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Can Asset Management Software help you with your business?

SWJ Enterprises' Andreas Jaeger share some thoughts on the role that 'Asset Management' can play in helping you to manage your business.


Asset Management

I have spoken with countless businesses over the last 3 years, and the conversation often includes how they track and account for the actual company assets. Many have issues with having to re-buy materials, electronics, and the like because they simply have no steadfast records of what are actually company assets. Trivaeo offers a very simple but effective solution; Integrated Asset Management! A very practical feature is the ability to generate QR codes, which can then be printed onto labels or stickers, and these onto the assets. Simply assign each asset its own “identity” enter all the needed information regarding the asset and you easily start to build your asset inventory. So the next time something goes “missing”, or you don’t know if your company has an asset that is required, simply go into your asset management and every bit of needed information will present itself.

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