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CRM and your Customer Experience

Being able to Manage a sales process from the first time you meet someone all the way through to the time you invoice them, start work to deliver their requirements and ultimately transfer them to your customer service is critical in any business.

CRM and Customer Experience Management

But how many smaller businesses have really given thought to create the ULTIMATE customer experience? I’m not just talking about making YOUR systems work efficiently… I’m talking about the CUSTOMER’s experience.

I have engaged with small businesses far too regularly and received a sales service which did just not match my needs or requirements far too often to think that many companies have this properly planned out.

At Trivaeo, we understand that each business case is different.

To this end we made (probably) the World’s most flexible CRM system. But when it gets into the hands of our clients… They forget that each one of THEIR clients have different needs and each sales process can be different depending on the relationship you already have with the customer. For example… Hardly anyone produces a subtlety different sales process for existing clients and another for new business clients. The same goes for clients that buy different services. With Trivaeo Crossroads CRM we use the “Opportunities” tab to create and run the sales process. You can of course use Contacts, Leads, Quotes, Orders and Invoices manually, but if you use the automated sales process in “Opportunities” correctly, you can create an end-to-end sales process that works for you. But more importantly, one that works for your clients no matter what they buy or where they come from.

Try sitting down and planning this out. Then speak to one of our Affiliate Partners and they will show you how your CRM can be the best CRM solution for your business and your clients.

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