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How To Fix The "Not My Job" Mentality

Not everyone can be lucky enough to be blessed with the entrepreneurial spirit.  Some people work in a business and go in to work every day to serve their customers in return for a crust.  But how many people actually have jobs that affect others?  In other words: How many people actually know who their real customers are and what they really want?  In smaller organisations, where the organisation hierarchy is quite flat, junior members of staff will regularly meet, and work for, both paying customers as well as their senior Colleagues and Managers.  The duties they are carrying out will be flexible and, in many cases, jobs given to these employees are ad hoc and mostly verbal instructions from others.  “Please take this garment over to inspection as the customer is coming in 1 hour to collect it”.  “Could you top up the toner in the photocopier please, it’s running out”.  “Sit over here and make calls to this list of people to see why they haven’t paid this month”.


As the business grows and employees gain specific skills and knowledge, staff will be able to work more on their own volition and, in most cases, will diligently serve their customers as best they can.  This sense of ownership of jobs often leads to the “That’s not my job” discussions that you hear around the water cooler daily.  This sentiment often results in delays to business processes, and, in some rare cases, complete breakdown of customer services.

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