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New Report in Trivaeo Crossroads HR Solutions

Requesting new reports is easy when you partner with Trivaeo.

As an example, one of our clients wanted a single report that shows how many holidays her staff have taken and which days. In addition to that, she wanted to see status of the holiday booking, the type of holiday request and to filter the report for any passage of time she decides.


Within a standard two-week development sprint, Trivaeo has produced a report that shows exactly what she requested.

HR Solutions

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New Export Function in New Look Contacts Management

As a public service, Trivaeo Crossroads has always excelled at providing customers with completely frictionless ways to input data.  However, most cloud CRM providers do not want to invest their efforts in providing easy ways to export your data from the system.  After all, why should they give their clients an easy way to go elsewhere?

CRM Reports, CRM data export

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What is Blockchain Technology? And Why You Should Care




When faced with an onslaught of tech buzzwords, it can be incredibly daunting trying to get to grips with new complex technologies. Whether it be understanding exactly what is and what isn’t artificial intelligence (AI) or learning how machine learning algorithms can bring value to your business, it can be hard to see beyond the technical jargon that many hide behind.

For example, In today’s digital world, if someone mentions blockchain, many will instantly think of words like cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Although these are examples of blockchains in practice, they are only the tip of the iceberg where uses cases are concerned. The success of Bitcoin has made it more difficult for people to get their heads around the broader application of blockchain.

Rather than getting into the whole digital currency debate and baffle you with science, I would like to help you demystify this growing phenomenon. I aim to provide you with a combination of practical examples and real-world use cases in a language that everyone can understand.


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How To Fix The "Not My Job" Mentality

Not everyone can be lucky enough to be blessed with the entrepreneurial spirit.  Some people work in a business and go in to work every day to serve their customers in return for a crust.  But how many people actually have jobs that affect others?  In other words: How many people actually know who their real customers are and what they really want?  In smaller organisations, where the organisation hierarchy is quite flat, junior members of staff will regularly meet, and work for, both paying customers as well as their senior Colleagues and Managers.  The duties they are carrying out will be flexible and, in many cases, jobs given to these employees are ad hoc and mostly verbal instructions from others.  “Please take this garment over to inspection as the customer is coming in 1 hour to collect it”.  “Could you top up the toner in the photocopier please, it’s running out”.  “Sit over here and make calls to this list of people to see why they haven’t paid this month”.


As the business grows and employees gain specific skills and knowledge, staff will be able to work more on their own volition and, in most cases, will diligently serve their customers as best they can.  This sense of ownership of jobs often leads to the “That’s not my job” discussions that you hear around the water cooler daily.  This sentiment often results in delays to business processes, and, in some rare cases, complete breakdown of customer services.

Customer satisfaction, Business process, Workflow

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Managing Assets And Resources Properly Is Critical In Some Industries

Planning the usage and movements of your business resources and assets can be very easy with the correct tools in place.  But in some industries, it is critical to survival. Many companies work in a services environment where the client pays for the supply of services, staff time and usage of assets.  One such industry that Trivaeo seems to be winning orders in at present is the Events planning marketplace. Event Planning / Management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions.  Software such as “Monday” can provide some help in order to plan, present and report on projects, but these sorts of lightweight applications seems to stop a long way short of providing the end-to-end solution Event Management organisations really need.

Resources Management, Assets Management

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The Three Parts of Your Business You Must Automate

If you run or Manage a business and intend to be around in years to come or even, if you intend to sell up and sail away into the sunset, then automating key parts of your business is an exercise you must do sooner rather than later.  It’s OK in the early days to “muddle by”, but, as your business grows, finding those areas that can be done quicker, cheaper and more efficiently is the only important role you have as the Business Owner.

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Why bother with mobile apps when they don’t deliver the benefits you wanted?

This week it was announced that the average life of a mobile application, after it has been installed on a user device, is less than 3 months and dropping daily.  At last people are starting to understand that the vast majority of mobile apps are pretty pointless and turn out to be a crafty way for a company to advertise their brand whilst actually delivering no significant benefits.

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