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Why bother with mobile apps when they don’t deliver the benefits you wanted?

This week it was announced that the average life of a mobile application, after it has been installed on a user device, is less than 3 months and dropping daily.  At last people are starting to understand that the vast majority of mobile apps are pretty pointless and turn out to be a crafty way for a company to advertise their brand whilst actually delivering no significant benefits.

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Oracle should create software that we can actually afford

Oracle recently wrote a pretty good article that suggested the 'ending of the idea of employees'.  Given over 90% of the UK population is employeed in businesses with less than 20 employees we can only assume that Oracle is trying to address the SMB side of the market.  No, they can't be, the software is too expensive for SMB's

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Why should CRM ERP eHR SCM no longer exist as distinct applications?

The history of business management systems tells us that during the 20th century, applications and solutions were developed for a specific task, to address one specific problem at a time, creating an endless number of isolated solutions as a net result. An accounting system, a sales system, a production system, a stock management system, a human resources system, a planning system, a projects system, and we can continue on and on.

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A tongue in cheek cost comparison with ProsperWorks

Last Xmas my Nephew was so pleased with the new toy that I purchased for him. It was a bit expensive though. But he’s worth it. You should have seen his little face light up when he saw the screen for the first time. So much white space. So clean looking. I must admit he was a little disappointed that it didn’t work at all on his iPad, but he really loves pretending to be a businessman like his Uncle David!

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AI Experts - business alignment is the key to AI implementation

An interesting article in the on-line magazine TechTarget today was written by senior News writer Ed Burns. The main thrust of the article is all about how AI (Artificial Intelligence), when deployed in Enterprise, needs to focus on improving existing processes, so that it can have the desired effect on the bottom-line. I found this interesting for two reasons:

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The 10 critical things a CRM should do for you when you create an order

At this time of the year, every self-respecting Sales Manager is pushing their team to the limit to close those sales that can be “brought home” before the end of the calendar year.  I love the real “Old-Guard” ones that won’t even allow a single Xmas decoration to appear in the office until all the old prospects are closed.  December 1st might be the time to celebrate Christmas if you are a nine-year-old, but for us hard-nosed sales people, we have come to our toughest part of the year. What we want most is a present in the form of a decent CRM system.  But if you don’t have Trivaeo Crossroads CRM by now, it’s too late for this year I’m afraid.  Anyway, as it's order closing time I thought I'd spend a minute reflecting on what the CRM must do for you when you actually get that order from your opportunity?

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