Business Software Applications

Business Application Software

An Introduction

Modular - Integrated - Intuitive - Effective - Intelligent

Modular Building Blocks

Trivaeo Cloud Services applications cover a broad range of needs and functions across all business types. They are designed from the ground up to work standalone or alongside each other with zero user integration effort.

The applications broadly fit into the CRM and ERP genres and may be easily activated as needed. In all there are 79 applications in the portfolio and through our Agile Development Practice the number grows steadily in response to active client demand for features and functionality.
"Trivaeo clients enable the application modules and functions they need on a per user basis and assign them. This results in zero-bloatware and all companies on the platform enjoying 100% use of their chosen modules 100% of the time with no waste and no clutter"
Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer
Modular Business Application Software Examples

The Major Business Application Software Modules

"We built them because you asked us to"

We know it as over 7 million lines of code on a global software as a service platform.

You know it as easy and intuitive business application software building blocks that help your business thrive.

The major application modules are listed below, please click on the READ MORE to see the application in detail
Customer Relationship Management App - CRM App


Customer Relationship Management

The bedrock of any business that sells any product or service to its customers. Manage communications with contacts, campaigns and the sales lifecycle.

We have a free CRM for Life Offer open to all which included Team Connect and a dedicated Task Management app. Give it a go. Gratis, a gift from us to you.

Learn more about CRM

Document Management and Document Collaboration


Documents Management
Digital file management, storage and with the Team Collaboration application it even allows multiple authors to work on a document at a single time

Learn more about Document Management

Project Management App


Projects Management
A fully featured Project Management Suite, including Gantt charting, tasks, resources, requirements, risks and reporting. Simple to use and extremely effective.

Learn more about Project Management

eHuman Resources Management - HRMS / eHRMS


eHuman Resources Management
A complete suite of applications to manage your employees, including their details, holidays and entitlements, 360 Degree Review process, Company Org Charts, Timesheets and Expenses

Learn more about eHuman Resources Management

Providing Customer Service and Employee Service through help desks and service desks

Help Desk

Help Desk & Service Desk
Manage your service levels across both internal as well as externally facing Help Desk and Service Desks. The application includes a heavy focus on service assurance and has extended workflows for alerting and notifications built in.

Learn more about Help Desks

Asset Management App


Asset Management
Simplifies the management of your physical and tangible assets, equipment, facilities and infrastructure. Includes the ability to manage service priorities, location, availability for loan, purchase date, life expectancy and residual value.

Learn more about Asset Management

Resource Management App


Resource Management
A powerful application that allows your business to manage your employee resources which you may use across your projects, jobs and services delivery to clients.  Incluces Job Management and enhanced Scheduling Management to get your resources to the right place and at the right time.

Learn more about Resource Management

Contract Management and Supplier Management App


Contracts Management
Manage the contracts between your business and your suppliers and customers. Includes Compliance and a dedicated Supplier Management capability. Easily track age, status, service levels, notice periods and all effective trigger dates so they don't expire on your unexpectedly ever again.

Learn more about Contract Management

Stock Management / Inventory Management

Stock / Inventory

Stock Management
Complete lifecycle management of all of your stock from movements in and out, or order pressure with back-order management and delivered stock. Includes the ability to adjust stocks, customer pricing with real time in/out tracking

Learn more about Stock Management

Additional Business Application Software Modules

Sometimes you don't need the whole Suite!

Not all employees in a company need full-blown access to a major Suite application set. The applications below are individually licensed on a per user basis for convenience
A good example is eHuman Resources Management. Not everyone needs access to all the HR capabilities, but all employees want to manage their Holidays, submit Timesheets or their Expenses.  The applications below often form part of a major suite element but are made available on their own at a reduced cost.
Employee Expenses Management App


Expenses Management
This application allows your employees to submit expenses electronically to your business. You define the allowable expense claim types and your users can then upload receipts; even whilst booking them against projects and jobs against which they occured. Includes approvals and sign-off process.

Learn more about employee expense management

Employee Holiday / Vacation Management


Holiday & Vacation Management
Allows your employees to see their annual vacation entitlements (paid, statutory etc) and gives them the ability to submit new holiday requests. Provides your business with an instant overview of the status of all holidays due, accrued and pending. Includes an approvals process with notifications.

Learn more about employee holiday management

Task Management App


Task Management

Provides your business with the opportunity to assign tasks to employees and monitor, nag and chase them until the tasks are completed. Includes the capability of notifying employees that a new task has been assigned to them.

This is included in our Free for Life CRM Offer

Learn more about Task Management

Online Booking System App - online room booking app

Online Booking

Online Booking System
This application allows your staff or self-service users to book meeting rooms, venues or anything you like or set up, including car-parking spaces.  Each 'resource' has its own calendar and is capable of accepting or rejecting bookings based on availability.

Learn more about the Online Booking System

Timesheet and Employee Time Tracker App


Employee Timesheet App
This application can keep track of the amount of time your employees spend on each task, job or project. It also supports the submission of time-sheets by employees or self-service users so you can allocate time based project values to time based jobs.

Learn more about Timesheets

Team Connect - Digital Breakout/Team Collaboration Rooms

Team Connect

Work Anywhere

The Team Connect application provides your business with dedicated digital breakout areas for your team members to collaborate on projects, documents and activities irrespective of their physical location. Have remote office workers and home workers working as part of the HQ team.

This is included in our Free CRM for Life Offer

Learn more about Team Rooms

Self Service or 3rd party logins into your business applications suite

Self Service Users

Secured 3rd party access
Sometimes it's really useful to let 3rd parties have access to your projects, documents and team-connect rooms. Let your clients review your drawings or plans? Let your suppliers check on the latest documentation? Let guest users edit a document with your team? Self Service allows this! You set the permissions and scope for your self-service users and assign them the ability to log in to your business solution as you need.

Learn more about self-service users

email collector solution

eMail Collector

eMail Management Solution
This application allows your employees to CC or BCC a 'collector' in your solution so that the eMail they send to your contacts, suppliers, partners and customers from any mail service or client/device is automatically added to the communications history of that entity in your CRM system irrespective of which email service or provider they are using.

Learn more about the eMail Collector

Real Time multi-user and multi-location collaborative document editing

Document Collaboration

Real Time multi-user document editing
This application provides a real-time enhancement to the basic Documents Management solution in that it enables a real time 'What You See is What You Get" editor and multi-user authoring. It takes your Team Connect capability well beyond its confines with true collaborative real-time working for users anywhere with an Internet connection.

Learn more about Document Collaboration

Common Business Application Software Elements

These ship with all applications and are not licensed seperately 

The applications listed in this section are common to the platform as a whole. Whilst they behave differently according to the nature of the other applications your have enabled, these application areas are active by default in any business application your business has subscribed to

Trivaeo Coversheet


Main Applications Dashboard
This application welcomes each user to your company after they have logged in. It summarises all their enabled applications and acts as a 'quick-step' to jump to the area of interest.

Learn more about the Coversheet

The Trivaeo My World App

My World

An employee centric view
The My World application takes a user or employee frame of reference and presents easy access to all application areas that affect them. It summarises and presents their workflows, requests, details, company, documents, holidays, teams, objectives, timesheets, expenses, 3rd party integrations (Google, Microsoft etc) and their projects. * App dependent of course!

Learn more about 'My World'

Trivaeo Feature Request App

Feature Request

Submit Ideas and Innovation
Development of the Trivaeo technology stack occurs because our users submit, then subsequently 'vote' for the features they'd like to have developed across the system. This application allows your users to submit new ideas that will help to drive the development of the product for the benefit of all users all over the world. You have an equal vote and a right to have you say. Do it here!

Learn more about submitting Feature Requests

Trivaeo Reporting and Reports


Precompiled Application Reporting
Each Major application and in many cases the sub-applications come with a precompiled set of reports.  Each is laid out in the look and feel of the company concerned and provides an easy at a glance view through the dataset in the application in each case.
Trivaeo real-time widgets and dashlets app

Real Time Widgets

Real Time Widgets & Dashboards
Each application area also features a widget style real-time dashboard that summarises the status of jobs, tasks, pipelines, finances etc across the application.  These are also user configurable so they can see the widgets they need, no more, no less.
Trivaeo CRM and General Administration


User & System Wide Administration
Each user, according to their defined application entitlement or their role as a super-user has access to system administration.  This is not like typical deep-administration where you define integration points and extensions; but it is where basic system parameters and behaviours are managed. Trivaeo Technology requires zero integration or installation; it's all just basic configuration to suit each company and its users.

Learn more about being a business apps administrator

Why is the business application software so modular?

Trivaeo set out at the earliest point to create software that supported business easily and effectively. We know it is critical for our clients that the software is easy to use, intuitive in behaviour. But, most of all our clients demanded zero installation or integration overhead.

Our Modular software was designed to work like the famous childs toy, 'Lego' ™, where applications, like blocks, can be stacked on each other, aligned alongside each other, or mesh together in new ways.  Like the childs toy, our software comes with certain design principles, but it does not dicate what is on the lid.  There is no picture on the lid limiting what can be built or realised with whats inside.

We pre-engineered the links between all components and objects in the entire platform, leaving our clients free to worry only about what they need and how many of each type of application they need to assign to their users. It is the ultimate 'Pick and Mix' - and quite unique to Trivaeo.
One company may need 2 users on the CRM application, 1 on eHuman Resources and 6 using timesheets and expenses. Occasionally they need the Project Management application when they receive larger or more cumbersome orders to deliver. They also want the ability to add users, use new applications and then downsize when they want as well.  The Modularity is not limited to how it all hangs together technically, but how it all works commercially too.

Trivaeo designed the links between the application modules so our clents don't have to. A good example is an order is received. Without Projects or Stock Management the application allows the order to be tracked simply through invoicing.  But, if the client has Projects it is intelligent enough to ask "Do you want to create a project based on this order?" or if Stock Management is being used "Would you like to order the stock for this order, or do a back order if stock levels are too low to satisfy the order?"
Pat Graham, Chief Technology Officer
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