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Managing Documents effectively in a CRM system

Not all CRM for Small Business systems have the ability to keep and manage documents alongside each customer/contact record. The Trivaeo CRM solution has a document and digital file management solution with storage, sharing, collaboration, protection and notifications built right in.

CRM Document ManagementTrivaeo firmly believes that any Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) must be able to maintain all of its critical business information in one place.  This way all of the information collected by the business becomes 'useful' information that may be securely shared across users and their devices throughout the organisation.  The alternative is of course to have all your data scattered across multiple systems which is not helpful at all to users, especially if they have to login to mutiple systems and then check which of those systems has the most up-to-date version of the document or information they need.

This document outlines all the standard features that you would expect from a cloud-based digital file management platform.  Of course, these are inherent to Trivaeo business applications! However, Trivaeo Crossroads has one extra unique selling point (USP).

The Trivaeo Crossroads Information Management USP

This digital file management solution can be used as a standalone application for any business.  However, it is also designed to spread automatically as a fully integrated repository for any digital file attached to any other application in your business.  This means that if you are working in your CRM system, or if you need to attach a timesheet document to a service record or you wish to attach a CV to an employee HR record card, you just need to click on “attachments” and store it in there.  No need to store it logically or to open additional apps or servers.

The way this works is totally unique to Trivaeo Crossroads as this solution is a “Global resource” across the entire Crossroads suite.  This means that any document can be logically and automatically “linked” to any other person, company, contract, project, supplier or business opportunity and so on.  Studies show the average executive loses one hour of productivity per day searching for missing information. And, according to the Small Business Association, the biggest burden for small business is the inability to properly service customers, increase sales and improve the bottom line because of mishandled paperwork.  Trivaeo Crossroads Organise and Growth solutions solve this problem from the outset.

How does it work?

  1. When you buy the Organise or Growth solutions from Trivaeo you can decide how many people in your organisation you wish to give access to the solution and you buy one license per person
  2. You then get an email from Trivaeo to welcome you to the platform and a link to sign in and set your own secure password
  3. The person who first signs up for a Trivaeo Solution is assigned the Administration rights over that organisation and will be able to set up permissions and access (roles too) for other users
  4. Either use the quick start widget that will appear on your home screen when you first sign in to add new users or, just go to Administration and click on User Management to add new users. 
    They will then be invited to join just as you did.  Here you can set up profiles and permissions.  It could be that not everyone in your company will need or be allowed the same level of access to applications and documents.  If this is the case you can set up profiles for each user case and apply them to users as you want.  This ensures that only the right level of information access is given to the right people.  Also, you don’t need to worry as each individual file created and each individual document uploaded can also be protected with very granular permissions based access for view, edit and publish.
  5. Finally you need to apply the licenses you have purchased to the new members. 
    To do this, just go to Administration / License Management.  Here you will see all of the licenses you have purchased and you can apply them to your members.

Document Management Features

Create your own directory structure

Work the way you want to work - Feel free to create any structure of directory you wish. This can be based on departments, people or document type.  Any folder can have sub-folders and any sub-folder can store any type of digital file.

Rename or move docs or folders

Even once you have created your own file structure, you are able to move and rename individual files and folders as you need.

Get room for all your files

Crossroads has an automatic 5Gb of storage built-in but you can also export any archived files or folders to Dropbox via our integrated export facility

Granular permissions based controls

Whilst each file and folder created or uploaded can be protected by granular permissions for departments or individuals to see, edit, download and delete, the settings allow you to set a standard setting so that there is no need to set permissions on every document you create.

Easily find any file or document

A search facility is available to find any particular file or document you need.  However, in addition to the standard search, when you use other Crossroads applications and documents become associated with customers, contacts, companies, sales, contracts and opportunities, you can link them all together so that the relevant documents for each application are always stored to be found quickly and easily.

Upload files quickly and easily

You can upload documents and files from anywhere via a single button on your dashboard.  Just click on upload, browse your PC or network files and upload.  It is also possible to upload multiple files at the same time to make working even easier with Crossroads Information management solutions.

Document check-in and check-out

Crossroads works like a library.  This ensures that documents being edited by others are checked out for all to see.  Then, when a newer version is available, just check the document back in and the automatic version control will show the new document is available.

Publish your own documents

Any user can publish their own documents either by uploading an existing document or by creating a new file and publishing it for others to share and collaborate or just to download and read anywhere they are.

Adding comments

Any user can add comments to published documents and those comments can be used in the collaboration process whilst newer versions of documents are created.  Then once you have added your comments you can decide who you wish to notify and share your comments with.

Share directly with others

Take your individually uploaded files or documents and directly share them with others by using the Crossroads notification engine to notify others that you wish to specifically share content with them.

Document Tracking

The owner of any document can see the full version control of each document, can lock it from further editing or just track who downloads it or reads it.

Document version control

Every single document is protected from unauthorised editing by the lock facility, but in addition to this, it is possible to track and audit a full version control for documents created or uploaded.  Never be in a position that you are using the wrong version of a document again.  Version control is automatically allocated to each document as it is changed or edited.

Watch full folders or individual files

If you choose to watch a file or folder, you will be alerted each time somebody views, downloads or edits your documents.

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