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Automated Business Systems Are Assets That Make Money



I remember that I really did promise the people concerned not to use their names or companies. But, when they see this, I hope they remember the shock and bewilderment on my face at the time. 


It is not often that my own circle of friends becomes diverse enough to have anything more than cursory discussions on any one point.  When you mix with the same people too regularly, you hear the same things over and over again.


This party was different, and I loved it.  I love being surrounded by an eclectic mix of people.  We were packed tightly into a roped off area for VIP’s (Very Important Prisoners) in one of the most expensive bars in Mayfair, the highly acclaimed Langans.  Champagne was flowing and since it was paid for by our magnificent hosts, we felt duty bound to drink it.




I found myself holding court with a small group of six or seven people.  Previous conversations have told me that most of them were either owners, Partners or Senior Managers in their own businesses and they were all keen to tell me how well 2018 had been going.  I was the only one of the group that was in IT.  However, since this was a party run by a medium sized finance house, that was not such a shock.  I normally have to temper what I say about what I do in these sorts of gatherings, otherwise people just glaze over and drift away, leaving “Data Dave” standing on his own by the piano.  But tonight, a very animated discussion had started.  I have to admit, I lit the touch paper and just stood open-mouthed and watched as the conversation flowed as fast as the champagne.


One of the guests, a rather large man, the only one with a dinner suit on, had told me that he knows nothing about IT and that he has no interest in technology.  I remember I snapped back a little too quickly, saying that any business “Not interested in IT” will not be here for long.  I told him that as a business owner, he must know that his business systems are his Intellectual Property and that part of his business should be an Asset to him.


I wasn’t even aware that our conversation was being overheard by the others.  I half expected the other bystanders to drift away as normal.  “Income follows Assets” said the smaller man to my left as he leaned over to gesticulate. “And, if you don’t have a business system that is automated by IT, then your greatest asset may be dying in front of your eyes”, He looked at the larger man intently and smiled as if he were coaching him, “Are you telling me that you have no automated business system”?


The next few minutes saw most of the group admitting that they had no joined up IT strategy and almost no business systems automation in place. One man who already told me that his wife did “All her shopping” in Harrods, said he uses spreadsheets to run his multi-million pound Education and Accreditation business.


It amazed me that these highly intelligent, highly motivated people had been so badly burned by “The IT department” in the past, that their distrust of technology had led them here.  I did manage to get a couple of the group to allow me some time with them this year to try and explain how easy it can be to build an end-to-end automated business system.  So far, they have not returned my calls.


I don’t believe successful people are “Lucky”.  Their luck, if that is what it is, has been forged by many years of hard work and diligence. I respect these men for what they have achieved.  But I can see tougher times ahead for them if their attitudes do not change.  Old school business, such as Finance and Accounting Accreditation have strong assets that have been built on relationships with people, friends and colleagues.  These are the sort of businesses that are ready for disintermediation and unless their business status quo can be replaced with efficient, modern business systems that work and can be adapted and changed as the World changes, their assets will diminish.


A successful business has many different assets.  Obvious ones such as its people, relationships, access to finance, property, vehicles, machinery and factories are always accounted for.  But the new DIGITAL ASSET that will drive wealth and become an insurance against change is the Automated Business System.  This is the one asset that will work, unhindered, for years after you stop working.


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