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How important is CRM to my business?

It is becoming common knowledge that Customer Relationship Management is an extremely valuable tool in the arsenal of any business. Sometimes a picture is better than 5,000 words. Enjoy this infographic that brings out some of the key highlights

How important is CRM for my business?

Trivaeo has reviewed the original Algoworks Infographic which is pictured below and draws the following highlights from it;

  • CRM leads all other software categories for compound annual growth rate
  • CRM software is set to net $36,500,000,000 in sales in 2017 alone
  • For every $ dollar that a business spends on its CRM system it can expect $5.61 back as a return on investment
  • Sales Teams can report up to 41% increase in revenues through the effective use of CRM
  • Less than half of all companies actually have a CRM solution!
  • 43% of businesses use less than half the features of their CRM system
    (This is one of the reasons that Trivaeo makes our applications available through our partners so they can be packaged for maximum business value, use what you need, not what you may need)
  • CRM which is Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) will dominate the market
    (Trivaeo knew that back in 2009; it's old news to us!)

Original Infographic created by Algoworks

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