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Business Applications Pricing Overview

Trivaeo applications are completely modular

Our Manufacturers Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) is too

Pricing Overview

Trivaeo makes it easy for our clients to buy exactly what they need, no more, no less. Each client is in full and complete control of their monthly or annual costs at all times.

Clients subscribe to and then 'assign' the applications they have purchased on a user by user basis.

The result, for each client company, is each of their users has access to exactly what they need;  They see and benefit directly from the applications they use. No bloat, no unnecessary features and less commercial clutter.  This ensures a 100% marriage between requirements, features, benefits and cost-control for each client company.
Pricing Principles
  • Each client company is always in full commercial control of their own needs
  • Clients may buy new subscriptions to applications at any time
  • Clients may increase the number of users on a package at any time
  • Clients may unsubscribe from a procured package at any time
  • Clients may purchase 1 month at a time or 1 year at a time
  • Clients may purchase the applications from any one of our global partners
  • Partners may charge what they wish for each underlying application but always within MSRP guidelines of Trivaeo
  • Clients may seek enterprise bundled pricing if they so desire
  • Partners may bundle as price component applications as they desire
  • Pricing for customised enterprise solutions is always negotiated up front
  • All pricing includes Support & Maintenance
  • Cancelled subscriptions remain operationally available to each affected user to the end of the original subscription period
  • Each client company administrator has complete commercial oversight of all subscriptions, the number of users on each application enabled, their effective dates and full access to payment histories and invoices

Trivaeo has a mission. Our mission is to make enterprise grade CRM and ERP applications available to small and medium businesses. That means there are a lot of applications available and we need a simple to understand pricing model to support it. In total there are 79 applications across the suite in 20 or so purchasable genres. Trivaeo applications are priced individually, but each is fully enabled and unrestricted in scope or functionality. Trivaeo clients use this pricing capability to 'Cherry Pick' the application capabilities their businesses need and then allocate those applications to each of their users. The result is an absolute balance between what a business needs and what it pays for. Compound that approach with the ability for each client business to increase or decrease users (scale up or down) freely within the confines of each original subscription means that its easy for businesses to adapt what they use over time as their needs change. The bottom line is each client company that uses Trivaeo technology is in complete control of what they buy, all the time.

Pricing Overview and Principles
Buy and enable what you need, when you need it
No more, no Less.

Business Application Prices

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Asset Management

Asset Management

An Asset Management Suite

£15 per User / Month

Features (Included)

This application suite enables a company to keep track of all company assets and manage their condition and status. Includes an automated QR code (tag) generator and ships with a free QR Code and Assets Mobile application for field use. Stores over 40 data points on each asset. 

Contract Management / Supplier Management

Contracts Management

Contracts and Supplier Management Suite

£15 per User / Month

Applications (Included)

Contract Management, Supplier Management, Supplier Due Diligence, Supplier Compliance, Reports

Complete lifecycle management of suppliers, supplier contracts, supplier due diligence and supplier compliance in a single unified framework of applications. Includes detailed alerting and notifications for expiries, terminations and renewals of recorded contracts.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Customer Relationship Management Suite

£25 per User / Month

Sub-Applications (Included)

Contacts - Companies - Leads - Clients - Reports - Widgets - Opportunities - Links - Campaigns - Communications History - Invoices - eMails - Communications - Contacts Line (MLM) - Proposals - Account Management - Quotes - Accounts Information - Requested Information - Activity Templates - Orders - Products & Services Catalogue - Documents Management (store, retrieve, upload etc)

Document Collaboration and Document Management

Documents Collaboration

Bring real time editing and collaboration to Document Management

£10 per User / Month

Features (Included)

Enable real-time and multi-user authoring and editing of documents in the document management application. Use a single enterprise wide document management system which is fully Microsoft Office compatible. Editor is cloud based and no Microsoft licenses are required to have full editing and authoring capability across all supported MS Office document types (Doc, XLS, PPT and more)

eHuman Resources Management - HRMS

e-Human Resources

Human Resources Management Suite

£7.50 per User / Month

Sub-Applications (Included)

Employee Directory - Skills, Costs & Resources - Company Directory - Organisational Chart - Staff Objectives - 360 Degree Review Process - Attachments - Reports. Very detailed employee records keeping and management. Designed for use by HR Managers, Company Administrators and Executive/Leadership Staff

eMail Collector App

eMail Collector

Integrated email application framework

£5 per User / Month

Features (Included)

This application creates a virtual assistant on your CRM platform so that all email correspondence sent or received from your platform is automatically added to each contact concerned.  It allows your staff to use offboard email services and simply copy their company 'collector' and the email they are working on is automatically appended to the correct CRM or contact records.

Employee Expense Management App

Expenses Management

Company wide expenses management

£5 per User / Month

Features (Included)

Enable the submission of expense claims into a fully automated process with the ability to submit scans or images of receipts. One claim with many receipts is supported to cover 'trips' or 'events' too. Design your own company expense management workflow including sign-offs and approvals. Update employees in real-time as to the current expense claim status.

Employee Holiday and Vacation Management App

Holidays Management

A Holiday Management Solution

£5 per User / Month

Features (Included)

Fully automate the submission and approvals of your employees vacation and holiday requests. Control holiday allowances including statutory as well as personal entitlements per period. Employees can book their own holidays and submit them to your approvals and sign-off process.

Online Project Management App

Project Management

Project Management Suite

£25 per User / Month

Features (Included)

A complete project management framework with detailed task management, alerting, notifications that makes it easy for a company to coordinate larger or more complex deliverable services and product projects.  For each project assign and track resources, track expenses, time worked, milestones, risks, requirements. Features Gantt charting and resource allocation

REMAS - Resource Management App


Resource Management Suite

£15 per User / Month

Features (Included)

This application suite enables a company to assign jobs to assets and resources on a common shared calendar basis so that key equipment or resources may be intelligently scheduled to conduct 'jobs'. It gives a company the ability to see 'top-down' the view of all available resources and who is using what and where it is.

Rooms and Bookings Management App

Rooms & Parking Manager

A Booking Management Solution

£5 per User / Month

Features (Included)

Make it easy to book and reserve resources in your business, e.g, conference rooms, projectors, meeting rooms, offices, parking etc. Allow your employees to review bookings on a shared calendar with automated notifications. It also handles repeat bookings management too

Self-Service User App


Enable 3rd party logins to your platform

£10 for 10 concurrent / Month

Applications (Included)

My Portal - Access to Team Rooms

Allows your company to invite 3rd party users to login to access areas of the system as defined by you. Invite your clients to join you to submit documents, approve or take part in projects, team rooms and more. 1 license enables 10 concurrent self-service user logins but you can invite as many 3rd party users as you like. You are limited only by the number concurrently logged in per license owned.

Service Desk App - Help Desk App

Service Desk

A Service Desk and Helpdesk Suite

£10 per User / Month

Applications (Included)

Service Desk - Help Desk - Service Requests - Knowledge Base

Allows a company to manage and maintain internal and external help-desks with automated workflow, notifcations and alerting on new tickets. Create your own professional company wide service centers. Log and allocate tasks, manage service levels and priorities

Stock Management - Inventory Management

Stock Manager

Stock Management Solution Suite

£15 per User / Month

Sub-Applications (Included)

Stock In - Stock Out - Orders (Purchase) - Back Orders - Delivered Orders - Stock Levels - Customer Price Manager - In / Out Tracking - Reports - Adjust Stock

Task Management App

Task Management

Task Management Framework

£1,50 per User / Month

Functionality (Included)

Ensure tasks are completed on-time and monitor who is doing what. Keeps a centralised repository of all tasks within the entire company. Enables sorting and filtering of tasks. Includes automated alerts and notifications and links automatically to all enabled applications users have entitlements to.  Add notes and attachments to tasks to reduce email clutter too.

Team Connect and Team Collaboration and online Digital Breakout Rooms

Team Connect

Focus your users in groups

£5 per User / Month

Applications (Included)

Team Rooms - Wikis - Attachments - Comments - Projects - Blogs 

Group your users into virtual digital break-out 'rooms' where they can focus on information, documentation, projects, content, knowledge and activities peculiar to their needs.

Employee Time Tracker App

Time Sheets

A company wide Timesheet Solution

£5 per User / Month

Features (Included)

Fully automate the submission and receipt of timesheets from all your resources that relate to accounts, projects or their simple routine work for your company. Create your own timesheets submission and approvals process

  • Notes - All MSRP is based on pricing in £(GBP-Sterling). During active subscriptions the actual billing is always conducted in your preferred local currency.

  • Trivaeo Billing System is a Global Payments System which supports 87 currencies
  • Trivaeo Billing Systems support Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners, JCB, PIN debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo and PayPal
  • Pricing is offered on monthly or annual subscription plan basis - annual typically resulting in receiving 2 months for free each year

  • Many application functions are shipped free of charge with any major application purchase. These include integration to Office365, Google, Mailchimp, Xero, Document Management (ships with any major application purchase), Calendar, My World (a centralised view of everything a user has entitlement too plus actions and tasks), Granular Permissions Management & Security and the auto-alerting and notification systems.

  • Trivaeo makes available standard applications (listed above) on demand as well as customised or bespoke solutions.  Customised or bespoke solutions for any client are priced individually. If you would like to discuss enterprise pricing, price bundling or the customisation of solutions please contact us or if you have active subscriptions with a Trivaeo Global Partner then please contact them directly.

  • Support of your solution is included in these prices as per Trivaeo Terms and Conditions. Each Trivaeo Partner may offer their own individual service level in addition to these offered by Trivaeo.

  • Trivaeo partners may charge differently as they are free to set their own prices per application (within reason!) and the default published currency for each application or bundle they create and offer. They are also able to provide additional value added services as part of their own pricing schemas.

Applications - MSRP Pricing Overview
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