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CRM and Trivaeo Design Principles

Trivaeo proudly provides products such as CRM software and CRM Services to clients all over the World.  Those clients might not notice when using these products that they are built from the ground up with five core principles always in mind.

Principle 1

That only one single source of truth should ever exist for each point of information in any Enterprise. **
So when you are putting contact details into your free CRM or one of our more extended solution pack CRM solutions, you will know that the same information will be available in Projects, Service desk and just about every other cloud application you use.

Principle 2

That no Enterprise needs more than one portal where it’s employees can log-in to work on any business application or workflow.

Principle 3

Trivaeo will only ever release one version of the cloud platform, Crossroads.  Any advanced features and functions, that make Crossroads the best CRM, built in a bespoke fashion for clients must be built onto the core platform.  This enables Trivaeo to easily maintain the Crossroads platform as Trivaeo can always replicate faults and bugs in a test environment whilst each customer is always using the latest (and only) release of the Trivaeo Crossroads platform.

Principle 4

Trivaeo believes that smaller companies deserve to have access to the same technology that larger firms use to increase their efficiency. CRM for small business is our core product offering.  Each client can extend this offering all the way from the free CRM offer to a total suite of over 65 applications without breaking the bank.

Principle 5

Trivaeo does not believe that sophisticated solutions need to be complicated or difficult to use.  We see so many really simple CRM systems that dumb down the user functions just to keep it simple.  Trivaeo Crossroads is sophisticated and simple.  That took many years to perfect.


This is how they are all come together in one simple paragraph.

Trivaeo believes that SME’s Deserve to have the access to the same technology and systems that larger Enterprise uses to increase efficiency. For the owners of smaller companies that are dissatisfied with paper and PC based systems causing employees to leave their information scattered across multiple devices in many different applications. Trivaeo Crossroads is a new type of Business Automation solution that keeps all business processes in one place, and unlike competitive solutions from the big-badge vendors, that cost a fortune to purchase, years to implement and are impossible to support without gangs of technicians. Crossroads only has ONE single platform to maintain, can be set up in a few hours, is simple to use and will ensure that whatever processes, applications and Information your company stores and uses, everything will have a single source of truth and can be securely accessed by all of your staff through one single portal under a single sign on.

This is the Trivaeo difference.  It has nothing to do with features in apps such as CRM.  CRM is just the place that a few forms exist and all of the business process solutions relating to Sales and Marketing start.

** Whether you are using CRM for small business or whether you use a full ERP, all of the functions you need should be accessed each day by all of your employees via one single portal.
** (Quoted in Trivaeo marketing literature since 2008)

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