Asset Management Case Study

How a large University Campus used our Asset Management Software to manage assets for 28,000 Alumni

The background

The client is a large scale University. It is one of the UK's largest with one of the most widely spread campus footprints and collection of facilities in the country. Boasting over 28,000 students the University has invested over £350,000,000 across 3 large campuses to create and inspiring and safe learning environment.


  • Large established University
  • 28,000 Students
  • 3 Campuses
  • Safe learning environment

The challenge

Many of the students in the University choose to stay either in on Campus Halls of Residence or in off site accommodations. These are provided and owned by the University whilst being spread widely throughout the local region.

Many of these are single room bed-sits as well as larger apartments or flats. Each one of these properties has a gas fired boiler installation, water, waste and electrical service supplies that are the responsibility of the University to service, maintain, certify and support. It is essential that these installations, boilers, water systems and air conditioning are maintained above the necessary legal standards. The comfort of the students is naturally a concern, but more over the safety of students is paramount. Risk associated with fires, gas-leaks or other issues preventable through appropriate maintenance and management are to be minimised. Keeping on top of your maintenance and management routine is the key to reducing risk. Naturally, acting effectively as a Landlord the University is also legally liable in the event that it was found to be negligent in its management of these facilities in whatever form they take

In addition to the physical infrastructure highlighted above, the University also has millions of pounds worth of other assets that need to be logged, contract monitored and serviced and maintained.

The University management looked at dozens of cheap and just as many more expensive on-site deployed or PC based asset management tools as well as cloud based solutions from a variety of UK and US vendors. Very few of them enabled the level of detail to be recorded that they needed and even fewer would allow the business processes to be automated. The University required an asset management solution that would link to workflow and process management too.


  • Halls of Residence
  • Other Accommodations
  • Offsite Buildings and Flats
  • Liabilities
  • Reduce Risk
  • Asset Tracking
  • Large volumes

The goals

An Asset Management solution was sought to take care of the entire challenge. The main need was not only to automate the financial care of assets but to automate the logistics and processes required to maintain them and keep safe records of the activities, dates and status of all assets across the University.


  • Find a solution
  • Asset Management
  • Workflow capabilities
  • Process Management
  • Business Process Automation

The solution

Without support or guidance from Trivaeo the University signed up by themselves for the Automate Solution Pack and began using Trivaeo Asset Management quietly. With some experience with the solution the University found that the capabilities of the Automate Solution Pack were already very close to meeting their needs. The University approached Trivaeo to discuss their additional workflow and customised business process management needs that could extend the solution to give them exactly the right capabilities they had been searching for.

Trivaeo provided some basic business consulting to collect the requirements and understand the use-cases in detail. This resulted in Trivaeo creating a customised Asset Tracker. The Asset Tracking functionality allowed detailed information about the actual location and the full details of the asset to be stored easily. Once an asset had been recorded the solution prints off a waterproof QR Code that is attached directly to the asset. Every future visit to that asset could be recorded by simply pointing a dedicated mobile application (which Trivaeo provided) at the asset tag. This logs in the engineer, provides an instant view of the history of the asset and records the new visit instantly. This reveals the full history of the asset to the on site engineer whilst at the same time recording the site visit by the engineer.

This resulted in real-time updates and absolute clarity on which asset had just been checked, repaired, warranted or otherwise certified; part of the critical path for Landlords inspection and certification of gas and electric applicances by statute. This could obviously be challenging with out explicit asset-tagging in multi-asset properties that have lots of assets in them in locations close to each other at very similar main addresses. (Blocks of flats for example!). All potential confusion, ambiguity and other concerns are addressed through a simple application framework and a mobile device with a camera!

Many man days of effort a month were instantly saved as the workflow to distribute asset checking 'jobs' to engineers and receiving their subsequent asset 'updates' was automated. Business awareness was improved instantly. Alerts notifying the relevant stakeholders of any necessary interventions, repairs or other remedial activity was also implemented so nothng got 'lost' or 'forgotten'. The Management Team also benefitted from a real time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard that showed the performance of their asset pool as a whole; instantly and always real-time.


  • Automate Solution Pack
  • Maturing to Customised Solution
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Tracker Application
  • Workflow Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Process Automation
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Key Performance Indicator Dashboards
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