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SWJ Enterprises' Andreas Jaeger talks about his experience providing customer care for one of Americas' largest satellite Television providers and what he had to manage to get the job done.


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In a previous position I had providing support for one of America’s largest satellite television providers, I started every day by logging in to no less than 5 different applications. As a team lead, I spent countless hours resetting passwords, fixing compatibility issues with the IT department, and listening to the gripes of my team. Not a day went by that there was not one or more issues. Trivaeo has done away with this potential nightmare of a headache by simply integrating the service desk directly into our platform. A single sign on, whether you are a support rep or a site director, reduces this complexity down to its lowest factor. With a Knowledge Base accessible to all, responding to FAQs becomes a simple copy/paste task. A dashboard capable of displaying any vital information, at a single glance, facilitates managements’ jobs, allowing them to fully support their team to an extent that has not been seen by many. If you are looking to the key to a happy support staff, or even a whole call center, your search has ended Trivaeo has arrived!

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