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Choosing a CRM solution

Choosing a CRM is a very important decision for any company, even a small business with a handful of staff. It is a critical decision and should never be taken lightly.

Many factors come into play that must be considered, not just from an internal perspective, but also how will the your own customers benefit from the CRM you choose to use internally?

We at Trivaeo have always believed that a true CRM should not only make the jobs of your employees easier, but should make your business easier to do business with. With the integrated capability to make your clients Self Service users within your instance, all communications and joint tasks are undertake in one single space. What features would make your CRM easier to interact with your clients?  The ability to create self-service users that are your own customers (with no limits on the number you create) you can even make it possible for them to log in and see the status of the job you are doing for them right now!

Of course there are many other requirements to be understood in making that CRM solution decision, but make sure you include the ability to create self-service users in your thinking.  You'll regret it later if you don't make it a requirement now.

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