Burndown 2.0

Enhancing agile projects in enterprise transformation during scrum delivery with enhanced burndown reporting and workflow

The background

A rapidly expanding UK based technical services provider constantly hires and then supplies 'on-demand' or on a permanent basis high-calibre talent to supply to their clients project needs. These are specialist resources aligned against Agile Projects across their clients domains of business strategy, business governance, IT operations and technical cloud strategy and implementation. The company must manage the onboarding of this talent to their business and once in the 'pool' apply those resources extremely accurately and quickly to the demand from the market.

The company specialises in enterprise transformation projects. They achieve this by applying contractors to agile projects under their own control in many cases. That means they are liable for the outcomes, so this is a true outcome based professional services and program/project based resourcing model. Its 'product' is the eventual rapid and agile transformation of business for their clients.

Once established the resources need to be holistically managed across their allocated contracts, projects and clients. The financial performance resulting from the clients the resources engage with needs to be tracked and reported against. The activities of the specialist resources in managing their own customer relationship management strategies need to be orchestrated against contracts, clients, accounts and projects - quickly and efficiently.


  • High Calibre Professional Talent
  • Permanent Placements
  • Temporary Placements
  • Distribution of talent to clients

The challenge

Lack of automation, no visibility of candidate skills, no alignment of client and candidate contracts, timesheets, expenses, budget allocations and associated management information is keeping the business from growing efficiently. A reliance on inefficient and rather ineffective manual processes is slowing progress and continually tapping into their resources.

With the business growing at an all time high rate, the client looked at the market to see what products could deliver an end to end automated capability and fill all of the gaps in their existing process. Consideration was been given to expanding an existing CRM product, adopting an ERP system or even building something from scratch internally.

To build internally would require it to be done in an Agile way that delivers incremental and continuous improvements. Ideally the solution to their needs would be based on a common product set & capabilities. It is recognised quickly that things are further complicated because building internally introduces another set of dynamics & increases the overall risk. The final dynamic is to build this in such a way that it may be adopted by any similar business as a product or service.


  • Inefficient process without automation
  • Lack of data transparency in candidates skills
  • Difficult to map the candidates talent to their client needs
  • Require cradle-to-grave capability
  • Contract Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Budget allocations to projects
  • A manually intensive process
  • Inefficiency is impacting business growth

The goals

The client aims to achieve full automation of the workflow and processes to support their business. Intelligent Automation (IA) will reduce the errors exhibited by current manually intensive processes. The client also wanted to speed up the cycle time from finding new candidates to their full onboarding, their placement on contract or permanent positions.

To provide better insights into status, improved management information that will promote better and faster decision making. To improve the response times as their clients often needed resources quickly. Ideally they can automate the timesheet and expense management elements of resource placement including an online based approvals process. Also a general requirement to move towards digital (electronic / paperless) contracting methods and processes/documentation.


  • Full Automation
  • Reduce Errors
  • Increase Speed
  • Improve Reporting and Management Information
  • Improve response times
  • Online Timesheets and Approvals
  • Online Expense Claim handling and Approvals
  • Electronic Contracting

The solution

After a short initial engagement to understand the the business requirements, the company engaged Trivaeo formally to enhance the existing product set to fill all of the gaps in their business process and automate the end to end activity completely.

Trivaeo used a specialised instance of its Crossroads Business Applications framework to meet the described challenges and goals head on. The solution Trivaeo provided included;

  • Customer Requisitions
    This was achieved by extending the Trivaeo CRM framework to enable a complete view of all the customer demand on the business, whilst automating and supporting the allocation of the 'correct' resources to that demand. This included the overall cost and contracting model including the agreed spectrum of payment terms and gates for each role to be fulfilled
    Enhanced Recruitment Enabled CRM
  • Recruitment and Skills
    Trivaeo provided a solution that automates and supports the mapping of candidates skills and experience to the expressed needs and desires of their clients in each project served. This included several enhancements to take full account of each individuals skills, the budget available to the project, the candidates certifications and periods of availability
    Enhanced Candidate Skills Matching Solution
  • Realtime Statistics
    In many projects the client placed an available budget up front and required the client to fulfill the requirements against the budget in real-time. Trivaeo provided a dynamic utilisation framework that provides real-time 'Burndown' reports, management information and dashboards that fully tracked the cost to project and the requisition against it instantly
    Dynamic Utilisation Reporting / Dashboards
  • Timesheets & Expenses
    Candidates submit online timesheets and any supporting expenses directly to the solution. This provides an automated and linked mechanism for tracking the detailed management of costs
    Fully Automated Time and Expense Process
  • Burndown Tracking

    In many cases the company receives an allocated budget for a contract against which they apply resources 'on-demand'. Trivaeo supplied an enhanced 'Burn-Down' framework that constantly monitors the available budget on each contract to ensure management oversight, control and constant awareness of the available funding.

    This solution allows for the timely application of 'top-ups' where necessary and protects the client from risk associated with placing resources into projects for which there would have been no funding available, a risk inherent with slow administrative catch-up that always lags the 'actuals'

    Enhanced Budget Control Solution
  • Contract Management
    The standard Trivaeo Contract Management application element of Crossroards was used to provide management of all engagement, expectations and terms of each client contract
    Enhanced Contract Framework
  • Enhanced Workflow Management
    Workflow is overlayed across the solution providing an enhanced level of governance, sign-offs, approvals and the audit trail of actions taken against the authority matrix for each project
    Increased Governance
  • Self Service Framework
    The Trivaeo self-service application framework allowed candidates, resources and in some cases the clients themselves the ability to log in under role based permissions to conduct activities and administrative tasks and contracts and projects across the solution. This significantly reduced the centralised administrative tasks for the client.
    Allowing resources and candidates external role based access

The client in this case-study worked closely with Trivaeo to deliver all of these enhanced project staffing capabilities. The client and Trivaeo delivered the solution using an Agile approach that focused on delivering the quick-wins efficiently and rapidly. The result is a solution in the form of a cloud based 'industry platform' that can be consumed by any business doing similar work. This would include many common industries across recruitment agencies, recruitment consultants, casual staffing, outsourcing and many industry similar industry sectors, especially if they deliver outcome based project teams on a burndown budget in an agile project lifecycle.

Automation of multiple business activities was achieved as planned and a significant amount of manual activity removed from the business. The solution allowed the client company to increase its staff from 12 FTE to 30 employees with no increase in administration and support staff required to manage the more than doubled talent-pool on roster.


  • Customer Requisitions
  • Talent to Needs Mapping
  • Cost & Contracting Model
  • Payment Terms and Budgets Management
  • Canditate Skills, Certifications and Availability Tracking
  • Real-Time Burndown Reporting and management information dashboards
  • Business Process Automation
  • Business Workflow Management
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Online Timesheets Management
  • Online Expenses Management
  • Contract Management
  • Governance, sign-offs and approvals process
  • Self-Service based users enablement
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