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My Friend Keith is a Football Manager

I’m really worried about my friend Keith. He has been a Football manager at the same club for Donkey’s years and on Monday night his career took a turn for the worse.

FootyRenders Arsene Wenger I sort of blame myself though. I haven’t told him that I run Trivaeo Cloud where all of his documents can be stored on-line and all of the names of his suppliers and players can be stored in the best CRM. Keith has been using some other systems, spreadsheets and paper and over the weekend he lost his match planner completely. He spent hours looking for the paperwork to no avail. If he had Trivaeo CRM with Document Management package perhaps things would have been different. Perhaps he would have his plan with him and could even have told his players what the plans were. But I am a terrible friend… I sold the full CRM software with document management and collaboration to Spurs and they all know what each other are doing. I’m so sorry Keith. But as they say in North London underground…

Mind the gap.

Editors Note >> The "My Friend Keith" is a parody series and should not be taken seriously. It does not represent real persons or events.

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