National Pharmaceuticals Distribution

Automating the ordering and distribution of product nationwide

The background

Owned and operated by a Swiss parent company and armed with a brand new UK drug distribution license the client set about finding a viable solution to enter a brand new national market. Pharmaceuticals is a heavily regulated industry and it has a very stringent set of standards towards research, development, registration and production of its generic pharmaceutical products amplified by its Swiss reputation of high efficiency, high quality and reliability.


  • High Quality Brand
  • Swiss Heritage
  • New Licenses
  • Entering new markets
  • Highly regulated industry

The challenge

Armed with a brand new license to distribute drugs nationally the company needed a fully automated process to deal with order management and to deal with the logistics of delivering the drugs to the right place. Entering a market quickly meant the company had to use an established logistics partner initially, but the overheads and costs were high. Ideally they would develop their own distribution and logistics capabilities to bring overheads down and maintain extremely high quality standards.

Challenging as well was the fact that their parent company had a big-badge enterprise 'right to use' ERP and CRM solution provided by an established global giant. They found the costs of using the incumbent solution too high when integration, time-to-value, set-up and training was taken into account even though the software licenses were effectively 'free-of-charge'.

The company distributes its products through UK Chemists and High Street drug store chains. Most of these organisations order centrally but require deliveries (fulfilment) to many retail outlets at a time. A CRM and ERP solution capable of handling the complexities of multiple targets to a single order was needed too. The solution needed high accuracy levels in real-time Stock Management whilst managing high and low watermark order levels for each client account they serviced. Standard CRM/ERP solutions couldn't do this either. This was compounded by their strict Quality Assurance controls and deliveries sourced from other countries. Headquarters ordering and logistics had to be highly flexible and error free throughout.


  • A brand new license
  • High Cost of Logistics
  • Existing CRM/ERP too expensive
  • Complex Order Management needs
  • Extreme Quality Assurance
  • Multiple countries involved
  • Order Volume Limits by Client

The goals

Leverage the newly held license to distribute generic pharmaceuticals effectively in a new and very large national market. Find and source a solution that was capable of meeting their needs and that would offer very fast time-to-value. Break the dependencies on the logistics providers used on launch to bring down costs and increase efficiency and improve quality assurance.


  • Use the license quickly
  • Find a solution that would work
  • Replace need for outsourced logistics
  • Keep costs to a minimum

The solution

Trivaeo deployed our standard Stock Management Solution alongside our CRM Solution and Order Management. This included workflow to manage the order process itself.

The solution created by Trivaeo allows the client to receive orders directly from their clients and initiate the delivery process automatically.

The Trivaeo solution includes a sophisticated Products and Service Catalogue application set and this was used to add all of the supporting product, legislative, quality assurance and delivery information to each order.

The build process to integrate the ordering, stock intake, warehousing, logistics and replenishment processes was completed in 4 weeks which included a specialist integration of Trivaeo's Crossoads application framework to the Message Broker System (middleware) from IBM.

The client subsequently extended their Trivaeo solution with Human Resources Management, Holidays Management, Expenses Management and many other capabilities inherent to the Crossroads solution framework as they simply needed the entitlement enabling on the solution.


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Order Management Solution
  • Stock Management Solution
  • Products & Services Management
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Resource Management Solution
  • Business Process Automation
  • IBM Message Broker Integration
  • Human Resources Management
  • Holidays Management Solution
  • Expenses Management Solution
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