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Business Consultants are bad for business

An excellent article from our COO, Dave Tidwell, yesterday demystifies the CRM market. Dave touches upon workflow and the underlying business sales strategy in his article. It catalysed some thoughts I had on the subject. I will build on Dave Tidwells' article with some arguments here about the role that “Business Consultants” are playing in this space and the effect they are having on many businesses; including yours!

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How does Trivaeo go beyond traditional CRM and ERP?

Describing what Trivaeo technology does is remarkably difficult to do! Putting 20 genres of application behaviours across 79 applications into an easily understandable matrix is actually quite tough to do. For some, it is difficult to grasp including the team here at Trivaeo Cloud Services when we discuss how to market and present our technology. So, here's a fresh, new and alternative way of looking at it. Let's see if you agree...

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How is CRM useful to Plumbers?

Taking an industry specific view of how CRM can help your business. In this article we focus on the theme of Plumbers. How is CRM useful in helping you run your plumbing business?

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How important is CRM to my business?

It is becoming common knowledge that Customer Relationship Management is an extremely valuable tool in the arsenal of any business. Sometimes a picture is better than 5,000 words. Enjoy this infographic that brings out some of the key highlights

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What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

What a term! It is banded about our industry like candy at a childrens party.  But what is it? In my experience most business owners treat the term with some skepticism because it relates to a strategy as much as a tangible application.  What a small business owner needs is a simple and effective way of managing contacts and keeping on top of simple tasks. Let's have another look at CRM, let's demistify it, learn more about what it is and how it relates to your business today.

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Being the best in the world

Trivaeo believes that if we are not entirely focused on being the best in the World, we should give up now. Everything we do, everyday is designed to take us nearer to the position of “Best in the World”.

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