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Managing Assets And Resources Properly Is Critical In Some Industries

Planning the usage and movements of your business resources and assets can be very easy with the correct tools in place.  But in some industries, it is critical to survival. Many companies work in a services environment where the client pays for the supply of services, staff time and usage of assets.  One such industry that Trivaeo seems to be winning orders in at present is the Events planning marketplace. Event Planning / Management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions.  Software such as “Monday” can provide some help in order to plan, present and report on projects, but these sorts of lightweight applications seems to stop a long way short of providing the end-to-end solution Event Management organisations really need.


Example of four parts of the end-to-end solution from Trivaeo Crossroads


This issue lies with the way the industry works.  Many of these organisations are contracted to travel vast distances and to create huge events on behalf of their clients, in countries or areas that are strange to them. They have no local knowledge.  In some cases, they will use their own staff to manage and co-ordinate the work, but they may also need additional contract staff at local sites.  The same goes with the use of “non-people” related assets, items such as transport, temporary building and storage.  Some of these items may belong to the contracted company, but some of them may be directly rented, just in time, to co-ordinate with the event requirements.


It is one thing tracking the use of people and other assets, it is another thing entirely, keeping track of event budgets and forecasted expenditure.  Make no mistake about it: Events Management companies are there to make a profit.  But, in such a competitive environment, the effective and full use of assets and people is critical to winning business and (equally as important) making money when the contract is finally “closed”.  Events Management companies that do not engage the correct automation and software tools to manage their business often see their “closed order margins” far below the level they expected.


With this requirement in mind Trivaeo has created a completely integrated set of applications that are entirely suited to the needs of the Events Management / Planning industry. Staff and HR issues can be managed, resources and assets can be registered, costed, priced and planned into any project.  People and assets and expenses can be managed in real-time without the need to re-enter any piece of information more than once.  Finally, the end-user clients can even be given access to view plans and projects, so that they have peace of mind and constant engagement on every project. 

To discover more about Trivaeo in the events Planning and Management arena, please take time to view our solutions at or contact Trivaeo on +44 844 561 1979 to discuss your requirements with one of our highly trained consultants.

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