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The hidden gems nestled inside Trivaeo CRM Solutions

Whilst showing our Trivaeo Crossroads CRM platform to existing as well as potential new clients they are constantly amazed by the depth of the solution and the ease of use we have built into the systems. But...

there are about 5 areas that never cease to gain positive comments. I thought I would share them with you all.

1. Account Management

The difference between customers and clients

Most on-line CRM systems and CRM cloud platforms are purely used to enable contacts and leads to be stored and status changed. But what happens once a contact or company actually BUYS something you have? This is the difference between “customers" and “clients”… A customer has purchased something you sell, maybe a product or a service. A Client has come back more than once and it is a company or contact that you deal with regularly. Now you have to manage that account. Most CRM solutions don’t even give this a second thought. Crossroads CRM by Trivaeo assists you to manage client’s accounts with a full Account Management Planner. You can see this in action on our demo site at or via and click on log in / sign up to try before you buy.

How many times have you lost an important deal, even though you were convinced that YOU had the very best product, service and price? Many times I would guess. Equally – How often have you won a deal when you know that you were far more expensive than your competitors? Just as often I would guess? This is because people buy emotionally, not analytically. The way in which you manage people, your relationship with them, the way they interact and work with their own piers, will have an enormous effect on the outcome of a sale. To this end, Trivaeo Crossroads CRM allows you to track the buying criteria of every contact in your client company, it allows you to monitor and report on the relationship status that each member of your team has with them. It even allows you to monitor how they are influenced by their own team members. With this level of account planning, your business is able to position it’s sales propositions at just the right level and you will win business you had no right to win.

2. Service Level Agreements

CRM is not supposed to be a silo

Traditionally, a CRM software service is used for sales and sometimes marketing. But the ability to set an individual Service Level agreement for each client is just “too cool for school”. When Trivaeo customers see this, they wonder why every CRM solution does not build this in. But we can tell you why… It’s because SLA’s are usually part of Service Desk software and CRM software is normally sold as a stand-alone “silo”. Not so in Trivaeo Crossroads. Your business can access an on-line CRM with SLA setting built into each client entry and you can then ensure that every client gets the service level you want them to get. Monitor this with our real-time desktop widgets as well.

3. Requested Information Tracker

For businesses that provide services to clients such as large on-going projects or professional services, this is not just a nice to have feature, it will become a must have! The amount of hours our clients tell me they waste chasing up people to provide information to them on time is incredible. In most cases, even if they only pay themselves the minimum wage, they could save enough money with this one feature to pay for the whole CRM service each month. Crossroads CRM enables you to prepare automated emails that can go out at pre-set times to request the information you need. These emails can be escalated to follow-up IF the information is not sent on time. Trivaeo Crossroads has in-built intelligent Automation (IA) that knows when the client has returned the information and informs you when it arrives, so that you can do your job. You don’t need to know how it works.. It just does.

4. Automated end-to-end processes

From contact to lead to opportunity to sale to project to invoice

This has to be seen to be believed. This is a true automated process that allows you to set the rules and track exactly who is doing what and when on each sales opportunity and lead. Once the sale is completed, it automatically asks you if you want to create a project and if you agree, all of the pertinent information accrued during the sale is now entrenched into a project (even the payment milestones). I was told by one of my clients the other day, that he regularly spends two hours each week with his Project Managers just to get them up to speed with the things he has sold, and even then, they ask for more information.. Most of which he spends even more hours looking for. Thankfully for him, those days are in the past.

5. CRM is not just for Customers!

Linking of information that just blows people away

I’m not sure if people get this. I really don’t think they do… Do they honestly think that just because the industry acronym is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) it can only be customers you manage using this tool? Well, in my experience, the people tasked with managing suppliers and partners (for example) often have another system altogether… How stupid is that? Trivaeo Crossroads calls it’s CRM a CRM system because that is what the industry knows. But, it links every contact and company that your business can ever an has ever dealt with and pulls them all together. It then allows you to look documents, videos, contracts and service calls with every contact. By clicking an additional option box, you can even add a fully sophisticated supplier management application to the whole thing. A really granular and rich permissions based access ensures that nobody gets access to information they shouldn’t see. Biggest benefit… One system that does it all. Call it a CRM software system, or call it an ERP.. Trivaeo doesn’t play those games. We just allow you to automate your business YOUR way.

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