Franchise Business Management

Leveraging group buying and logistics power at a National scale

The background

The client organisation is parent to a group of companies that itself has taken over several smaller unprofitable windscreen replacement, MoT centres, tyre centres and paint-chip repair companies across the UK. The group relies heavily on its brand and its cost-effective service levels, that are marque recognised as a badge of quality at the best possible price. By unifying multiple smaller companies under it’s banner, they enabled buying discounts and group service levels that the companies could not match as independent trading entities in their own right. The use of the brand and the wider awareness with larger fleet contract providers, such as Taxi companies, enabled them to build a successful franchise business model really quickly and profitably.


  • Franchise Business
  • Bigger Brand
  • National Reach
  • Group Discounts
  • Group Logistics

The challenge

In order to make the franchise network attractive to franchisees, it was necessary to automate the entire business process from end to end and furthermore it was necessary to make this process easy to follow and adhere to for the franchisees. Without full automation, the benefits of group buying and group logistics could not be properly realised. The main problem was the sheer number of suppliers and the vast choice of products that each supplier would stock. With massive competitors in the same industry it was essential to compete on cost by reducing the man-hour overheads in back office tasks such as Customer Relationship Management, bookings, logistics, billing and appointment setting.


  • Make Business Attractive
  • More Efficiency
  • Adherence
  • High Complexity and Volumes
  • Heavy Competition
  • Improve Back Office

The goals

Establish a resources management solution supported by business process automation that would resolve the challenges faced by the company. Source and deploy a solution that will unify and integrate the activities of their Franchise Network and leverage the benefits of scale that a single solution would provide.


  • Resource Management Solution
  • Business Process Automation

The solution

Trivaeo agreed to build, deploy and manage an entire enterprise grade cloud solution for the company and it’s national network of franchisees. This cloud solution became the basis of a new extranet/intranet onto which all of the Groups’ business processes would be layered and executed.

The Trivaeo solution was fully integrated with their key 3rd party suppliers systems across car windscreens, tyres, sealant, glues and paints. The Trivaeo client booking system was configured and integrated to the websites and the entire resource management process was automated, enabling each franchisee to accept new client bookings for repairs, replacements and services with a single mouse-click.

The solution now enables franchisees to offer a fully automated service to their clients on an end-to-end basis from the lead-generation and marketing phase all the way through to invoicing and from appointment setting to delivering customer care and everything in between.

The automated business processes used in the resulting solution use almost every application capability that Trivaeo has built across CRM, Stock Management, Logistics, Bookings, Projects and Asset Management.

The entire solution was built on the standard Trivaeo Crossroads platform which offers immediate integration across 65+ applications, each forming building blocks of the overall solution


  • Private Cloud Solution
  • Intranet Framework
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Booking Management Solution
  • Resource Management Solution
  • Business Process Automation
  • Help-Desk Solution
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Stock Management Solution
  • Project Management Solution
  • Asset Management Solution
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