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Stock Manager - Controlled Items

There are many industries that sell items to business or to the public where the item may be in stock, but the customer is not allowed, authorised or suitable to purchase that product.


In industries such as Medical, Pharmaceutical and Adult products, Financial products or Firearms, this can be a nightmare to manage.


Trivaeo has now extended the “Stock Manager” to deal with problem, with a beautifully simple solution.


Here is how it works:


For example - We have a product "Morphine" which we would like to restrict for customers. In this example we select client called - "Alera Medical". This client is put into a “White list”.


We create a new Category in our “Products and Services catalogue – This takes a few seconds to complete and only needs doing once.  We call the category “Controlled Drugs”.


We then go to Our Products list and add as many items as we want into that category.. In this case we will just add Morphine.


We select category for this product "Controlled Drugs".



We then go to Restricted Products and add new record there selecting "Controlled Drugs" category, defining any reason we want and adding there our customer "Alera Medical". We can add there any number of customers we want just selecting in the drop-down list and click "Add". 


In the near future the White-list restrictions will be extended to “Groups” inside our Contacts and Companies Manager, so, our clients will be able to select Groups of people, for example, people that have supplied proof of age.


A final improvement planned very shortly, will make the whole solution available to many more people.  Trivaeo aims to link the “Stock Manager” with the “Products and Services” catalogue. This will mean that any company only wanting to use CRM / Orders and Invoices in a really simple sales process, will be able to do so, in the quickest and easiest way possible.


For more information on the whole range of Trivaeo Crossroads Solution Accelerators, please go to



That's all. Once we have save this record - all products inside the category "Controlled Drugs" will be available in Orders for the customer "Alera Medical" only.


How it works – In this demonstration, to be able to select "Morphine" to add it into an order - we should select "Alera Medical" as the customer first. (They are the only ones allowed this particular drug)

Even if we have a package where "Morphine" is included - on the package, adding this product will be skipped if the customer is not selected or the selected one is not allowed. 


The reason we have decided to drive this process by “Categories” rather than “Products” – is because it is easier to manage it this way.  In our case if we have not only 1 product "Morphine" in a product catalogue which we want to restrict - but 10 types of "Morphine", a few packs of methadone, etc - all we will need to do is to add these products into one category called “Controlled Drugs" and that's all. 



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