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My Friend Keith is a Doctor

My Friend Keith is a Doctor and it was because of me that yesterday he was forcibly dragged off an airplane…

The day before yesterday Keith had to go to the US to perform an operation for a patient.  The patient was supposed to be waiting at the surgery in Chicago because that was the nearest surgery to home for the patient.  However, the CRM system used by Keith’s company actually had 3 entries for the same patient and each one had a different address.  This happens with some CRM software as it allows duplicate entries of the same information and it doesn’t take log before the CRM entry on the ERP system becomes corrupt.

So at it turns out the patient wasn’t in Chicago at all and Keith had to rush back to Louisville to get to the patient before his illness got worse.  He really couldn’t get off that flight!  He needed that seat so badly.  But he was hurt and embarrassed and it’s all my fault.

I thought that because Keith is such a great friend, I won’t bother trying to sell the Trivaeo Crossroads CRM to his medical company that makes the bookings.  So, because of me they have some inferior ERP system that caused this problem.

The parable of this story is:  Always think of your friends first to save them from a beating.

I’m so sorry Keith.

It should be noted this is a parady and there is no real connection between David Claxton and anyone called Keith, or the persons represented in the video

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