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How does Trivaeo go beyond traditional CRM and ERP?

Describing what Trivaeo technology does is remarkably difficult to do! Putting 20 genres of application behaviours across 79 applications into an easily understandable matrix is actually quite tough to do. For some, it is difficult to grasp including the team here at Trivaeo Cloud Services when we discuss how to market and present our technology. So, here's a fresh, new and alternative way of looking at it. Let's see if you agree...

Trivaeo has a challenge! If we call the application CRM, that would be broadly true of 11 of the 79 applications. If we call them ERP than that would be true of another scattering of applications. If we call it document management, collaboration, e-Human Resources, Projects, Assets, Resources, Projects, Risk Management.... then we'd also being doing it an injustice. Add others like Stock Management and the many applications that cater to the explicit needs of financial exchange businesses, independent financial advisors, accountants..... and we run into the same issue. There is no single application genre that adequately presents the capabilities of Trivaeo. We cannot call it CRM, we cannot call it ERP.  There is no single container for it.

Network Nodes and Running Man

 Imagine that 11 of the core nodes or dots in the picture represent the Customer Relationship Management elements of Trivaeo.  Only take dots that are connected to others; ignore all dots that stand in free space.  Trivaeo has no applications that stand in free space; they are all connected; all the time! Each connected node of an application is naturally connected to another dot, itself part of another application area.  Remember, nothing in Trivaeo is standalone; everything has a natural relationship to another node.  This helps to understand the phrase 'business applications suite'.  In a building, a suite is a range of connected rooms, or even furniture that is complementary, matching and consistent in look and feel.  The same is true in our software suite.  But, it's not just a Suite, the applications are integrated and bonded together; irrespective of which ones any company elects to provision and use.

In our CRM application there are 11 application NODES.  All of these NODES understand and have natural relationships to each other.  CRM is a suite of 11 integrated applications (NODES); things like Contacts, Companies, Clients, Quotes, Leads, Opportunities and so on.  A lead has to be related to a Contact. A contact can be related to a Company, but doesn't have to be. An opportunity is related to Contacts or Companies and so on.  Trivaeo takes care of these relationships.  Your job as a user is to feed the system with data by just doing your business and keeping our software up to date as you do so.  Trivaeo helps you take care of the relationships between the NODES!  You don't have to think deliberately about them!

The beauty and elegance of this system is you don't end up buying software that is bloated, cumbersome, difficult to use or complex.  If your business really only needs CRM so that you can professionally manage your Contacts and your Campaigns to those Contacts, then great. That's all you need.   For some small sole-proprietor businesses this is all you'd ever need.  But, it it typical that as companies grow that your people are departmentally or role focused.  They have different skills and exercise different tasks for your business.  In small businesses its often for everyone to be involved in largely everything going on.  One minute you are the sales person, the next the receptionist, the next the technical specialist and an hour later you are doing a site visit dealing with an existing customer.  As business's grow the amount of overlap diminishes and roles become more defined, as are the hand-offs between those roles.  You need this type of process to have the ability to communicate and deliver your solution or services to your clients, irrespective of how you cope with your resources and people to do it.

So, let's look at that from the continued frame of reference of the picture (above).  A small business sets up, let's say its a young electrial technician that has completed their apprenticeship and has all the certifications necessary.  With an entrepreneurial spirit, they start up a small business focused on doing domestic electrical jobs in their local town.  He starts out using CRM so that each time he gets a new customer he adds their details.  He advertises his service in the local newspaper and on postcards in the local shop windows.  He also tries doing a local Facebook Advertisement to drum up business.  He now has 3 campaigns running; the local newspaper, the shop-window adverts and his new digital campaign aimed locally on Facebook.  He is diligent, and whenever he gets an email or a phone call from a prospective customer (we call these leads) he adds them to the CRM and notes the source of the lead in his campaign manager.  He also adds the contacts to the CRM Group so he knows how he found the customer later on.  It seems simple, but if you don't record the details you will not have the data you need later on to decide what was really working; and what wasn't!

This electrician is doing a great job.  A few months later he can clearly see that by far the best source of new leads was his local Facebook advertising because he can see clearly that the overwhelming majority of his lead velocity comes from his digital advertising.  He can now make an educated decision to cancel his newspaper adverts and increase his spend on Facebook local Ads.  His business grows organically.  He becomes known to be reliable and he's bumping into jobs he's doing with other tradesmen on sites where he is wiring up new homes.  These other business tradesmen, builders, carpenters also start to become lead sources as they quite often need a 'sparky' to come and do some adhoc work on their sites.  Eventually our electrician is working at full demand.  He is becoming physically incapable of meeting the opportunities he is getting exposed to and he notices that his commit dates on jobs is getting pushed further and further out.  He adds some automation to his business, putting a Contact from Web form on his website so that clients who need something from him can enter the details on his website and save him a bit of phone time.  Eventually though even the automation doesn't help. He has more business coming in than he can cope with. A nice problem to have! So, he takes on his first employee.

He really wants to run his business professionally, so he uses his Trivaeo license dashboard to add the eHuman Resources application so he can keep track of the records associated with his first employee.  He then adds the Resource Manager to his applications so that he can price up his quotes easily based on the hourly and daily rates between himself and his employee.  The master electrician now charges a premium for his own work and a lower rate for his apprentice.  The combination of eHR and Resource Management allow him to do this easily.  He is able to assign tasks and jobs easily.  He also uses the built in Calendar alongside resources to help him plan jobs and availability.  The integral document management system in the CRM application (NODE) means he can easily share drawings and plans with his apprentice, so that's easy to manage.

At no time in this journey did he integrate anything!  It just works!  He logs in, he goes to his license manager and adds the applications that he needs.  He doesn't need his apprentice to use eHR, but it would be awesome if the apprentice could submit expenses and timesheets for the jobs he's doing and the electrician wants to keep track of costs against planned budgets.  So, he buys expenses and timesheets applications for his apprentice and applies the license to him.  The apprentice logs in and see's his new applications and begins using them right away.  Zero installation. Zero hardware. Zero fuss. Zero pain.  The master electrician simply set up the permissions for his apprentice so that he sees what he needs to see and assigns the applications to his apprentice. They work instantly.  Then they add Projects Management to their license and they both start planning and recording costs and time worked against projects.  Then they realise it would be useful to allow their partners, other contractors and tradesman and sometimes their clients to be able to login in and see project based documents, drawings and plans, so he adds team rooms and collaboration too so all can work on the drawings at the same time.  So he adds self-service users.  At no time has he had to install or integrate anything.  He simply configures how he wants each application NODE to perform and he sets what each user should be able to see, edit, change and delete.  His clients are blown away by his apparent professionalism and the technology he's using.  It is so much easier to share a drawing in a team room and discuss the planned changes with his clients and other contractors on a skype call whilst all using the team rooms function of his CRM/ERP/Business Apps thingy to do the work.  See, even he struggles to name this 'thing' now.

Now, take this paradigm across 20 of these genres.  79 applications!  The beauty of it is the electrician doesn't buy every app for every user!  The biggest complaint about software in this industry is basic CRM becomes bloated with extensions and capabilities to such an extent that in a recent study users complained that they were paying a lot of money for something they only used about 12% of.  The intelligent pre-integrated connections between the nodes means that Trivaeo automates the workflow and processes between these applications automatically.  Let's use a simple example.  The electrician has been using CRM for some time, as we saw; and added Projects Management later on.  A funny thing happened!  When he accepted his next ORDER from a customer a new popup appears asking him if he'd like to start a project based on the data in the order!  The entire history of the lead, the opportunity, the contact and the company and all documents are IMMEDIATELY allocated to the new project!  No scrambling for historical documents, drawings and emails!

As your business grows the applications you need to 'consume' from Trivaeo will get broader.  But, the big difference is we don't force you to buy all entitlements for ALL your users.  Those that need CRM use that; those that need projects, use that; those that need asset management; use that; those that need eHuman Resources; use that; those that need stock management....use that; you get the idea.  With our NODES and applications integrated intelligently you don't end up spending weeks training your users on the whole thing.  They only need to know and use what they need.  Because its what they need; its intuitive! In fact, Trivaeo is that simple to use that we don't ship the sofware with 300 page manuals.  Each app has a video on it that shows how that application works.  Watch it for a few minutes and you are ready to go!

I bet everyone reading this document that has been involved in projects of any size knows that the first thing that happens when you start a new project is a KICK OFF meeting where the sales team and those associated with the SALE actually have to brief the delivery team on what it is they are going to be delivering.  They share documents and discuss what was committed, what was quoted, the timelines. Most of all the project managers want to know exactly what was quoted.  Often times there are multiple quotes produced before you can secure the actual order.  Which quote is the one the project team is delivering against?  You always get the infamous request from the project manager - "Could you send me the full contact details and names of all key people on the client side?....and I also want a copy of the quotation and any subsequent correspondece with the client". This type of thing cannot happen with Trivaeo! It happens automtically when the QUOTE turns into AN ORDER!

Trivaeo has spent years, and over 7 million lines of complex technical CODE to think about how modern businesses run.  What happens? Who does what?  What information is typical?  What information follows workflow? What processes are necessary to move things efficiently from concept to a delivery?  We thought hard about what supporting features and functions are necessary across all business types whether you are a Taxidermist, a Hairdresser, an Electrician or a Financial Advisor; and everything in between.  Would it be surprising to you that our installed base is extremely diverse? We have the Global Association of Chartered Accountants using our Contracts Management applications, a European Pharmaceuticals giant using Stock Management and Logistics and a small Yoga business in London using CRM? We have international Banks using it to manage currency exchange transactions? We even have companies that find talent for Movies and TV shows using the software. But, they are all using exactly the SAME collection of NODES and applications!  It is not one for ACCA, one for Rivapharm and another for the Yoga business! It is the SAME platform!  You can be a massive global company or a small local Yoga business.  Our software doesn't care and doesn't know.  You don't have to QUALIFY to be a user of Trivaeo software. You don't have to be only a small business owner.  You don't have to commit yourself to an £80,000 installation budget or £400 a month in maintenance and support for each user!  No, our technology for most users costs less than the price of a coffee and a donut per week; per user!

What is the result?  Well, the picture (above) captured it perfectly.  Out of the connections in your business and workflow you end up SPRINTING!  Out of the chaos of work, process, people and technology comes orchestration.  You can do more with less. You are efficient. Your business is effective.  

Now, Trivaeo has an extremely well versed and experienced management team. The 3 leaders have over 90 years software exective experience (it's painful to admit!).  Pat Graham, the Chief Technology Officer has been a technologist in the US State Department. He was the Chief Technology Officer of Vodafone (you may have heard of them!). He was the Chief Technology Officer of Marks & Spencer; a leading retailer and many other household name businesses.  David Claxton has over 30 years business experience at C level. David Tidwell has over 30 years experience as a Sales Operations executive from Silicon Valley in the USA, Canada, UK and more.  Our Development Team does nothing other than Trivaeo Cloud work; all day; every day. But we aren't smart enough or experienced enough to prescribe for our clients what our technology should do for YOU.  The magic of our business, what what makes it truly unique is that YOU, our clients are our product managers.  You tell US what your business needs.  You tell us how you want these NODES and connections to function.  Our job is to build them, publish them every 2 weeks and to do so painlessly so you have NO UPGRADES, NO INSTALLATIONS, NO TESTING, NO REGRESSIONS and NO PATCHING.  You also have no hardware to buy, to support and maintenance contracts and NO OBLIGATIONS.  We carry all those for YOU.  We use AGILE, we are agile. We scrum; and we aren't playing Rugby!

So, when we say we go beyond 'Traditional CRM and ERP', can you see what we mean?  Your voting and feedback on what you want our technology to do for YOU is remarkable. The fact we do not ask YOU to pay for a feature that is popularly desired is way beyond traditional. The fact that you pay the equivalent amount of a coffee and a donut for each of your users each month to use the technology that you help to define is way beyond traditional. The fact that you can embrace and use this technology through our network of global partners who represent you and your needs locally is way beyond traditional. The fact that you get the benefit of a global cloud software as a service model on a commodotised price model is way beyond traditional! The fact that we dont' bombard you with an army of 3rd party commercial add-ons that end up costing a fortune to maintain, patch and update is way beyond traditional!  The fact that our subscription model allows you to come and go as you please; buy more or downsize on demand is way beyond traditional!  The fact that your business doesn't need an Information Technology lead is way beyond remarkable.

We get it, we know that you have a lot of choice out there for your business applications. But, we truly believe our technology as a suite is unique.  It is way beyond traditional. It is disruptive to the rest of this industry but anything but destructive or difficult for YOUR business.

But, to me; the most remarkable thing about Trivaeo is the way we manage our product with our clients to create NODES and connections between APPLICATIONS that work!  It creates the ultimate software as a service offering that we are equal stakeholders in.  The result; you and us sprinting forwards to the future!  Wtih efficiency; and effective.  The technology owner and our clients are equally driven by the connections and NODES that make sense between all these applications.

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