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Trivaeo Business Software

Trivaeo is a business application software manufacturer and we offer our suite of business applications to business all over the world on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. It is made up of a set of modular applications which are used by businesses to support and satisfy a broad range of business functions and activities.

Business Software Development

Our business software is offered in multiple forms to cater to the needs of a broad range of industries and specific types of business. Most of our business applications are written so that they follow the 80/20 rule, where 20% of the software is customised for individual business needs and the other 80% readily assists the common needs of any business type.

A quick video introduction to the Trivaeo Business Application Software Suite

Trivaeo offers our clients the ability to use specialist or customised versions of our business application software hosted on our global Trivaeocloud platform that absolutely meet their business needs. We also offer a simpler but much more widely adopted application lead portolio of business application solutions on our CloudWorksIT business applications platform. Trivaeo caters directly to the needs of customised business applications solutions for our tailored solutions on Trivaeocloud and our Global Network of Partners support the broader application needs on CloudWorksIT. In any case Trivaeo provides our business clients the option of starting with off-the-shelf CRM and ERP applications and as their business requirements mature over time we have the ability to customise or specialise the business applications software for them. Our clients are never trapped into a locked-in state.

Interactive Business Applications

The Trivaeo Business Application Software covers some 20 major genres of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Including the sub-applications and supporting business application areas covers a total of 79 business applications.

All business applications are supported by a complete Graphical User Interface where users can modify, query and input data. The results are available instantly. Most business applications include real-time reports and dashboard 'widgets' that summarise key elements of each business application area.

Trivaeo business application technology takes this all one stage further with integral workflow and process management that can go a long way to intelligent automation of routine business processes including typical user activities and setting the status of those activities. It is further supported with real-time notifications and alerts which draw the users attention to work items and activities that require their attention or a decision to approve or reject an item of workflow.

Most of all, the business applications are all modular and work seamlessly standalone or as combined business applications working together without user integration effort at any time.

Major Business Applications

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Asset Management

Contracts and Supplier Management

Document Collaboration

Document Management

Employee Holiday & Vacation Management

Expenses Management

Help Desk and Service Desk Management

HRMS - eHuman Resource Management

IRM - Interactive Risk Management

Project Management

Resource Management

Room Bookings Management

Self Service User Management

Stock Management

Task Management

Team Rooms & Team Collaboration

Timesheets Management

Other Business Applications

Calendar Management

eMail Management

IVO - Interactive Variation Order Management (for enhanced project change control in real-time)

Precision - Tailored Business Applications for Independent Financial Advisor Networks

Contact from Web - integration of a client online website to the business application suite

Event from Web - integration of a client online website to the business application calendar for bookings and meetings management

My World - User centred/centric views of all enabled business applications and workflows

Supplier Due Diligence

Unity - Tailored Business Applications Recruitment Consultancies/Agencies that provide resources to their customers on an agile burndown basis

Various Mobile and Tablet based CRM and ERP business applications

Unlike many other vendors in the business application space Trivaeo focuses wherever we can on in-house application development. This assists greatly in ensuring continuity, uniformity and deep cross-linking and modularity of the applications. They all naturally work together even when some business application elements or modules are not activated by any particular end user business. All software runs from our secure cloud based servers so no client side installation is required. Users simply log in and use the business application elements that their company administrator has enabled for them. We do provide integration to extremely popular 3rd party applications for accounting (Xero), document collaboration and editing (OnlyOffice), eMail campaigning (Mailchimp), Google and Microsoft Office 365 - both for contacts and calendar syncronisation.

Business application software use by business size

Micro Business


Business application use for the typical Micro Business tends to use Customer Relationship Management for basic contact management, campaigning and document management. They also like to use the OnlyOffice online document editing functionality as it saves additional client software licenses and is very convenient as it can be used from any device. Micro business tends to focus their efforts on 'organisation' rather than 'automation'

Small Business


Business application use for the typical small business tends to use Customer Relationship Management with additional vigour, bringing it into client accounting, invoicing and the preparation and delivery of quotations and proposals. They may also use self-service management, basic project management and make more extensive use of eMail Marketing Campaigns. Small Business owners who are accustomed to business applications begin to focus on process automation and growing their business.

Small and Medium Business


Business application use for typical small and medium sized enterprises (SME) more broadly use eHuman Resources, Supplier and Contracts Management, Help Desk and Service Desk and make more effective use of team collaboration and multi-site document editing. They will tend to use more rigour in Project Management & Resource Management; their first real use of Enterprise Resource Planning applications, workflows and processes.

Enterprise Business


The large enterprise tends to use individual elements of the Trivaeo Business Application Suite in a more deliberate way. We often heavily customise or integrate elements of the software to make it absolutely align with their preferred systems and existing processes. We continue to host the solutions globally for our enterprise clients but can offer the solutions on premise, hybrid-private cloud or pure cloud.

Business Applications - Intelligent Automation

In all cases, irrespective of the size or sector of the individual business environment using the business application software; all embrace the intelligent automation of workflows, processes and the activities and typical statuses associated with their business processes. Much use of workflow templates, status change alerts and smart notifications keeps the business focus on the things that need to be done, whether the use is a sole proprietor or an establisshed global concern.

Enterprise Application Software (Highlights)

Resource Management

The Trivaeo Resource Manager Business Application focuses on the role of both internal and external resources being used to handle 'Jobs' that are assigned as tasks. These 'Jobs' are then completed and it is possible for the assigned resources to automatically track their time spent on the allocated tasks. This even includes the subsequent submission and approvals process of timesheets and expenses incurred against the assigned jobs.

Digital Dashboard - Business Intelligence

The business application features both real-time and historic reports, including dashboards and widgets that provide summaries of business data at a glance. These provide a quick understanding of the business conditions through business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) and Service Levels (SLAs). In many cases they are customisable too.

Procurement Software

The business software across Trivaeo that focuses on procurement includes Contracts Management, Supplier Management, Supplier Due Diligence and Supplier Compliance. These include basic Risk Management or businesses may elect to use the larger Interactive Risk Management business application. Detailed breakdowns of contacts and companies in CRM also enable them to be isolated as Suppliers for ongoing use across various procurment activities through the business application suite.

Document Management

Document Management is an elemental part of the Trivaeo business application software. It forms the bedrock of even the most basic application, like CRM. It is readily extended into real-time multi-user multi-location based editing and collaboration. It automatically manages documents, pictures, files, documents, attachments with a virtual directory structure that associates not only the owner but the context within which a document is being managed. For example, documents added to a CRM 'Lead' auto-migrate to the CRM Opportunity, then onwards to the Quotation/Proposal and the Order. It goes even further to follow on from the Order to the Project and from their to the Stock Management application. Natural and intuitive document control (with version control automated) throughout.

Business Application - Employee Scheduling Software

The business application software functions as a complete scheduling framework. It can start with the basic use of 'Task Management' to create and distribute tasks across the business including the auto-population of deadlines and deliverables to the users calendars. It can be further extended with 'Resource Management' with its core of 'Jobs' and 'Resources' being used in the same manner. Take it even further with enterprise 'Project Management' that assigns tasks across the business with predecessor tasks, deadlines and durations such that the entire Gantt based project view is created automatically simply through the allocation of tasks with their dependencies. Unlike standalone Project Management software the assigned tasks remain under full enterprise wide tracking, alerting, notifications and the change in status affects all viewpoints. Project Management is no longer just a function of a single project manager but becomes an intrinsic fulcrum of the enterprise schedule as a whole. Scheduling can be taken even further with REMAS 'Resource Management' that allows jobs to be scheduled based on individual, team or department availability on an enterprise wide shared calendar function. The fact that the employee holiday requests are also taken into account unifies eHuman Resources with the day to day scheduling of resources to jobs, tasks and activities by default.

The Trivaeo Business Application Software - History

Pat Graham, the Chief Technology Officer, enjoyed a long and tenured career as an information systems troubleshooter and consultant to the US State Department. Over the span of many years he was on 'point' to orchestrate and supervise the rapid delivery of large groups of resources to repair and reenable the critical infrastructure destroyed during wars and major unrest all over the world. Unable to find any readily accessible cloud based software that could be shared and used by multi-disciplined groups of suppliers, contractors and personnel he began writing a business applications framework that was effective, easy to use and 'internet' based far in advance of the pervasive nature of the modern internet. Without realising it at the time, the software he wrote to support the rebuilt of a countries critical infrastructure, utilities and services he found those contractors and businesses involved with the projects were very keen to keep using it for their own purposes once they returned to their normal 'civilian' activities. Trivaeo Business Applications was a very early entrant into this field, being available under a global SaaS Cloud based model since 2009.

Today, many years later the software is extermely popular with businesses of all sizes to help them increase their profits or cut their costs by speeding up their business and making it generally more efficient and effective. It is striking to realise that only 20 years ago a very basic project management software package could cost as much as $500,000 for a single user and Trivaeo now sells its Project Management software for $25 per user per month even whilst being wildly more beneficial, easy to use and intuitive than the package ever was in the past!

The advent of the global internet has made business application software like that from Trivaeo Cloud Services incredibly easy to access and adopt and at price points which are unrivalled in history. Trivaeo remains on a mission to bring enterprise grade business applications to business of all sizes all over the world without the cost, hassle, delays and complexity of the established big-badge Silicon Valley players.

Our Communities

Business Application Software Roadmap

All of the Trivaeo Business Applications are built purely on the stated requirements from its business users. Our roadmap is heavily influenced by demand and the general popularity of the business demand for features, capabilities and adaptations. Indeed, Trivaeo does not use a traditional 'Product Manager' but treats our installed base of client business users as our Software Product Managers. The business application software suite features a 'Feature Request' application that allows any user to submit ideas, suggestions or for reporting errors directly through to the dedicated Trivaeo development team. We treat all of the business application suite as a mission critical service to our clients and run on enterprise grade service levels globally. We develop all new functionality using an Agile release cycle with perpetual planning and bi-weekly production releases and updates. We notify our user community of changes and new features through an extensive global social media community on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google Plus. We strongly encourage our business users to engage with us socially and digitally in defining their own business needs and requirements and creating momentum within the community for their ideas and innovations.

Business Application Software Support

Trivaeo provides 1st line, second line and deeper support of the business application software suite globally 24 hours a day. This is supplmented by a global partner ecosystem of trained and qualified partners who are able to assist the clients that they manage. The entire suite of business appliction software is available in 2 major flavours, one solutions orientated at Trivaeocloud and the other with an applications leaning at CloudWorksIT. Both are on an identical global software platform. The entire platform is identical in layout and all orchestration, command, control is unified. At no time does any individual client run a risk that their 'business application software portal' is different to or different to any other businesses experience. Trivaeo uses an innovative 'template' based system to change functional layout and behaviour where clients have required customisations or other tailored adaptation of the business application software to their explicit needs. We have international points of presence that automatically connect the business user to their most 'local' access point to ensure very fast 'Time to Live' for all transactions. Due to the very limited 3rd party integrations across the suite Trivaeo is largely comfortable offering 5x9's Service Levels as we are not routinely affected by the behaviour of other suppliers with their technology.

It should be noted that our business application software suite does not hold or store any payment card, or credit card information and has been Payment Card Industry verified by our Payment handling partners. We use PCI Compliant payment gateways for those clients that wish to pay as they play through their own subscription management capabilities. This allows our business applications to be available in over 130 local currencies around the world. Our clients are able to increase or decrease their subscriptions on demand without any interactions with Trivaeo at any time. Clients can add, remove or otherwise block or administer their users themselves at any time. We maintain a regular 15 minute batch global backup of all client data and are able to rollback at any point if necessary without service interruption in any form (although this has never happened!). Clients can also download their own data for downstream storage if they so prefer to do so. Due to the modular nature of the Trivaeo software we have very limited 'technical support' enquiries. Our agile development release cycles deliver incremental benefits to our clients business applications experience without service interruption or any downtimes.

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