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Being the best in the world

Trivaeo believes that if we are not entirely focused on being the best in the World, we should give up now. Everything we do, everyday is designed to take us nearer to the position of “Best in the World”.

The prizes for being the best in the World are huge.  Let us take a few examples.  (If you have already read the book by Chris Anderson, “The Long Tail” none of this will come as any surprise to you).  But this article is dealing with the subject of being the best in the World, not being one of the many thousands of companies that make up a long tail of also-rans. If you look at any league table in any week you wish to inspect that shows the gross income for “films being shown in cinema’s around the World”, you will see that the top film often takes TWICE the revenue taken by number two and perhaps 10 times the revenue of number 10.

This law applies to just about any product or service. It applies to companies and it applies to sports men and women and just about anything.  The top performers always take an unfair share of the markets.  That is just the way it is.

So, this is no time to be number two or three in any market. We also believe that our applications such as CRM is the “Best CRM in the World”

If you are a prospect for any one of these services, in the 21st Century, you can quite rightly expect to be able to search the Internet and discover he best in the World and buy it, there and then.  Quite right. So you should!

However, your “World” is not always the same as everyone else’s “World”. Firstly, the best CRM in the World, obviously needs to be accessible from your browser on your broadband. You probably have an idea at what price your “World best deal” would go to.  So, your World now has a price tag. You will probably want YOUR best CRM to interface with other aspects of your business, such as your accounts platform.  You may also want to ensure the service is provided locally, with data being held in your country and with a service level and degree of reliability that suits your business requirements. You will almost certainly want to ensure that it features a mobile app that works on your device and that it is easy enough for your staff to use.

Trivaeo doesn’t need to bother being the best in the World if it is the best in your world and is available now at a price you can afford.  Of that, we are pretty sure.  Check out the “Best CRM for Small Business” at our website here. It will fit your example and requirements to be the best in your world.

Trivaeo offers the Best CRM in your World.


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