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The Trivaeo Expense Manager app may be used by any business as its main expense report management function or expense management software tool. Employees use it as a spending tracker, a money management app, expense tracker, a receipt scanner or a daily expense manager.  With its built in expense claim form handling it is able to accept the attachment of images or scanned receipts that are then submitted by the employee to the employer for reimbursement.  It provides the business with a complete expense report app that breaks down submitted expenses by department which helps to provide immediate oversight of spending by department or area of the business. It can also be used as a mileage tracker app so that employees can submit travel expense claims based on the mileage that they drove to attend meetings, travel to airports or visit customer sites. Business receipts may be scanned, photographed and uploaded, or receipts from stores, restaurants and suppliers may be uploaded and attached to expense claims which prevents delays usually associated with the submission or original receipts.  An integral sign off or business expense approvals process is also included so that your business workflows to receive, validate and approve expense claims is also handled automatically

  • Complete Expense Report Management
  • Spending Tracker by Project or assigned task
  • Flexible enough to be used as a daily expense tracker
  • Mileage Tracker app included
  • Manage employee expenses as they occur
  • Web based 'web expenses' makes it easy to submit and approve claims
  • Standard smart device camera may be used as a receipt scanner app by uploading a picture of the receipt and attaching to the claim as it is submitted
  • May be used as a business expenses tracker by assigned Project or for assigned employee tasks
  • Expense claims may be uploaded as they occur and finally submitted on completion of the week, project, visit or task when the employee is ready to submit them for approval
  • Business receipts and mileage claims can be mixed on the same expense report
  • Online expenses management enabled by default
  • Has all business facing and employee facing elements in a single expense management software solution
  • Easy to use as an expense tracker app across projects or tasks which helps with tracking costs
  • Create unlimited expense types or categories that match your business profile to keep your employees focused on claim accuracy
  • Integrated directly into Project Management and Task Management so claims may be submitted against those for automatic cost tracking (optional based on other enabled applications in the Trivaeo Business Applications Suite)
  • Define your own claim submission and approvals (with notifications) process
  • Employee expenses includes their own overview of all their claims and current status in real time
  • Reduce lost or mislaid receipts by enforcing photograph or attachments of business receipts must be included with each claim
  • Online expense management software is available 24 hours a day x 7 days a week and requires no proprietary software or applications to be installed

For a companys' employees the best receipt scanner is one which is easy to use and they all have the means of using.  What better than the smart device?  Any camera enabled smart device may be used to take photographs of receipts and upload them, directly attaching them to a real time business expense claim.  For a business the best outcome is that all expense claims include receipts so that Tax and other rebates for miles travelled or sales taxes may be claimed back.  The Expense Management Software app from Trivaeo does all of this. It  provides the executive team with a monthly expense sheet overview of expenses by each department across the business whilst at the same time making it easy for employees to see the current status of their expense claims at any time.

Introduction to the Expense Manager

What is the main purpose of the Expense Manager?

The Expense Manager app makes it easy for your business to enable and manage the submission and approval of expense claims

Money management is a critical focus area of any business.  One of the largest spends after employee salary costs is on the cost of sales or the cost of doing routine business.  Expense Management is a tool that helps a company responsibly and transparently handle expense claims originating from employees in the course of their duties.  It can be used as a daily expense tracker by each employee, allowing them to submit the full claim with all business receipts attached at the end of the week or as they occur.  It's approval and notification process means every stakeholder is aware of the status of an expense claim and where it is in its process at any time. The ability to link directly to Project Management and Task Management means it's easy for your business to tie expenses directly to the source; making time and materials based commercial agreements possible or even viable. The best business expense tracker app is one that works for the both company and its employees.  That is exactly what this application does. It's capabilities include;

  • As an eHuman Resources Admin you can set up as many allowed types of expenses claims as necessary to support your employees
  • As an eHuman Resources Admin you can freely define your own Expense Manager process flow for approvals and notifications
  • If your business uses Project Management or Task Management application suites then these are already directly linked to Expenses Management so you can track costs associated with projects or tasks that have been distributed to employees
  • With the relevant permissions you can see the total monthly spending on expenses by each department across your business enabling easy top-down oversight and control of expenditures
  • As a line manager you can see all submitted expense claims for your team and take part in the approvals and sign off process
  • Scan or photographs of every expense claim can be attached providing digital expense management and easy retrieval of receipts as needed
  • As a manager you can quickly filter all expense claims by their status (allowed, in progress or refused) as well as by Department or Project (optional)
  • Set your own custom filters to show you exactly what you need; for example, show me all expense claims in excess of £100 from the sales team, or filter to show all expense claims for a single employee
  • Sort all expenses by status, amount, project, description or the name of the requestor
  • Expense Tracker like functionality where an employee can submit their receipts online in real time but not submit the overall claim for reimbursement until they are finished the activity, week, task or project, reducing their end of week or end of month workload considerably
  • Define your own approvals process that notifiies the accounts team of claims once approved so that reimbursement may be readily processed without delays
  • Handy Expense Report that shows total claims submitted by Department with ability to export in a wide variety of formats (PDF, Excel, Rich Text, HTML, Text, Comma Seperated Values or as an Image)

For employees the expense manager can be used as their daily expenses app. It is easily accessible online from PC's, Tablets or Smart Devices and Phones.  The ability to submit any expense claim type in a mixed format in one submission really helps as the employees can mix mileage tracker with travel expenses with hotel bills, food, entertainment and so on and submit the overall claim as a single block of expenses when they have finished the trip.  The tie in to Projects and Tasks helps them reduce typing and errors by incorrectly submitting claims with weak descriptions or even against the wrong client or customer.  For employees the solution works as an expense report, mileage tracker app, receipt scanner, spending tracker and daily expense manager in one go.

Expense Manager - Main areas of focus

Business Expense Manager - Highlights

  • Online 24x7
    Provides permanent and easy access for your employees to their expense report, expense claims and acts as their business expense tracker
  • Real Time
    All submitted expenses and approvals are recorded and exposed in real time which maximises business efficiency and transparency versus traditional form based or 'actual receipts' based requests and submissions
  • Great Flexibility
    Set up your own allowed expense claim 'types and descriptions' to model your business policies perfectly
  • Automation
    The approvals process is workflow driven to automatically notify and seek approvals and denials of submitted expense claims with real time updates on status
Holiday Manager Workflow and Process Flow
  • Modularity
    Use either a eHuman Resources application license per employee or this standalone employee and business facing Expense Manager. We recommend using eHuman Resources per employee if you plan on needing Holiday Management or Timesheets Management alongside Expense Management for each employee
  • Flexible Attachments
    Supports image or document based receipt photographs or scans so that actual copies of the receipts are stored digitally. Great for supporting receipts that are received electronically from PDF or email receipts
  • Notifications
    Employees are notified in their My World and by eMail if the status on an expense claim has been changed.  They can also see the status of their approvals in real time when ever they like by visiting their 'My Expenses' view in 'My World'.  Managers and approvers see the new claim submissions in eMail and in 'My Workflow' of 'My World'
  • Auto Document Management
    All receipts and attachments to each submitted claim are stored in their own logical directory 'path' tied to the claim so finding and retrieving digital copies is simple and fast
Expense Manager - Highlights

Typical Expense Manager Solution Workflow

Expense Management Step One submit an expense claim for reimbursement

Step One

Collect receipts, mileage etc and submit a new request

Employees will typically receive receipts in a variety of forms for travel, meal, parking, tolls as well as incur personal costs for mileage and other expenses incurred. These are recorded and submitted either standalone or against Projects and their associated tasks.  Scans or Photos of receipts may be uploaded with each claim to speed processing, approvals and validation. A simple online form is used to submit any claim which itself may be made up of multiple receipts

Step Two the expense tracker approvals process

Step Two

Approvals and line management notifications process

According to the details of the selected workflow the expense claim is submitted into an approvals process.  You may setup your own preferred notifications and alerts so that the relevant stakeholders in your business are informed of the newly submitted expense report.  It may either be declined or approved in accordance with your policies at the time. Any change in the expense claim status is immediately sent to the employee or claimant.

Notifications by eMail Alerts process

Step Three

Notifications and Alerts

Once an expense claim submission has been reviewed by the line manager or other stakeholder as defined by your own process the employee is notified of the outcome (approved or declined with any supporting notes).  They are notified both in an eMail and to their My World dashboard inside the solution. You may wish to notify your accounts payable team of the approved status so that they can process the claim to physically reimburse the funds claimed by the employee without frustrating delays.

As an administrator you can use the simple process workfow builder application to define your own approvals and notifications process for the expense tracker app.  You can select named employees or 'positions' as approvers so that your approvals process does not become bogged down if a single named approver is themselves unavailable to approve a valid expense report from one of your employees.  You can also set up your preferred notifications distribution for all status changes on any expense claim that is in the approvals process.
Use our Process Builder application to define your own business processes and workflows
Expense Manager - How To

Business Expense Manager Summary

The Expense Management App is actually a foundation building block of the larger eHuman Resources Suite.  Breaking it out on its own makes it available as a stand alone application for use by companies that don't need the much broader eHuman Resources capabilities for their employees. If your company uses or plans to use the objectives, 360 degree reviews, absence management, timesheets or holiday management as a routine function of your employees activities then we strongly recommend purchasing the eHuman Resources application for each employee as it will work out to be much more cost effective over time.

Whilst a very simple application from an employees perspective the employees do love it because it gives them complete control over their expense claims.  The ability to review their expense report and its current status when ever they like is loved.  The 'my world' dashboard of expense claims acts as an expense and spending tracker and allows their phone to act as an expense scanner too. The ability to mix different types of receipts for different purposes on a single claim for a single trip is liked a lot too because that's how your mobile workforce thinks when travelling day to day; in terms of visits, trips, flights, meetings, events, projects or customers.  

The tight integration into the Project Management and project tasks allows your project managers to see the out of pocket expenses incurred by your business activities during projects and also take part in the approvals or notifications process if that's how you want it to work! The at a glance views of how departments are generating expenses helps your business leadership function to encourage or discourage travel and impact the cost of sales based on real time data. The automatic notifications to the accounts payable or payroll team when expenses have been approved speeds up processing and reduces errors too.  

We shouldn't forget to mention the auto document management function that puts all submitted receipt attachments (photos, scans or other documents) into a distinct logical 'folder' in your documents area so that they can be easily found directly associated with each submitted claim. It makes things like auditing easy too with its granular audit history trail of every action taken on a claim by date/time and owner.  This really is the best expense manager app available to small and medium sized businesses today, and comes FREE inside the main eHuman Resources Application or can be purchased as a standalone application if your business doesn't need anything but a dedicated expense tracker to keep things ticking along. 

This single expense management software app quite happily acts as an expense report, receipt scanner, spending tracker, expense tracker and daily expense manager. It does it all.

Dave Tidwell, Chief Operating Officer
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Expense Manager Summary
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