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The Paperless Office

SWJ Enterprises' Andreas Jaeger has given some consideration to the benefits of business automation. He continues his core observations here. This time he writes about the paperless office.


The paperless office is becoming reality

I Love my eForms!! (…or eForm eForms everywhere, and not a drop of ink!!)

Look in to your average office, and what is everywhere? Paper! Forms, documents, rows of filing cabinets and a basic mass of the typical office paperwork. Business Automation with Trivaeo allows you to literally eliminate all of your physical paper load, by digitizing all of it. With one simple integrated interface, build your eForm within your Trivaeo instance, add it to a workflow, and just sit back and watch the need for paperwork simply dissolve into the past. Along with the obvious benefits of saving on office supplies and speeding up your processes, digitizing your paper work allows all employees to have access to exactly what they need, and never have to wait for a physical form, or document, to come across their desk. It also eliminates the heartache of documents that are misplaced or lost. Stored in your Trivaeo instance, in the cloud and across multiple physical, and geographically redundant, data locations, all your employees will always have access to exactly what they need at all times.

Furthermore, with the ability to create self-service users, all of your clients, and even vendors and partners, can use your Trivaeo instance to interact with you, submitting any forms, documents and requests directly and instantly to you with the use of the eForms. Indeed, think of this as the forms represent 'applications' that capture data associated with a particular workflow in a business and present them to teams (help desks as we call them) or to individuals based on simple business rules you set up for that information flow.

Trivaeo enjoys a partnership with Kodak Alaris to help companies lift their legacy paperwork into the digital age too.  They can supply scanners that are integrated natively into the clients Trivaeo solution so that historical records can be easily added to all relevant areas of the Trivaeo solution.  Many clients have regulatory requirements to store all documents for 7 or more years in some cases.  This also allows clients to recover the hidden value buried in legacy piles of paperwork and even make the data searchable and indexable.  Please contact us if you would like further details.

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