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How important is CRM to my business?

It is becoming common knowledge that Customer Relationship Management is an extremely valuable tool in the arsenal of any business. Sometimes a picture is better than 5,000 words. Enjoy this infographic that brings out some of the key highlights

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Being the best in the world

Trivaeo believes that if we are not entirely focused on being the best in the World, we should give up now. Everything we do, everyday is designed to take us nearer to the position of “Best in the World”.

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The small business IT strategy trap

Small businesses are the life blood of all thriving economies but what is it that differentiates the best from all the rest? Is it an outstanding product or service, is it outstanding customer services, is it a high net promoter score, is it dedicated and professional employees who drive the business forward with passion and enthusiasm, is it a digital strategy that combines social, mobility and omni-channel communications with the world’s best CRM for small business?

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The 5 things that make 'The Best CRM for Small Business'

When searching on the term ‘Best CRM for Small business” you will see 13 million entries on Google.  These entries are obviously not all from companies that supply CRM software, a lot of them are created by so called analysts and on-line listing companies that have created reports that they think help people to choose.

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Managing Documents effectively in a CRM system

Not all CRM for Small Business systems have the ability to keep and manage documents alongside each customer/contact record. The Trivaeo CRM solution has a document and digital file management solution with storage, sharing, collaboration, protection and notifications built right in.

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