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Why bother with mobile apps when they don’t deliver the benefits you wanted?

This week it was announced that the average life of a mobile application, after it has been installed on a user device, is less than 3 months and dropping daily.  At last people are starting to understand that the vast majority of mobile apps are pretty pointless and turn out to be a crafty way for a company to advertise their brand whilst actually delivering no significant benefits.

A properly designed mobile application has to be linked to an intelligent back-end system that actually does something to improve the life of the user.  The convenience of a mobile installed application that just delivers the same information available through the business website is not worth the screen space it takes.

If your business sells products or services to the general public, you are deemed to use a B2C (Business to Consumer) engagement model.  There are a few actions that each of your clients / customers may need to take in order to do their business with you each month.  Many of these actions are so infrequently required that a mobile app is just not needed.  All you need is a “self-service” solution.  Of course the self-service forms you provide can be just as easily accessed using a mobile device as they can from a PC.  Your clients can go to a secure web-page, use their own log-in credentials and read, interact or edit the information your business chooses to display.  This is the simplest self-service model as far as the consumer is concerned and saves time and money for your business.

Most importantly, this self-service access is then monitored and an automated workflow can be started to service your clients’ requirements.  All of this without any human interaction and with 100% reliability and accuracy.

Self-Service Loyalty

In an age when every small business knows that the price of finding new customers is ten times more than the price of keeping the ones they have, customer loyalty is what we all seek.  A client base as loyal as a Newcastle United football supporter is the aim of every business.  Sadly, the reality is somewhat different.  Businesses that ask the questions such as “Would you recommend us to a friend” and other nonsense from Net Promoter Score communities (NPS) are quickly realising that even clients that said they would 100% recommend the company to a friend are gone tomorrow if an easier to access service comes along.  The question we should be asking (in order to assess how loyal our customer base will be) should be this one:  “On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten being high), how easy was it to do your business with us today?”  Then, if your business is receiving low scores to this question you should start to consider ways to enable an easy to use self-service access for your clients.

Trivaeo Cloud Services is a specialist provider of business automation solutions that provide access for the end-user through self-service portals.  We make a small business look massive and we help to create the loyalty required to confidently invest in growth plans for your business without suffering from churn. Find us at  Tweet us your business challenges @trivaeo or like our page at facebook/Trivaeo.

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