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Don't be afraid of "New"!

Very few words in the English language can cause as many varied emotions as the word New. New car, exhilarating. New house, life changing. New boss, terrifying!

So when starting a new business, or trying to find a new tool for a business, new can be very intimidating. Believe me when I say we at Trivaeo understand this very well. But how would the world progress if some people didn’t have the courage to embrace the new.

We at Trivaeo have striven to ease the transition in a couple of ways. By listening to our customers, and not talking at them, our platform was designed to literally encompass nearly all requirements that a business could have, and provide it all with a single sign on. But we went one step further to alleviate any concerns by adding a most beloved word: Free! So, on 22nd of April Trivaeo will announce the launch of the World’s best free forever CRM application with an additional free to use mobile application available on Android and iOS platforms.

Don't be afraid of "New"!

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