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Some of the benefits of automation in your business

SWJ Enterprises' Andreas Jaeger shares some views on some of the benefits of automation in your business including reducing training overheads and reducing human errors.


Reduce training time and requirements for new employees.

All new employees that start with a company need to go through some sort of training. A lot of this includes learning about HOW the company functions and what specific jobs and tasks the new employee is responsible for. With Trivaeo’s Business Automation a lot of this information simply does not need to be learned, or to be taught. Why? Because if their business processes are automated, there is simply no need for new employees to waste a lot of time and effort to learn, or be taught these processes and the links between them, because these are dictated by management and “taught” to the Trivaeo instance. The result, significantly less time and money spent training new employees, and a sizeable lowering of human error.

The Benefits of Business Automation: Lowering Human Error.

Human error has always been a significant factor in assuring a company runs smoothly. Can all human error be eliminated? No, but Trivaeo can bring it down to its lowest possible level. How? By employing Business Automation. In a nutshell, management can dictate all the workflows and build them into their Trivaeo instance. This way each person with that company will not only see exactly those tasks and duties that are specifically assigned to them, and when their job is done, but Trivaeo automatically continues the workflow without the need of human interaction. No more questions of “What’s next?” or “Who should I give this to…?”, never any questions of what is the proper process or procedure. Let your employees free their minds to focus solely on their jobs, and not the admin requirements of the company itself.

The Benefits of Business Automation: Reducing Office Politics.

It is rare that I speak with someone who has worked in an office who did not have, on at least one occasion, a conflict with a fellow employee over “Who is responsible for what”. Enter Trivaeo and Business Automation! With all policies dictated by management, and process and workflow automation, these negative encounters would simply be a thing of the past. Log into your Trivaeo instance, and simply see if there are any tasks assigned to you or not. If there are, you know you have work to be done, and they are your responsibility; if not you are in the clear and can find other ways of driving the business forwards.

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