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What type of organisations use Trivaeo technology?

Thousands of Small businesses now use Trivaeo Crossroads to provide their online business applications such as CRM , Service Desk and Projects Management software.

Trivaeo now trades all over the World and exactly the same applications can be purchased from any Trivaeo Partner. The applications are fully supported and delivered by Trivaeo but local advice and assistance is added by our excellent Partner network. At the end of last year Trivaeo reviewed the client base and surveyed the usage of our solutions and found an interesting and eclectic mix of business sectors subscribing to all 79 applications across 20 genres for very different reasons.

Top 10 industries using CRM and ERP Applications

The top ten business types were interesting, although, the top category accounts for over 30% of our users and they have asked to be entered into “General Services”. This is not a great help, but the remaining top ten is worth taking a look at:

1. General Services
2. Building, Construction / Oil and Gas / Electrical Engineering
3. IT Services
4. Accounting and other Financial Services / IFA
5. Distribution and Sales
6. Health and Beauty / Fitness and Leisure
7. Automotive / Sales, Distribution and Repairs
8. Foreign Exchange, Finance / Banking / Insurance
9. Sales and Marketing
10. MLM / Franchise Management

Construction IndustryAssuming that some of the clients that opted to be included in the largest category were involved in some sort of construction or building services, this makes the second largest category a very large segment of our business.

We set out to find out what sort of benefits these companies were deriving from Trivaeo Crossroads:

The mix of applications being used by the companies were spread between Expenses, Holiday Management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Projects Management, Asset Management and Contracts Management with all of them using the on-line Documents Management.

Two use scenarios were fairly standard:

General Construction and Companies running Projects that either run for 6 months or more or where the value of each project exceeded $500,000 with the biggest problem being solved - “Change Management and the ability to manage the process of variations as they occur and to account for them to ensure revenue collection and settlement”

CRM & Project Management, for builders?

Typical Scenario

  • Many Construction businesses acted as contractors to a Managing Agent or had sub-contractors working for them
  • The sites involved large numbers of workers and were often long distances apart
  • Large numbers of trades were sub-contracted
  • Client signed an industry standard contract / specification and budgets were often set up-front
  • In most cases payment milestones were linked to deliverable section of the projects
  • Costs of variations and change across the lifetime of the project often exceeded 50% of the original budget

Trivaeo Crossroads CRM was found to be easy to use and effective to store all of the details and relationship information for Suppliers, Clients, Contractors and (in some cases) Employees!

The two best features found to be of most use were:

a) The ability to link incoming and outgoing emails directly to the client record
b) to easily produce and track quotations, orders and invoices and authorise and send them using the table of products and services

For the firms that used our Projects Management tools, almost all of them linked it to the Contracts Management solution as well. In many cases, every project was linked to multiple contracts. The two most useful attributes of these services were:

a) The ability to set a budget for a new Project simply from the Contract itself and to track variations as they happen via the free mobile applications, so sign off and acceptance of costs can be recorded ready for future presentation and milestone discussions
b) The time saved at the end of projects when collating all of the relevant information / communications and work sheets and documents to ensure variations were paid for

To directly quote a building and construction company who now uses Trivaeo to monitor changes in scope and deliverables in construction projects;

“Prior to discovering Trivaeo Crossroads we couldn't easily manage change and variation orders, our projects were a real mess and we had to either add on huge contingencies to our quotes (losing us precious new contracts) or take a big hit when the time of reckoning came. Now I can’t even remember how we managed without it”

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