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About Trivaeo and its online business software technology

We manufacture and host a global cloud based business management software solution

  • What does Trivaeo do?

    Trivaeo is a software engineering company. Trivaeo is dedicated to enterprise business applications and its associated information management technology. We create, integrate, build, innovate and deliver end-to-end suites of applications that give our clients everything they need to efficiently and effectively administer, run and grow their business. Our solutions come in various levels of capability, immediately suiting the needs of businesses small, medium and large in size. All the technology used by Trivaeo has been engineered by us from the ground up. We do not mash-up or integrate other vendors applications by trying to make them look and behave the same. We designed and built all the components from scratch driven by the clear needs and requirements of our clients.
  • Why does Trivaeo do it?

    Our solutions prevent enterprises from going through the pain of buying and then implementing at least 11 different stacks of software from 11 different vendors. We provide a complete end-to-end solution stack of integrated and unified business applications software. By doing so we reduce cost, complexity and speed up the time-to-value. We focus on helping our clients to be experts at what they do or sell, not the distractions they would otherwise face with Information Technology and complex software integrations. By providing our clients with a single and completely unified suite of business applications we save them money and time. We also significantly reduce the cost of maintaining a large number of independant systems from a range of vendors that they would otherwise incur.
  • Are there alternatives?

    Yes, of course, there always are. Our clients could buy a CRM platform from Vendor A, a Document Management Platform from Vendor B, an eMail Marketing Platform from Vendor C, a Billing and Invoicing platform from Vendor D, a Human Resources Management solution from Vendor E and so on across the 11 or more typical software components. By contrast, Trivaeo software is spread over 65 tightly integrated applications that unify these key software components that are otherwise purchased, implemented and supported separately. It is clear that using and managing a single solution framework is far simpler, faster and a lot cheaper! Managing complex suites of silo'd technology is a daunting and challenging task even for the most skilled IT / IS professionals out there. They all have independent dependencies, sign-ons, hardware requirements, database requirements and often have an innate inability to be unified even in basic look, feel, brand and user experience. Trivaeo takes that all away, quickly and extremely cost effectively!
  • What sorts of companies use Trivaeo Solutions?

    Our cient base is extensive and covers most industry verticals. Our clients include global organisations all the way down to smaller organisations. Many use off-the-shelf capabilities of Trivaeo, configuring the solution with their own workflows in their dashboard to meet the needs of their specialist manufacturing, retail, products or services portfolios. We also provide completely customised instances of the solution for niche or specialist markets. Good examples here are specialist solutions that support the workflow and needs of currency traders, financial services or even in one case the needs of a specialist micro-brewery who want to keep track of the location and state of their Firkins (Beer Barrels). See our case studies for more details!
Our Principles
  • Companies of all sizes should have equal access to the same types of technology that Fortune 500's use to increase their efficiency
  • Sophisticated technical solutions need not be complicated or difficult to use
  • Each key data element for any business should only ever exist once and be entered by a user once
  • No Enterprise needs more than one portal where it's employees login to work on any business application or workflow
  • We only have a single version of our cloud SaaS platform, 'Crossroads'. Features and functions built at the request of a client are always built on the core platform and by default available to all
Guided by
  • Our solution must improve the quality and efficiency of our clients businesses
  • Our solution must enable our clients to keep their internal business processes running smoothly
  • Our solution must support all users by providing rich information to assist in better decision making
  • Our solution must allow our clients to increase their agility and rapidly react to change
  • Our solution must always increase opportunities for a clients staff to collaborate across tasks, projects, documents and communications
  • Our solution should always result in creating better outputs that benefit our clients service levels, reduce costs and improve performance
In a recent Total Economic Impact Assessment we completed at a major global financial services institution we found that over 420 of its employees were directly tasked with managing and supporting legacy software and infrastructure that delivered business applications! What's the cost of continuining to do this? Add to this 11 or more individual annual support contracts, upgrades, patching and all of the associated regression and integration testing put the costs into nightmare territories. Suffice it to say the business case underwriting a need for change was beyond proven. It was shattering!
Dave Tidwell, COO

Meet the Trivaeo Leadership Team

"Leading by example"

Pat Graham

Chief Technology Officer

Founder and Technology Leader

Pat is the original founder of Trivaeo and the driving day-to-day visionary in terms of our platform suite. He ensures it meets the needs of our customers in short, mid and longer timeframes. Pat is a tenured technical leader having held many CIO and CTO leadership positions across some of the world's leading organisations. Pat is a thought-leader and one of a group of industry protagonists on the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Pat leads the Trivaeo journey from Intelligent Automation to Artificial Intelligence.

David Claxton

Chief Executive Officer

Customer Experience Visionary

David is a seasoned professional boasting a long and distinguished track-record across many industry giants including Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and others. Much of his career has been focussed on delivering on the join between high-technology and its customers and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Trivaeo in all matters of its performance and our customer experience
I just love how our technology is being used by companies big and small. It is helping accountants manage their clients and the hassle of hard-stops twice a year. The same software framework is helping a brewery keep track of beer barrels. The same software is helping a financial services business pay commissions to its dedicated staff in hours; not weeks and months! It is helping builders manage the constant creep of projects and requirements whilst they are on site and bringing their customers straight into the authorisation and approvals process for in-flight changes significantly reducing time, expense and frustration. I'm constantly amazed how our clients innovate and apply their business needs and processes through our solution. Everyday something cool is done that makes a business better!
Pat Graham, CTO
Ecosystem - have it your way
Trivaeo started out focused on directly selling and implementing our technology on a client by client basis meeting their needs individually. That developed over time to a set of 'Trivaeo Solution Packs' that represented very common sets of enterprise needs at various levels of functionality and capability. Some of our clients were so excited by how Trivaeo accelerated their business that they wanted to be able to offer the solution they had created or packaged directly to their own industry sector. The ability for specialists in industry to package and release application modules from Trivaeo with a keen geographical or industry vertical focus was realised in the CloudWorksIT affiliate partner program.
Dave Tidwell, COO
  • Solution Packs
    Instantly meeting popular and common enterprise functionality needs
  • Customisation
    Engineered enhancements and integrations
  • Bespoke
    Stand alone highly tailored solutions
  • Cloud
    Available on public cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
    Available on private and hybrid cloud basis
  • Premise Based
    Available as a standalone instance deployed on client site and infrastructure
  • Easy Entry
    Free Gift easy entry level CRM packages
  • Packaged
    Bundled application packages created by affiliates
  • Verticals
    Specialised packages created by Affiliates meeting localised enterprise needs
  • Regionalised
    Access to local expertise and specialists
  • Tailored
    Affiliates freely mix and package any of the 20 genres (79 applications) to meet client needs
  • Cloud
    Available only on a Public Cloud basis
Support and Maintenance is always provided directly by Trivaeo irrespective of the consumption model enjoyed by end user clients

Where did it all start?

Trivaeo launched its first commercial cloud based suite in 2011, long before Software as a Service or cloud based solutions were mainstream or even existed. We were early adopters and proven right! The foundations of the business go back much further. It all started back in 2009 after our CTO and founder had left the US State Department and was providing business consulting services to enteprises...
What's in a name?
People - Process - Technology
Virtual Applications for Enterprise Optimisation

Please join in with our global community


We believe in our community, so our policy is always to follow back and to respond and engage to the community reaching out to us. Join us, become part of our community!
Dave Tidwell Chief Operating Officer

Trivaeo Service Levels

As the Trivaeo technology is hosted globally for clients of all sizes and shapes all over the world we offer 3 typical service levels. These largely relate to the nature of the solution or applications consumed by the client and may reflect customised service options in each case;

Base Service Level

- Applies to all platform users -
- No additional charges or fees apply -
This represents the basic contracted service level available in our Standard Terms & Conditions. This basic service level exists on any application or solution on both Trivaeocloud or the CloudWorksIT instances of our technology suite. Whilst not meant to be 'impressive' these service levels are designed to protect your business with a fulcrum around service availability and acceptable use. Please see our standard Terms & Conditions for more information.

Standard Service Level

- Applies to all platform users -
- No additional charges or fees apply -

This represents the service level we continually strive to offer all clients on Trivaeocloud and CloudWorksIT. Trivaeo is the 'operator' for both platform instances and they are both 'identical' in nature; with TrivaeoCloud being 'solutions' focused and CloudWorksIT being 'applications and packaged applications' focused. Our response rates and fix times are typically half that of major CRM and ERP vendors in our industry. This is the benchmark we use to make sure that our services are seen, recognised and acknowledged as the best in the industry.

We service requests via Facebook Messaging, Twitter Direct Messages or our email service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for Trivaeo Solutions Clients on Trivaeocloud and via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for CloudWorksIT business partners and clients on the CloudWorksIT applications platform). We also accept support requests via chat or ticket requests here on using the embedded chat and ticketing system..

  • Response Time via automated mail - 1 hour, 24 hours a day
  • Response Time via Engineering Team / Help Desk, 4 hours, between 7am and 7pm GMT
  • Fix Time for Major Service affecting faults - 24 hours
  • Fix Time for Minor Bugs and UI issues - Next update release (max 2 weeks)

Enhanced Service Level

- On Request Only -
- Additional charges or fees may apply -

In some cases our clients require different service levels. In this case we agree a customised service level agreement. These are typically charged extra for and form part of the solution/application monthly fees as agreed. The amount we charge for enhanced service levels is totally dependent on the service levels required and any 'penalties' expressed in the service level agreement.

These enhanced service level agreements may include alternative channels for creating service requests including self-service help-desk access, telephone support or others as defined in the agreement.

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