a single place. It's capabilities include;

  • My Workflow - which includes workflows from Asset Management, Change Management, Client Orders, CRM Contacts, Contract Management, e-Forms, Expenses Management, Help Desks, Holidays Management, Invoice Handling, Jobs (from Resource Management), Leads from CRM, Objectives from eHR, Requested Information Processes from specialist help desks, Staff Reviews, Timesheet handling and User Management. Yes, there's a lot of them, but the are filterable and sortable so you can work your way through what's yours quickly!
  • My Requests - review your open help desk tickets and their current status
  • My Details - check your personal records, upload your latest CV, change your emergency contact details or upload your latest portrait/photograph, change addresses, phone numbers....
  • My Company - quick access to an overview of your Company (useful for new hires)
  • My Documents - a users view of their own Document Management contents and folders
  • My Holidays - Review your holiday entitlement for the year and if you are a manager or team leader review the entitlements of your team or department, submit new holiday requests quickly
  • My Team - a quick mini-org chart of your team and their contact details
  • My Sales Team - overview of the structure of your sales team (if you are in sales) and the currently set annual sales targets for each member
  • My Objectives - access the employee objectives that you have been set to achieve and review their current status
  • My Timesheets - quickly add, update or amend your weekly timesheet for billable and non-billable hours worked
  • My Expenses - Add new, or review currently submitted business expenses by 'allowed/approved', In Progress or Refused. You can also review them by Project that they may have been booked against
  • Sync Manager - create sync between your business applications suite and your Google or Office365 contacts and calendars here. It's as simple as logging in once then it continues to sync in the background without further intervention
  • My Projects - shows a list of projects you are part of where those projects are originated inside Team Rooms that you are a member of. Standard Projects and project tasks are not managed in My World, only Team Room derived ones are. This is to support the concept of invited project resources via self-service helping to deliver projects and submit timesheets. If you want to review your main project tasks you will need to go the the main Projects Application

An Example View of the areas exposed by Trivaeo My World to a business portal user
My World - Main areas of focus

My World - Highlights

  • Online 24x7
    Provides fast and convenient access for your company users to the areas of your business apps portfolio that require their attention
  • Real Time
    All workflows and processes handled by users in My World are handled in real-time. No batch or downstream processing
  • Great Flexibility
    Enable the main applications for a user in user management and their My World view populates automatically
  • Automation
    Intelligent Automation of your business begins in the Admin area where you set your processes and workflows. They are handled by your users routinely in either My World on in the main application areas. Either way, it's automation drives the actions to your users
A My World view of existing employee holiday entitlement and remaining holidays with option to submit a new holiday booking request
Example My World Holidays Management view showing remaining annual holiday entitlement and any open holiday requests
  • Modularity
    Any enabled application areas across the suite that include processes or workflows are exposed in My World based on the underlying users application entitlements. No integration or other manipulation is required. It just works!
  • Anywhere, any time Access
    Access your My World on your smart device, your tablet or your desktop TV. These days it may even include Cars, TV's and Consoles!
  • Notifications
    Notifications and Alerts are received in eMail but are actioned on login either here in the My World area or in the affected application. Users can click on the link directly to the workflow item in eMail or they can come and log in and review them in My World.
  • Self Service / Contractor Logins
    My World is also effective for self-service based users but in a much more limited form. Self-service users can see the projects they have been assigned to in any Team Room they are a member of, they can see and access their help desk tickets or submit their timesheets. Your employees have a much more enhanced My World view.
My World - Highlights

Typical My World Users Workflow

A short animated GIF showing the My World application being used by a user to review their workflow items

Step One

Login and Review My World App Areas
Users may be notified by eMail of a workflow item requiring their attention. They can also log in and go to My World under their username and then review the open workflow items under each of the application areas they have entitlements to. Some application areas allow new workflow items to be submitted, for example, timesheets, expenses, holidays and so on.
Inviting a self service user to join your online business portal as a my portal user

Step Two

React to open Workflows
The user has the option to review open workflow items in each application area and deal with them immediately or later on as they desire. They can also start new workflow inducing activities in many areas by moving onto step three
A self service user has received the invitation to join the portal email and then logs in and sets their password and begins using the portal site

Step Three

Initiate new workflow inducing requests
Depending on the enabled business applications for each logged in company user they may have the option to submit new requests into the business workflow. Examples include submitting a new help desk ticket,changing their own details or password, booking a new holiday request, setting a new eHR objective for a member of their team or department, updating their timesheet (or submitting it for week end review and approval) or submitting or reviewing their current expense claims
Self Service Users - How To

My World Summary

Without the My World view a user would be challenged to deal with all potential open workflows that affect them. Even with the best will in the world it is impossible for simple email notifications processes to be enough to make sure that every request placed upon your users is dealt with. They get forgotten, lost in spam folders, mislaid, or simply lost in the hustle and bustle of handling a busy business day. My World puts oversight into workflows by showing a user all open workflow items that are open for them that require their attention.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of possible permutations of 'things' that may trigger a workflow across a fully enabled business application suite for any user. Workflows ensure that the pathway of your business processes are followed and the source of each of the items is broad across any business. Even simple workflow handling in Trivaeo is across Asset Management, Change Management (with IVO), Client Orders, Contacts in CRM, Contracts Management, e-Forms, Expenses Management, Help Desks, Holidays Management, Invoicing, Jobs, Leads, Objectives, Requested Information Process [from clients!], Staff Reviews, Timesheet Management, Training and User Management.

It would be physically impossible for any single user in any business to have a constant awareness of all the things they might need to worry about and action. So, we take that burden from them by putting all the workflows and processes that affect them in a single place.

Yes, you users can still go 'natively' into the bowels of each of the application areas to review the activities as a whole, but if they are reviewing a dashboard of 200 things to be done they could readily miss the 2 or 3 in there that are for them. My World stops the problem of 'information overload'. It puts the user specific actions in front of the affected user so they can quickly deal with the process activities they are part of

But, its not just your employees that benefit from My World. Your contractors or other Self-Service logged in users can use it too, but, they do so in a much more limited form. They can see and access Team Room projects they are members of and they can submit timesheets through My World. They can also access their help desk or service desk tickets too. The key thing to remember about My World is that it is workflow centric and user centric. The slice of data where those two things are true is what My World shows to each logged in employee or Self-Service user with access to your business apps suite, in real time, anytime.

Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer
My World Summary
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