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The small business IT strategy trap

Small businesses are the life blood of all thriving economies but what is it that differentiates the best from all the rest? Is it an outstanding product or service, is it outstanding customer services, is it a high net promoter score, is it dedicated and professional employees who drive the business forward with passion and enthusiasm, is it a digital strategy that combines social, mobility and omni-channel communications with the world’s best CRM for small business?

It’s typically a combination of all the above combined with an internal cost-conscious drive that sustains and grows the business profitably. A key factor for all cost-conscious SMB’s is achieving an internal IT strategy and a differentiated digital, social and communications strategy that avoids the need to either purchase or integrate a range of disparate software solutions covering even the basis requirements of email, HR, CRM, Expenses, Asset management, document control, holiday planning, purchasing and invoicing etc.

So many small businesses fall into this ‘IT solutions overload’ trap as they experience rapid expansion through organic growth activity or M&A activity. Ultimately these businesses spend more money in the longer term (on IT and systems transformation and integration) than if they had invested in the right solutions from day one. Solutions that go beyond traditional CRM and ERP solutions and that integrate all the requirements for small business in a single platform are what small business owners are now demanding. Agile, cost effective, flexible and cloud based, Trivaeo meets all these requirements and more.

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