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Business Applications Pricing Overview

Trivaeo applications are completely modular

Our pricing is set to match your exact requirements

Pricing Overview

Trivaeo makes it easy for our clients to buy exactly what they need, no more, no less. Each client is in full and complete control of their monthly or annual costs at all times.

Clients subscribe to and then 'assign' the applications they have purchased on a user by user basis.

The result, for each client company, is each of their users has access to exactly what they need;  They see and benefit directly from the applications they use. No bloat, no unnecessary features and less commercial clutter.  This ensures a 100% marriage between requirements, features, benefits and cost-control for each client company.
Pricing Principles
  • Each client company is always in full commercial control of their own needs
  • Clients may buy new subscriptions to applications at any time
  • Clients may increase the number of users on a package at any time
  • Clients may unsubscribe from a procured package at any time
  • Clients may purchase 1 month at a time or 1 year at a time
  • Clients may purchase the applications from any one of our global partners
  • Our Global Partners create packages of applications and services to match your requirements and budgets
  • Clients may seek enterprise bundled pricing if they so desire
  • Partners design bundles of applications and services to match your requirements
  • Pricing for customised enterprise solutions is always negotiated up front
  • All pricing includes Support & Maintenance
  • Cancelled subscriptions remain operationally available to each affected user to the end of the original subscription period
  • Each client company administrator has complete commercial oversight of all subscriptions, the number of users on each application enabled, their effective dates and full access to payment histories and invoices

Trivaeo has a mission.

Our mission is to make enterprise grade CRM and ERP applications available to small and medium businesses all over the world but without the extremely high price tags of the major badge vendors (think Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft). That means that our extensive suite of applications are used to create the most effective, disruptive and sophisticated solutions for your industry or department requirements.

The result is an absolute balance between what a business needs and what it pays for, always extracting 100% benefit from the solution. The most common complaint made about the higher end ERP vendors is that the clients only ever use about 12% of the features they have purchased. This is never true with Trivaeo solutions as our Partners have the power to create solutions for you that match your requirements now and you can even add more functionality as your needs mature.

Pricing Overview and Principles
Buy and enable what you need, when you need it
No more, no Less.

Business Application Prices - Example Comparisons

Zoho CRM
Ultimate - €1000 per user (when billed Annually)

Zoho CRM

Fully Featured CRM including sales force automation with ability to support inventory management and workflows
ProsperWorks CRM
Business - $1,428 per user (when billed Annually)

ProsperWorks CRM

Fully featured CRM integrated to Google Suite
ProsperWorks CRM
All Features - $990 per user (when billed Annually)

Trivaeo 'Gold'

Fully featured Enterprise Grade CRM. Includes all the other 68 ERP applications across e-HR, Timesheets, Expenses, Document Management, Team Collaboration, Contract Management, Supplier Management, Asset Management, Resource Management, Task Management, Stock Management, Project Management, automation, workflows, activities and more as itemised on our applications page.

We sell on value, not price!

Trivaeo and our worldwide Partner ecosystem does not sell our technology based on 'price', but based on 'value'. We bundle and price blended and preintegrated applications for our clients aggressively and extremely cost effectively.
  • Notes

  • Trivaeo Partners use our Global Payments System which supports 87 currencies
  • Trivaeo Billing Systems support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners, JCB, PIN debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo
  • Support of your solution is included in these prices as per Trivaeo Terms and Conditions. Each Trivaeo Partner may offer their own individual service level in addition to these offered by Trivaeo.
Pricing Comparisons
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