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My Friend Keith doesn't want an egg for Easter

After recent disasters in his life like getting dragged off a plane at O’hare airport and losing to Crystal palace 3-0 as well as cutting his nose because he was trying to shave at the same time as using the toilet.

My friend Keith doesn't want an egg for EastMy friend Keith has realised that he really needs to use a proper CRM system to make his life easier and save enough time on the business organisation to at least enable him to shave and shower in peace. So he has told me that, this year, from me, he doesn’t want his usual dark chocolate, hollow egg with brandy flavour truffles inside. This year he wants me to give him a CRM that he can use for life!

At first I thought Keith was being totally unreasonable.  But the more I thought about it, I think I can do it.

So, I have prepared a free gift on our Business Applications Partner site at CloudWorksIT.  Keith can then go and pick up and claim his free CRM.  It is for all of his staff (he only has 10 users in his company).  I think he will love it! It’s a surprise just for Keith, so please don’t tell anyone about this link Free CRM to claim the new Free CRM as Trivaeo would be inundated with free users and never make any money! 

The things I do for Keith!  What sort of friend am I?  The best I think :-)

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