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Trivaeo has built a CRM System for just about any business. Over the last few years, CRM Software has taken the market by storm and as you look for a product that fits your needs so you start to think “where to I begin?”.

Since there are so many products out there, you you need to decide what problem your CRM Software will solve? Do you need an online CRM product; do you want a CRM Program you install on your PC? Simple CRM, CRM for Small Business, CRM for Enterprise, Web CRM – again, the options are endless and what Trivaeo has created is exceptional value for money, the CRM tools are extensive, integration with other products is good and you can even make use of the Free CRM to get you started as either a prepackaged Trivaeo Solution Packs or as a standalone application from any one of our CloudWorksIT affiliate partners. In the core of our solution is a framework called Crossroads, where the CRM application elements may act as a segway to full ERP as your business needs develop.

What really makes Trivaeo’s CRM special is the integration with other components of the end to end suite. When CRM software allows you to do full sales lifecycle management (leads, campaigns, opportunities) through to implementation projects and further into the contracting and support, you are quickly able to gain value.

Its definitely worth exploring what we feel is the the best CRM for small business and fully proven to be scalable with your business all the way to a big and successful future.

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