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How automating your business can make your working day easier

SWJ Enterprises' Andreas Jaeger reflects on how business automation could have made a businesses life a hell of a lot easier


How Business Automation could have made my client life easier

Last year I had to do a wellness check mandated by my insurance company. As part of that some blood was drawn and sent to an independent lab for evaluation. Unfortunately when that sample was sent, it was not coded properly, so the diagnostics company has been trying to charge me for it, rather than the insurance company, who’s responsibility it is. I have called my doctor’s office four times to get this resolved and it never does.

To take away the stress, I sit back in a nice big chair and imagine how this would be if they used SWJ Business Automation tools powered by Trivaeo. The first time I called to raise the issue a service request would have been created, connected to all my information, and specifically assigned to someone to work. Every morning this person would come into work and log into their platform, they would see the task they have to do front and center, and be alerted if it goes beyond resolution time set by management. My problem would be resolved in a matter of hours or days, not weeks and months, as it now has dragged on to. Furthermore, should I actually ever need to call in a second time regarding the same issue, all records of communication would be attached to my contact, and the person handling that call would be able to see exactly why my last request for assistance ended up unanswered, and who did what. Most importantly, with automated workflows, they would be able to easily resolve my issue, or minimally move it forward to resolution.

It is a large part of our job, as solution experts, to understand not only what the business needs are but the needs of their clients. SWJ Enterprises, bringing Business Automation to everyday life.

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