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How to capture leads and sign ups from your website directly into CRM

This has to be one of the most desired features of any CRM solution. Namely, the ability of the solution to capture sign-ups, queries, leads and other contact information directly from a website and publish it straight into the CRM platform without any user intervention on the way.

This article, however written would do an injustice to the ease with which this is easily accomplished with the Trivaeo CRM solution.  So much easier to present it as a video.  This video fully describes and walks-through, in real time, the preparation of the CRM side of the equation, the Web to Contact functionality and the preparation and setup of the page on the website to receive the contact form itself.  Then its published, tested and we watch the notifications process kick in.

You do NOT need to be technical to do this. It requires zero coding.  About the only thing you may desire to change is the style sheet describing what the form looks like on your website once the script has been created.  Once you have integrated this capture mechanism into your website its like adding a CRM user to your team that never takes smoke-breaks, holidays or lunch times!  A CRM receptionist that monitors and captures leads from your website, even whilst you sleep!

In summary

  1. You prepare the CRM Group you want these requests to be assigned to (for example - sign ups, newsletter, enquiry, helpdesk)
  2. You prepare a new Contact from Web instance limiting it to work only from the target domain where you intend the capture form to reside
  3. You decide if you wish to trigger a helpdesk or service-desk ticket to be opened at the same time
  4. You set the name of the user who will be the owner of this new CONTACT record
  5. You add any additional freeform fields that you want
  6. You copy the resulting HTML script to your clipboard
  7. On the backend of your website you paste in the script where you wish the form to appear
  8. Test
  9. Job Complete!

The careful use and deployment of these Contact from Web forms effectively automates the capture process of all enquiries from your website to your business.  It includes the ability to be notified of a new sign-up by email.  You can even induce a helpdesk ticket to be created to send the captured request to a team in your business for follow up.  There are hundreds of use cases from simple Newsletter Sign ups, to enquiries about products, registration and many more.

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