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All of a sudden the Accountant is the most interesting person at the party

For all small and medium businesses that want to discuss with their accountant the benefits and pitfalls of automating business process this article by Richard Sergeant is a must read.

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It is now not even a sensible discussion to question whether a software or cloud based service is best for “Accounting and Bookkeeping”  jobs.  The Whole World is moving to Cloud with Sage, Xero and Quickbooks leading the way.  The serious pioneer of this space is Xero.

The time when you start to plan your move to “Cloud” for your accounts MUST be the time you plan and put in place the links from your accounts to other business applications.

Now is the time to visit and to see exactly how to create an end-to-end business application for your entire business, not just CRM and Accounts.

It cannot be questioned any longer.  Delay in doing this will cost you thousands in lost time and value for your business.  If you choose NOT to do it at all, it will cost you more than money!  I do not see how any small or medium sized business can even survive in a World where others have automated their business and can benefit from reduced costs and improved customer services.

My message to all small to medium business owners is as follows:
“If you choose NOT to automate your business with cloud applications that cover your WHOLE business, you better have the WORLD’S best products at a price at least half of your nearest competitor.  Otherwise you will be dead in the water in 2 or 3 years”.

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