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Multi-Channel Sales and Distribution Solution

Trivaeo has created a new and totally paperless, automated Sales and Distribution Solution suitable for any business that sells single items that are taken from stock and delivered to clients directly from order.  This solution is especially suited to any organisation wishing to unify all sales channels into one process.  This will ensure that items sold on e-Bay or Amazon are immediately reserved from the available stock.  This ensures that even when multiple channels of sales are used, the same stock items cannot be sold twice by mistake.  Read on to find out more about the solution that has been built for a company that sells electrical items of new and refurbished condition and had the daily nightmare of managing thousands of SKU's, each one slightly different.

The process in the pictures below, itemise exactly how advanced the Trivaeo Multi-Channel Sales and Distribution solution is.  It spans the entire process from stock ingestion through warehouse management and sales and delivery.  The pre-integrated solutions also allow on-line sales through amazon and dozens of other sites.  Items of stock are tracked from cradle to grave and the solution allows Trivaeo clients to customise each stage in the process, particularly when it comes to reporting, invoicing and payment collection.

This solution can be purchased in conjunction with any other Trivaeo Solution Accelerator assets to create an entire ERP platform if you wish.




Trivaeo has worked closely with clients to ensure these processes are flexible and work end-to-end using best practice.  Trivaeo is taking bookings for demonstrations via our contact us page on the Trivaeo Website. 

Alternatively, please call Trivaeo Sales on +44 844 561 1979  for more information.

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